27 November 2018

Kylie cosmetics koko live unboxing

hey guys live video coming at you for

our unboxing I'm so excited I have never used Kylie cosmetics before this is legit my first time ever and I'm so so excited so oh look at how cute this is she even puts a little letter it says Happy Holidays I hope your year has been filled with love and joy best wishes to you and drawers all my love Kylie that is really cute that is a cute personable touch that I just absolutely love I'm already impressed alright guys so I got the I'm impressed with the packaging as well oh very well um very um had a lot of extra padding there I got the in love with Koko because I just I adore Khloe these are the shades I'm so excited let's see tonight I think I'm gonna use let's see here I'm not sure which one I want to use tonight I'm like super excited to try all these out so this one is going to be baby girl I'm going to go ahead and swatch them now they may not be the best swatches here but we're gonna do this here this next one is going to be a doll so we've got um we got the baby girl and doll next we have bunny oh I loved bunny hello looked on oh and I love the swatches of this these are great colors already I'm actually really impressed so

far and finally we have God sugarplum this is a believe it's a lip gloss by my alright so here are the swatches so it's going to get it go in the order of the baby girl followed by doll followed by bunny followed by sugarplum these are the colors goes in this order here I'm already impressed like I felt like the swatches are good they don't feel too sticky or tacky and honestly I'm kind of rubbing it and there's a little bit of transferred but not as much as I would have thought um tonight I guess we'll use bunny because I was dying to use bunny here so I'm going to try this on my lips so bear with me here while I use my mirror it has a pleasant spell to a tale ooh all right guys I am impressed I love the color I love how it feels it does not feel drawing it actually feels hydrating if anything very easy to put on and how you adore the color and it feels like it dries really quickly too like it goes on like the liquid but then like it seems to dry up pretty quickly but it doesn't feel like just drying on my lips and I really absolutely adore this color this is like that perfect everyday color to go to work with so

again the colors we had here we're going to be baby girl is this first one right here followed by our doll which is this one right here and then finally we have bunny which is what I'm wearing right now which is this right here and then last but not least is the sugar plum which is this lip gloss right here guys I'm impressed I really am I will admit how's it been nervous at first because I was like all I've heard mixed reviews I am really impressed with how this went on how it feels the colors are just absolutely stunning so if you guys have ever thought about trying Kylie cosmetics I would definitely recommend them I'm going to be wearing these tomorrow through work so I'll definitely post another review here seeing what I think of them as an all-day wear but for now I'm very impressed with them so thank you so much for watching my live unboxing I will be doing more live and boxes I have I have subscriptions to boxycharm now as well as fabfitfun so those will be fun little unboxing videos that I'll do as well plus I have more Kylie cosmetics coming in the mail so I'll be sure to do some live it a boxing spin as well so thank you so

much for watching I hope that you guys have a great night