20 July 2018

Kissme by Morphe July 2018 and green eyeshadow makeup tutorial

hi there today I'll be going over kiss

me by morphe and this is a July 2018 edition and as you can see there's a pink bag this month theme is let's go to knotty and this is a color naughty yah-tchi I think and the third one is lay on I'm going to do swatches right here in the back of my hand and I'm really digging this cute little pink pouch right here and the first one up is naughty I think or at least that's how you say I'm not really too sure and as you can see this color is a bit on the lighter side kind of like a peachy pinky tone next one up is slay on and honestly I gotta say this it's really like bright pink something that's like really bowling something that I like like having a statement kind of colored next one up is actually a free item that I got and it's a brown color I really apologize for the bad swatch I obviously made a mistake and the final lipstick is yah-tchi yah-tchi i think and it seems like a really clear kind of lip gloss and since it's a clear color I'm gonna use this lipstick for my eye green eyeshadow look the eyeshadow palette that I'll be using it's bright lights and these are the colors that I'll be

using the first thing I'm gonna do is basically put on eyeshadow base on my eyelid I'm gonna start off with this color right here Bruce Lee and I'm just gonna tap the color onto my eyelids really and just move it around and after that I'm going to use this color right here smash and I'm just gonna apply this color all over my eyelid so once I'm done applying green to my eyelids I'm gonna go back and heavily emphasize the green color into my eye crease and i'ma also use punky to do that effect and i'ma go back and use a blending brush to basically get rid of the harsh lines within the eyeshadow look and when I'm doing that I'm gonna reapply some clean onto my eyelids just in case I use this powder right here to do my island after I'm done doing my eyebrows I'm gonna use this Luminizer primer to sit onto my face after I'm done with that i'ma use corrector and I'm applied to some of the dark spots on my face and after doing that I'm gonna use this foundations right here which are by Maybelline I'm going to use a brush to basically apply my foundation

then when I'm done on the set in my concealer I'm gonna use this blush right here and I'm going to use this morphe brush right here too so basically the way I apply the blush is basically to smile and apply where my um I guess you can say where my smile starts and like putting it on my nose a little bit so it kind of seems like natural a little bit I don't overdo it and next up is my second favorite part is putting on my highlighter I like using this highlighter mainly because it kind of screams out summer so it just has that nice summer glow I guess you could say and it's just like BAM like right there you know right now I'm going to contour and I think this is the scariest part of the makeup um I guess like routine that I have because it's kind of hard to contour correctly because if you dip your brush into the pan too much it just comes out dark and even if you lightly tap it it still comes out dark so it's just like the scariest part for me you like honestly I feel like I kind of

messed up on my contouring right here so I just like tried saving it a little bit and luckily I didn't really have it too too dark and again I'm gonna use this eyeshadow base right here to apply onto my lids but this time I'm just gonna apply a like this and basically what I'm doing right now is kind of like prepping to put on this glimmering eyeshadow onto my eyelid so it gives it a little pop you know basically right now I'm just applying this glittery eyeshadow on to where I put my eyeshadow base you using the same little I brush I'm going to use the color smash again and put it underneath my eyes you then when I'm done applying the green eyeshadow i'ma use this lipstick right here or brother lip gloss and that would be all for my makeup tutorial you