27 November 2018

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection 2018 | What they don't tell you

Hey hey hey ! In todays video we are trying Kylie Cosmetics for the first time ! Ohhh get ready, its not what you expect ! lets keep in touch and be friends ...

if there's anything on here that talks

about this not being I say it is not clear hey guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here hi I'm noe alia and today's review video it's not going to be on a in deep breath but it is on a brand that I have been waiting to review the anticipation is killing me got this packet a couple of days ago and I just didn't have time to record until now I got home from work not that long ago I am exhausted my head is literally you know what you could feel your blood pulsing in your head that's what I'm feeling right now but I said you know what I need to get this video up so here we are the one thing I was saying that got me kind of like I saw my pack and I'm working I'm so excited and then I was like would my packet was open I was feeling whoever like delivered my packet got curious they cut the tape on my packet oh my god I was so annoyed cuz I was like is there something missing from my packet right now I'm going to lose my head fortunately everything that I ordered was in the packet everything in this video that you will see me review I spent my own hard-earned money on I consider myself a bit of a critic I feel like if a product is not performing well

you got to be the first no because I am always the consumer I watch way too many YouTube videos to be sitting here and have somebody light in my face I already have like trust issues with beauty gurus I don't think that they're being honest with me because there's always something happening behind the scenes but hi Here I am a thousand subscribers there's nothing going on behind the scenes other than you know my thing so let's get started let me show you the packet really usually the people that review Kylie cosmetic product they get PR and I've never seen this pink box I think that's a cute little touch and right here is said that Kylie cosmetics this is the tape that I'm talking about the one that kind of holds everything like all the products inside when I opened it it says Kylie really big yep a little card right here from Kylie herself and it says Happy Holidays I hope your year husbands with love and joy best wishes to you and yours all my love Kylie so cute I ordered the holiday bundle that was a hundred and sixty dollars I was considering the $375 one but uh mom was

always on a budget in no way am I gonna spend that much money even though if you guys were not aware there is a payment plan that Kylie offers where you could make payment every two weeks which is what I hi what I signed up for so this is the one 1316 always but my initial payment was 40 what came in handy Bob look at this packaging you have the iconic lips right here have the lip kit which is the kiss mmus lip kit look at this little baby when you slide it out look at these cute little mini liquid and lipstick I believe them liquid lipsticks I don't know if this I can't mix other lip gloss and lipstick but we will find out we have this little ornament let's say product aside the packaging is everything we have the milk and cookies super glitter cloth whoa we have a highlighter I am excited in it so last but not least we have the chill baby eyes shadow palette when you open it the glitter you could feel the glitter so when you open it up you have the little plastic film on there these are via eyeshadows let me tell you first impressions I like the weight of the palette it doesn't feel flimsy doesn't feel you know cheap and I

do like that the eyeshadow names are on the palette alright so let's get into these swatches I'm going to speed through them and throw the names onto the screen above my head and then we'll talk about the formula after [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay let's talk about it whilst watching this I felt like I wanted to make sure I was saying the right thing so I got onto Kylie cosmetics website and this is not considered an eyeshadow palette this is a pressed powder palette kind of like what's going on right now with the James Charles artistry palette I don't know why they legally can't call it an eyeshadow palette I am looking at the prints behind at the box and one thing about it is that it's in white fun fun a light blue packaging so it's really hard to read that's the first thing if there's anything on here that talks about this not being I say it is not clear I am on her website as well then let's see let's click on details even when you click on the details there is

no warning on this palette so I do not know why it's called a pressed powder palette instead of an eyeshadow palette I didn't have high expectations for anything in front of me really you believe if you really build it up on the eyes you could get a really good eye shadow look but we will see I have been wanting to swatch this highlighter so bad so when you open it up it also has a mirror and it's reflecting really icy let's see how it swatches I love a good highlighter let me put a little bit more if so you can see how it builds up let's move on to the tube of lipstick there's also in that baby blue packaging it is so freakin pretty I'm gonna swatch it on the back of my hand well you guys are seeing is not what I'm seeing it's reflecting blue on you but it's purple right now I only have a lip balm on it's my favorite lip balm ever someone if I fight beauty it's like 100% agave or something if you want some luscious lips girl you need to go get that it's a little pricey it is like $18 if you guys gonna tell I love anything sparkly or glittery like my nails I really like this it feels really lightweight it doesn't feel like I have

