27 November 2018

LA Colors Rose Eyeshadow Palette Review & Tutorial | Day 300 of Trying New Makeup Every Day

lacolors #roseeyeshadow #dollarstoremakeup In this video, I am reviewing the LA Colors Rose Eyeshadow Palette. *Watch in 1080p* Urban Decay Eyeshadow ...

hi everyone my name is Kristy and

welcome to day 300 I'm trying a new makeup product every day today I'm gonna be trying out this la colors rose eyeshadow palette that I got from the Dollar Tree recently they have this palette in a few different versions and I did pick it up in all of the versions that they had at my Dollar Tree but so this here is only one dollar but it comes with 12 different shades and here i've swatched all of the shades i will insert a picture so that you can get a better view but so I thought that they swatched really nicely and I tried out some la colors eyeshadow palettes that have not been very good so I was really pleasantly surprised by this especially for the fact that there's 12 shades for $1 the metallics swatched really nicely beautiful shine even the mattes had great pigment so I'm really excited to play with this today there's also like a nice variety here where you don't get repeats of the same shade but so I already primed my eyelids using the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion because I want to get the best results from this eyeshadow as possible and I've learned to prime my eyelids before applying eyeshadows because I don't want

my eyelids to get stained if you want to see my review on the eyeshadow primer potion I will link that down below I love it it's such a great product but so this palette on the back here it gives you a little image of how to apply the eyeshadow it so it says a base shade a darker crease shade a light highlight shade and then a liner shade I typically apply my colors and a little bit different of a method but you know what I'm gonna try this one like it's those on the pallet so it does come with the little applicator I think my all over base shade I'm gonna go in with this first kind of light pink metallic shade here and because it's a metallic shade I'm gonna go ahead and apply it using my finger wow this is applying really beautifully I probably would have preferred to go in with a medium toned matte shade as the Oliver base but I don't have one so this will end up being a very bright metallic eyeshadow look okay so next for my darker crease shade I'm gonna go in with this matte brown shade right here I can't believe that today is day 300 of trying to make a product everyday like I never expected to get to this point when I first

started this series but I love it I have so much makeup now so that's a little bit overwhelming but I just love trying to make up everyday and it's crazy how much I've been able to expand my comfort zone when it comes to makeup and just expand my collection and my skills but I'm still learning it's still a journey and eyeshadows especially or something that I'm still really working to get better at I'm really liking this shade in the crease blending out nicely and it does give some nice shadow and definition to my eyelids I feel like the difference between no crease shades but then adding that shadowy crease shade just makes the eyes pop so much more alright so normally I like to build up the outer V with a darker shade but today I'm just going to follow this diagram here and go ahead and add a highlight shade so I'm going to use this kind of like pink metallic shade wow that shows up with a lot of pigment I do just want to take the white shade and apply that to the inner corner for a dollar store white eye shadow I am very impressed by this and it's matte too so the fact that it's even showing up at all I'm really happy about that okay so

now I need a liner color so I'm gonna try and go in with this dark metallic shade here which is kind of just like a deep chocolate brown shade also normally when I am on like 100 days of this trying to make a product everyday I'll do a giveaway but I felt like for day 300 I would rather just wait until day hit 365 which should be like a big deal type of celebration because that will be huge if you have any ideas for what you want me to do for day 365 let me know in the comments down below I am really liking the effect of this darker shade as a liner I do have a little bit of fallout and then I'm just going to clean up the edges a little bit and I'm just gonna take that same metallic chocolate brown shade on my lower lash line just halfway oh my gosh I can't believe I am achieving such an impressive beautiful makeup look with a $1 palette that has 12 shades in it I'm glad that I decided to give belly colored eyeshadow palettes another chance because they are really impressing me with this one [Music] okay so here we have the finished eye

shadow look and I am really happy with it it does look very shimmery and kind of subtle but I think it looks also very pretty and glamorous so I'm very happy with this eye shadow palette and it's definitely something I'm going to continue to use and I'm really excited to try it out in the other versions that I got it in because this seems like a really nice formula thank you so much for watching my video today be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe to my channel so you can see the makeup that I try every day and I will see you tomorrow in my next video [Music]