20 December 2018

Krampus Makeup Look

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in this video though [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone so in this video I've been working on this for a couple of days because I had to make some pieces and you're gonna see that process a little bit in this video it might be a little bit of a long video for that reason but I am doing Krampus I'm doing these I'm doing the version I know from this old children's book I found at a yard sale that I was trying to find so I can show you but I can't seem to find it but this isn't the movie version so here I'm gonna insert the footage of me kind of putting it together and then all kind of I'll just show you what I'm doing for the makeup I'm just gonna black out my eyes black out my mouth and a doctor up the the teeth and gums with some scab blood and it's the the hard parts done it was making the the horns and the appliances and the teeth so I hope you enjoyed this thanks for watching [Applause] [Music] okay so this is my base for the Krampus

appliances were it's not really a mask because though I mean I guess it is kind of a mask but it's all dry now so I'm gonna like start by lifting up the corner and there is cotton under it and you know that may just be very cottony but this is gonna end up getting glued to my face anyway so I'm just kind of loosening it away from the aluminum foil and if some of the masking tape doesn't come off that's no big whoop because this is all gonna be cut end up getting covered up anyway and so we're just using flour to help loosen it up and to keep it from sticking to itself and we want to brush it on the outside and the inside on the inside as we pull it away from the mold now I'm putting some teeth in place and they're just gonna be kind of jagged II I just rolled these out of air dry clay and I'm gonna just kind of latex them in here just kind of jaggedy and then reinforce it with hot glue I've placed the teeth I've left a big gap here for the tongue that I've painted the tongue red I'm also good at it ow I'm not hurt I'm gonna add some fake blood to it too to make it look like we've just devoured a child and I'm gonna yellow up the teeth a little bit

and right now I'm going to put a coat of white paint on this mask it doesn't have to be really neat or pretty because most of this is gonna be covered with you know burr for his beard and stuff there's a strange noise but we'll ignore that but yes beard and fluff is gonna be put all around this for his beard in hair so I'm just kind of missile II just painting a layer of white over it I've painted the horns and I've put some poly cotton on the mass with some teeth the teeth are on there really good now anam probably gonna use some liquid latex to apply a little more hair around here to make it look like here on the head so I have this hat that I glued some and I kind of light down a little bit I kind of see what I'm showing you so I glued a little inside the Hat but I'm going to put a little bit more on the mask and kind of adhesive on this hat better I think I'm actually gonna use hot glue to make it stick to the inside of the Hat better because this I use school glue and it's not working it's not holding it all and I wanted to hold really really well so that will be my next step and we're gonna place them

and hot glue them inside the Hat as if Krampus has holes cut in his hat for his horns to come out of because his horns don't really need to be kept for him yeah this is the piece that's gonna go over my face the eyes are gonna be filled in with black and I will edge them with something I want it to look kind of rough and the teeth I have dirtied up a little bit and I'm going to now go through it's a very small brush maybe just use the tippy tippy tip of this and I'm gonna go in and create shadow where the wrinkles should be so I'm filling in my eyes with black and I'm probably gonna actually do some black mascara and get in there with some nice thick black eyeliner too because I want it as black as I can get it as opaque as I can get it and the eye holes in the mask are kind of big so what are you doing what are you doing Tina come here you want to come here No and basically the same thing to this side and I'm also going to set this with some black eyeshadow using the black eyeshadow like it like a setting powder then all in my mouth around my mouth - oh look huh

good day sir good day Tina I said good day no okay all right you know what I'm gonna get in here with a thicker brush I mamas add a wet and wild stuff but and obviously it doesn't have to be neat at all because we're gonna cover this all up anyway here is the piece in its final oh no wait I forgot something this is a very critical part of the process is the tongue it's not completely covered yet but it's gonna be shiny and have blood on it and stuff so he has kind of a curly tongue and this is basically what this is is I took a long piece of paper folded it up and then I went over it and aluminum foil and kind of shaped it and then I went over that and masking tape to get it kind of shape I wanted I did the same thing with the horns so what I'm gonna do is I'm heating up the glue gun right now and I've created like a fold right here cuz Krampus the Krampus I'm doing at least has a really long ugly tongue so and it's kind of curl curly and after I have the mask like applied to my face we'll play with it some more to get it on there good but just for right now just to hold it to place I'm gonna get it taped and say so while I wait for that glue gun to heat

up so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take spirit gum and this was made with that I had filled the my face cast of my face with foil and stuff to make it lumpy so this is not going to fit my face so I'm going to put spirit gum just around the edges to hold it on so see if this is ready yep I think this is ready so we'll see the sticks I may have to put more adhesive on it [Music] put his hat on horns horns look Tina likes Krampus Krampus okay alright I love you I love you okay all right Tina dog main appearance it's officially a YouTube video oh my nose is itching really really badly so I need to get this off of my face I've got to clean up I've got a lot to do I gotta take some pictures of this so anyway no this isn't a makeup makeup but I don't everything from the ground up so I think it still counts for something but um and I love to take her I just ate children bad ungrateful children taste at Christmastime Merry Christmas if you enjoyed this I got more makeup videos coming please subscribe to my channel and I will talk to all of you later bye and