anything on I'm gonna leave this all while we swatch everything else let's move on to the super glitters a lot I am NOT a gloss type of person at all because I hate one like the wind it's hitting my face and all of my hair gets stuck to my lip or I hate like when it's like super sticky and I just feel that it's too much going on on my lip hopefully this formula isn't anything crazy let's watch it right here have a cute shine to it the only thing I'm not like a fan of is the applicator I'm gonna take this lipstick off and try on the gloss let's see how this goes oh my god I'm actually really impressed that this is not sticky like this is really nice we're gonna take this off and move on to the lip kit so this is a shade I don't like this alright I mean I don't know let's see I want to swatch the lip liner right here and then we're gonna do it the alike way to a lipstick oh it smells really good not a color that I would gravitate to I might use it I might make them of a deeper lip liner but these right here I'm really excited to try the first lip shade is this metal finish which is called snowball this one is no

peeking which is a velvet finish what our weather which is a matte shade small wonder velvet finish knotty is the new nice metal finish December which is a red matte under the tree matte finish and lastly hot cocoa matte finish I think hot cocoa might be my favorite let's see how this swatch it as well be honest are you tired of me wearing red now that we have swatched everything is time to put it on our face I don't know start with the eyes I will see what the vibe is throughout the application my eyes already set of concealer and I set them with my translucent powder I want to start off with make magic on the crease so far it's blending pretty decent I want to go in with bundle up right below the other shade I wish I have two and so far look at my eye there is no fall out down here I'm gonna take that home alone shade with my finger and see what it looks like these shades are more glittery than shimmer it's not like the glitter that you get out of boot booty who'da booty oh what a beauty palette which is like you need an adhesive for it this one does stick to your eye but you will

have a bit of fallout so just keep that in mind I want to just take a bit of make magic right over here so I moved all the glitter in that section on but like I said it's glitter so it's pretty easy to take off your feet that's not going to ruin your face makeup I want to take a bit of that plum pudding and put it on the outer corner the shimmers behave better with the other shimmers in the palette not so much with the matte though I'm gonna use cuddle season to highlight my brows and then blend it in with a little bit of magic hopefully I was a mess with the glitter will take make magic and kind of smoke out my lashline a little bit the eyes are gonna look a little bald until I wrap up the rest of the face and I'll put some lashes and some liner kind of put the look together I've never had a palette that had shimmers and mattes that would like cohesively work together it's like I had to pick and choose other than that like listen I paid my money for this this is not the last time you guys are gonna see me it uses palette so don't a palette nothing really to rave about the color scheme or the color story I don't know it's really pretty to me kind of

might reminds me of what gingerbread house alright alright alright so let's get into the highlighter I always use this BH Cosmetics marble brush but I don't know what this brush is designed for but I love the way it applied my highlighter this is what my skin has like some type of radiance to it doesn't matter what Palm Bay shouldn't have on this is the Lancome foundation I just wanted to show you guys what my skin look like before putting on the highlighter it's not my usual warm gold highlighter but I'm feeling it my favorite kind of highlight is the ones that when you're looking at me straight ahead you do not see highlight on my teeth now looking at the viewfinder you cannot see the highlight but when I turn my head girl you have to give credit where credit is due this is a really good highlight I was thinking now that I'm investing with all this money for my channel and doing interviews I want to do a monthly favorites video I feel like literally no one does that anymore you can't really get a full feel of it but like I said I'm gonna continue using these products to see what what's an actual hit and

with an actual miss so stay tuned I do want to try kiss miss on just because it might be a pretty good color on me well I'm a little scared I'm not doing it with a little liner I'm so used to not using a lip liner kind of have a really easy lip line to follow so I'll just use some lip liner on my bottom lip I thought the lip liners were retractable and it doesn't seem like they are the lip liner glides like a dream oh my god doesn't really feel like I have anything on which is really nice for a liquid I think I'm gonna have to put on lip topper on I don't wanna put too much just a little bit I like it a hundred percent better alright guys so this right here is the finished look let me know what you guys think in the comments below overall I really liked the lip products I was really impressed people talk a lot of online and I am so happy that I kind of like blocked everything out and try any products myself because listen this lip gloss is bomb personally I don't know if I would use the lip kit in the set the eyeshadow palette the palette is $44 I mean for that same price you could grab a abh on a saucy

Beverly Hills eyes shadow palette and be really happy with the quality of that I don't know it really comes down to if you really want to try the products but for sure for sure I like the lip products I like the highlighter obsessed with the mini lip set because you have so many different finishes in there the bottom line I would recommend you guys to try certain things from Kylie cosmetics I think you should commit small I wouldn't go with the eyeshadow palette unless you really like the shadows and if you really liked how I created this look fair warning it is a little difficult to work with I really hope this video was helpful and I was a little bit of a guide whether to buy certain products or not they used so so much for spending a couple minutes out of your day honor my no I appreciate it from the bottom of my glass on if you values me in this video don't forget to subscribe I post every Monday and Thursday alright guys see you Thursday