28 June 2017

Kim Does Her Own Makeup

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so I am going to show you guys how I do

my makeup I always had so many products and I just wanted like a little defined kit of all of my favorite products that could just be really easy so by the way guys I have no foundation on no concealer on so it's not going to look as like flawless unless you put all that on under and do the whole process but I'm just showing you what my like everyday all-natural 5-minute look will be when I don't feel like you know just putting on a ton of makeup when I first just put on moisturizer you feel like sometimes and you only have five minutes and I just want to look a little bit more sculpted and bronze this is what I do so I go between the medium color kit and the dark color kit I know this isn't concealer but because it's like all I'm really using I kind of use it a little bit as concealer like the matte highlighter side so I literally was stranded and only had this product this is like exactly what I would do let's put on just like the matte side of the highlighter everywhere and then I'll take the medium color stick and I'll use the lighter color just just contour down my nose and I always do the tip of my nose because it just shortens your nose

and makes it look so cute what if you want a little bit stronger I'll just like do that then I will take the darker side of the medium and just kind of go down my cheek and I'd love to go along my hairline because I just really like to look super bronzed and I love like a short forehead I know it sounds weird but like it'll totally shorten your forehead if you just like put it there I mean my theory with contours I always go kind of in like a three so I'll kind of just go down and like this the three starts here and down that way so I'll blend my forehead first and I just kind of go in a circular motion with the brush and kind of try to go in the three first so I use this little kabuki brush and since we're kind of on the dark colors already and I'm haven't really blended the light colors I'll kind of go down my nose and try to blend that I just kind of like blend it into my eye Mario are you jealous and then I kind of go with the sponge part and I like to wet the sponge a little bit I always use my hand so I just use sub sponge side and I try to blend in all of the highlighter then I kind of go over since there's like some

leftover product I just want to make sure it blends well and I also like to use my fingers to blend a little bit just because you know this is not a foundation this is not a concealer this is just supposed to look like just doing and not a lot of makeup and then I kind of sense I don't want it to look too white I take the extra leftover product on the brush you're just kind of blended in all over if we're sticking with just one color like the medium stick I'll take the lighter color and I use it as like a lip liner and if I see it's not dark enough I'll like to kind of make sure let's look a little bit bigger just like over line it a touch and just kind of blend and use the lighter one it's just kind of a like bronzy brownie color and then I use the darker color as like under eye shadow when I'm doing my makeup myself I always use bronzer as shadow just gives you like exactly just like a warm feeling so you look alive and then I'll take the highlighter go down my nose with the shimmery highlighter to look love and live in the inner corner and then I even take the shimmery one or we can really do then that one and I do it on my inner

waterline depending on the mood I'm in either do shimmer or matte on the brow line then just blend it then I put a little shimmer on my collarbone and sometimes just like down my shoulder oh I wanted to put a little bit of shimmer here on my cheeks we think everyone should go low a little bit adding a little translucent powder it's a little too shiny and then if I feel like I don't have enough color I just add a little bit here on my cheeks remember I don't have foundation you don't have anything just 1zf a little bit and that's really what I do when I get writing myself