02 May 2016

♡ Korean Idol Beauty Tips + Products ♡

Hey everyone! ^^ Hope you're doing well! This is a video compiling some short tips and products that korean idols use. Today I covered Jisook, Hyoyeon and ...

hi everyone so today I'll be talking

about the Korean Idol makeup tips and tricks as well as their beauty secrets and products I use I'm always on YouTube so I'm always looking for videos and like suggestions and stuff like that so um I thought it would be nice if I could just combine a lot of these makeup tips and tricks that I find from the YouTube videos and all the forms and stuff like that and compiled into one video so all the videos and articles or whatever I'll just link down below and everything so it'll make it easier for you guys to reference if you guys want to watch them to yourself but yeah let's just get started with the first one the first one today that I'll be talking about is juice it's daily Idol makeup tutorial so in the video she talks about her makeup routine her daily makeup routine as well her idol routine there was a particular product that I was interested in that she was talking about when she talked about her daily and idol makeup it was the makeup forever shadow stick in the color 28 Yi so she uses this product to emphasize her egg yellow side and then makes a more lovely and baby face makeup look so since it is discontinued and stuff like that that you can't find it

online on like Amazon but the price is still pretty expensive Rimmel has a scandalize eye shadow stick and it's in the color bulletproof beige and this one is a pretty close match with that another one that I have make me a star waterproof gel liner from the face shop and it's in the color I believe 0/7 peach shimmer and this one I'm kind of wearing today as well so it just helps to emphasize that kind of eye bag look and it makes your face look more cute and makes your eyes look more awake so the next video that we'll be moving on to is called eons 1 million like and this is the episode where she talks about her makeup so for this one she uses one particular product which I do have right here this is the face shop designing cake FRA cake eyebrow so this one is a duo right here it comes with a lighter shade and a darker shade so this is meant for your eyebrows and it comes with an angled brush as well as a spoolie so she uses us for multiple purposes obviously the first one is to fill in her brows so she also talks about how before do you remember Helion back then she had more mean looking brows but then

she switched over to straight brows which makes her look more nice and kind and now all she does is straight brows um what she also uses this for is sheezus a light shade to actually contour her nose and that's what I did today as well she also uses this to fill in her hairline she doesn't have straight bangs like me but she does fill in her hairline because when you fill in your hairline it can actually make your hair space look smaller then makes you look more healthy because you do have more hair I know that's kind of weird but that is a good trick a lot of people are filling in their hairline nowadays so the last video that I'll be talking about today is actually a skincare video and it's eurie skincare video so it's called the favorite nighttime care secrets and I'll link it down below and link it here so I'm just gonna go through everything because this video is in Korean but I translated everything or tried my best to translate everything so if you guys want to figure out what products you use and what exact products you use I'll link everything down below um I couldn't figure out some of the products like the

eye cream and stuff like that but I have majority of it so the first product she uses is she uses a toner from Kiehl's and this is the calendula herbal extracts sorry I'm writing everything down here because they cannot remember off the top of my head so this is an alcohol-free toner and when she uses this toner she uses a cotton pad and she swipes upwards against gravity because this is more anti-aging as uri's in her mid-20s now I think she's more worried about anti-aging then when we were in our teens so the next product she uses is a serum and this is the lancome genifique serum i believe it's called the youth activating serum and the thing she is after is a vitamin C powder so this is what I found interesting because not a lot of people actually know about vitamin C powder I like everyone knows that you should ingest vitamin C it's good for your good for your body's good for your skin and everything so I believe it is a Korean friend or a Japanese brand so she takes this vitamin C powder and puts in her palm and mixes it with either some toner or serum and she plies it to her face there's a whole bunch of

benefits to using the vitamin C powder I will just insert a picture here so when her skin is dry and sensitive she will use and aloe vera pact so basically she just takes one in two percent aloe vera and just plies on her skin like a skin pack so like a mask treatment and she also dates all her products so on there if it has a 12-month expiry day she writes the date on there and then she'll throw it out after 12 months next thing she's is the lemare moisturizing cream that stuff is super expensive but her is really good so I don't know it is like 2 ounces for $310 but in between her skin care steps she likes to miss her face and the one that she uses is the Shu Uemura deep sea water lavender face mist so last up in her skincare is actually to massage her face and she has like multiple ways of massaging her face so she uses a geranium ruler and this helps to stimulate blood circulation it's also kind of anti-aging as well um she also uses a ceramic massager as well and this one helps to kind of slim down the face to create a V line and also to promote blood circulation again and also to help drain more fatik node so that's the end

of this video I hope you guys found it useful if you guys want to see more videos then please give it a thumbs up and I guess I'll see you guys in my next video bye you you you