20 December 2018

L'Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation and Infallible Full Wear Concealer Wear Test

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hello and welcome back to my channel my

name is Martha janae and in this episode I'm gonna be doing a wear test of the new L'Oreal infallible 24-hour fresh wear foundation and I also picked up the infallible full wear concealer now I did pick up two Shetty's umm the first shader got was a bit dark it's probably more of my skin complexion which is in the shade cocoa and because online it looked a lot lighter so I decided to go with that first and then I went back and I ordered the shade honey um which I think it's my highlight shade so I'm gonna get started um I'll tell you a little bit about the foundation from afar alright so the foundation is hot on me pokemon phone alright so the foundation is 24 hour and say it 24 hour first wear foundation is it claims to be lightweight um it is a medium to full buildable coverage that lasts all day allows scans to Berta's loud allows the skin to breathe let's see it comes in 30 shades of course we could use more I'm about to try it out this is my first time ever using the infallible anything from there fallible line from L'Oreal I did try true a true match and it wasn't a true match so um I hear a lot of like

I see a lot of people like a lot of reviews videos um what they're fallible line so I decided okay I'll give this one a try I only bought one foundation on shape because I figured this will part be my best match I didn't want to buy a bunch of them like most people do I'm not doing that I'm not spending money on all those foundations if it don't work then it's not going so in I don't believe in that wearing two foundations if I'd learn so much the foundations from your line I don't need to wear them at all so um all right some of the head get started so that's it for the foundation and for the concealer it claims it is a full face we're over 24 hours it's a flawless matte finish and on the same it comes in 25 shades so I mean I don't know it could use some work in between because these two that I have I feel like you can probably squeeze some more shades in between these two maybe like one or two shades in between the two shades that I picked up so I'm gonna go ahead and get started because I'm gonna wear this for the whole day and then I'll come back and I'll check back in

later on so let's go and get started so the shade that having a foundation is copper which is 515 so I'm happy it has a pump I didn't know I had a pump so it has a pump let me see the final brush to put this on with supply it with I'm gonna use my sponge to blend it out all right so it's kind of um it's a little on the thinner side it's not as thick so I'm just gonna that's my first my first pump this thing won't take I don't take my sponge I Lotus elf sponge and blend it out all right so that was my first pump and I'm gonna do a second one and of course I didn't feel like I got much cover but it did cover it did cover but I didn't get the covers that I was looking for so let's see I've been using a sponge here for like the past couple days - upon my foundation I usually like to use a brush but it displays you've been giving me like a flawless look so not that the brush doesn't but I just been filling the sponge and I be using sponge because my brushes been dirty but I still like the way I slightly finish on the sponge all right so that gave me a nice coverage two pumps gave me oh I got

something me a full coverage I might try one I might try at the half a pump let's see cuz I got like a lot of hyperpigmentation on my chin area oh my face so I'm just add a little more spread dad oh yeah all right let's go ahead and finish blending so it claims to give the media so full coverage which it does and just show you actually match I thought it wasn't gonna match but it does so I'm gonna shake it copper which is the which is number 515 thank I actually like it just the two pumps that I did that's okay so yeah it does it does have a medium to full coverage it's like I said it's a little bit thinner it's more like oh I don't know is it a water base I don't know so now I'm going to go ahead and use the the concealer go ahead highlight with a concealer now idea compare this to my eye color pop no filter which is I'm in the shade um dark 46 and it's a little bit like the shade comes pretty close and that's like with my favorite concealer so I like the color and everything shade so this just

looks a little bit cooler when i swatched it just to kind of get some comparison so I'm go ahead and highlight yeah I think I love the shape I'm gonna say I love it but I think I like the shade the highlight shade I don't know what I'll do with this other one I'm not gonna send it back no worth the time all right let's blend this out I got a good blender and must see how this works it gives me hopefully this does increase is pretty thick or thicker consistency so okay yeah well it's kind of house like a natural natural look to it yeah that's definitely my shape okay I finished blending this out oh yeah all right so this is it um it's kind of maybe it's my lighting so I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and finish the rest of my makeup and I'll be right back all right it's on finish our - progress my makeup so I'm gonna be gone for quite a while so I'll probably be checking back in later on tonight and we'll see how this looks so I set my face with some powder same spray I use morphe setting spray and of course they use my own so I should go to cup to sit with

and I use some the mineral skin finish from MEK so I mean we'll see how this works out because that's what I use every day anyway like do my makeup with so we'll see how everything works um I'll come back and I'll check in a later on okay and also the lip gloss I have more is this Rimmel stay glossy lip gloss so I have one on every lipstick so I'll be right back okay this is my face um I applied this foundation and concealer at 12 p.m. and it is now almost 10 p.m. so it's been 10 hours and this is what it looks like not too bad a little bit on my mirror it's a little oily not much um because I don't really have light um dry or oily skin you have pretty normal skin so this is what it looks like I actually really like this foundation is not the consistency is like pretty thin but it does the it does a very good job at UM at coverage it is a medium to full coverage so other than that I mean this is definitely worth the money it is a little pricier on the high end side most foundation like drugstore foundation is usually like $10 um which is like average this one is retail for 49 also that comment is how much well

that's I'm not how much I paid I did get the UM discount cold so it bought it down a little bit um but that's how much it retails Ulta I'm pretty sure if it goes into like Target Walmart the price of it will um the price it won't be as much in the concealer right now it was just this right here is 1099 on amazon.com now it just wasn't also yet but um I think it 1099 is a pretty good price for us because you actually get more in this concealer like I have some concealer sent here on my table now so I have the bonus way multi-purpose multi-use concealer and is point five ounces and this one is point 33 ounces so I think that's pretty good for the price um the applicator is somewhat like the two-faced applicator so I'll just compare those for you so they're similar so other than that I mean definitely love this foundation could I see myself purchasing it again yes I will like I said it is a little pricier on the drugstore side of the foundation but I think is definitely me excuse me I think it's definitely worth the money now of course it can use more shades we already know that but other than that like as far as coverage is definitely there it

does it does um it claims to do with it you know what it says so I mean so to you if you want to purchase it I know some people don't like the fact that you know some of these foundations don't have the shade ranges and stuff like that and I can completely agree because I still feel like there's no the shade out there for me sometimes my foundation shades still don't know light a match even though you and I go to match them or go to like a makeup counter they might match me with the arm Shan and I still feel like you know there's maybe a little room in between some shades for me so this concludes episode I'll link the foundation down below and I'll also link the UM concealer okay because there's only two places I know that you can get the items and that's Ulta and Amazon so I'll link those and I'll also link down shade references for people there are my shade so then you're know like you know if you use a certain another shade then you'll know if this one will match for you or not so yeah I will see you guys in my next episode make sure you subscribe but make sure you leave a comment and turn over kitchen bill more

and I will see you guys in my next episode bye