06 May 2019

Kiko Ocean Feel Makeup Collection / Real Technique brushes

Hi Guys, I am unpacking some of the ocean feel collection of Kiko. This summer make up collection is truly an excellent qualitative products I have tried from Kiko ...

hello beautiful creatures how are you

all doing thanks for watching this video and today what I have for you are these Kiko products now I pop in their store today and I've got some new products from their new collections actually and this is so called the ocean feel so what are you going to do I just selected some of the products and I'm going to show it to you one by one aside from Keiko products I also picked up the Real Techniques brushes so it looks like this it is beautiful so I can't wait to show this to you guys and maybe talk a little bit about it individually so let's start with the thicker products now the first product I have here is the ocean filled blush so basically the packaging looks like this very summery I think this is going to be their summer collection actually and I only pick up one of the shades I think they have three shades in their blush collection so I'm just going to open this up to quickly show you how it looks like so basically oh okay so it comes with the paper with Kiko sticker in it and this is basically how it looks like inside alright so at the back it says ocean filled blush and I got the number

two bunny mine alright so that is actually pretty cool I like the color it's a sky blue aqua color you guys and when you open it it looks like this inside he is so beautiful it is pinkish I think the other two shades are more leaning towards highlighter almost this is why I picked up this one because I kind of have the other sheets so it's more brownish probably really nice for olive skin tone as well but this is something that I need because I don't necessarily have a nice pink shade in terms of blush so I'm just going to swatch that a little bit for you to see how it looks like on your skin so I'm just rubbing this in and let's see okay so it basically swatches it's so pretty it's so beautiful so it's not totally mad because as you can see is a little bit marbled style and you can still see a little bit of shimmer to it so I think it's really pretty on the shake you know what I'm going to apply it at the moment because I don't necessarily have a lot so it's not gonna be 100% accurate this swatch you guys but I'm just going to try it anyway just in the apple of my cheek that is actually really nice so it really gives

you this fresh look Rosi feel to your skin tone I like it and I think this is very beautiful for summer you guys it's not necessarily super super pigmented but it's there okay because I think the idea is that to give just to provide you with a sheen rosy tone to your cheeks and I love this one I can imagine myself wearing a lot of this in the summer and it looks really really luxurious as well look at that okay so this is basically the ocean field blush body number two body mine okay next product moving it up here alright so I have three ocean feel spar a lipstick okay so I have two ocean filled lipsticks and I'm just going to talk about this for a little while because I have another one but this is actually different this is so called the sparkle lipstick so I have the normal lipstick and this one is the sparkle version so I'm just going to open this one up I have the number eight and number two so this comes in the same collection you guys it's from the ocean field collection from Kiko so I'm gonna open the number eight and this is how it looks like inside its very luxurious it's all gold and look

look I think this is magnetic yep it's magnetic so this one is the color number eight and I think I've tried this one on actually and yes so the color is this one terracotta color so beautiful and this one I tried it on already so it's not necessarily new I couldn't help it I purchased this I think two days ago and I just couldn't help it okay so this is the number eight you guys and I'm just gonna quickly swatch this for you just to see how it looks like very very pigmented and this is not so this is basically the number eight the base is not totally marked and it has actually a nice sheen to it but it's so pigmented and look at that how opaque the color is it's so beautiful on the lip and I've tried this on the whole day and my lips just love this it's not drying whatsoever and this is exactly what I need most importantly for the winter times guys because my lips are just super drying may it be winter or summer so in the winter times I really need a tiny bit moisturizing and I'm not really into matte in the wind in the winter time so I would rather up for a moisturizing lipstick and this is really really good for that okay it's not going

to dry out your lips and you have also a very good color payoff so this color number eight is I would HIGHLY highly recommend this okay so if you would visit Kiko store look for the ocean peel number eight lipstick ok next I have also de color number two so this one I have not touched this one yet I'm going to just swatch this for you so this is the color number two okay so this is rather pinkish a bit rosy and I'm just going to swatch that just for you to also see alright so this is the number two this is the color number two yes and as you can see it's so much different than the other one it's rather pink and this is a bit of a terracotta color with red and brown color which I really really love this one is also beautiful I think to any skin tone you guys in terms of transferability so if you would touch it for example yeah so you have a bit of a transfer okay why because it's not totally matte so it's the same with this one yes you have a little bit of transfer but I don't mind it at all because my lips need this moisture you guys so I like this I highly highly recommend this

lipsticks so another product that is also from the ocean field collection is this sparkle lipstick so the one I've shown you they are just the normal lipsticks but this one is the sparkle version so I'm just going to open this up and actually it looks the same like the other lipsticks but this one I think is just different inside no Club oh my god oh my gosh that's actually so pretty look at that look how beautiful that is isn't that amazing it's actually covered with glitters you guys look I have not seen this one yet so this is the tip it's so beautiful I don't even want to touch it oh it's the oh it's my first time seeing this and it has a really nice texture too it's almost like um velvet you guys is so beautiful I don't know if you can see that look how pretty that is Wow okay okay it's so beautiful that I actually don't want to swatch it but for the sake of this video I'm going to give this one a try so I just wipe my wrist and I'm just going to swatch this so this is how it looks like you guys the first watch actually has more gold to it so this is the sparkling lipstick it is so

beautiful I don't know if you can actually see that in the camera the glitters in it now it's actually prettier and personal enough this camera does some justice on this one look look look how beautiful that is now I can't actually wait I should I should I try it on my name should I should i that is so beautiful but looking at it just the whole bullet the whole presentation of this lipstick is just so beautiful oh wow so I'm probably gonna have to go and get some more of these in Kiko and can you believe it it's not expensive at all I think it's only 10 euros something I'm gonna come back and probably get more of the shapes they have I think that's the only the only problem is that they don't have a lot of shades of this one I think they only have three so you have this Rosie and the other ones are red so probably gonna try and get the rest because it is so beautiful so maybe just you know as a connection you guys beautiful I'm gonna come back and I'll get some more alright so next next products I have here a three different products and this is again from the

ocean field collection so the first one that I would like to talk about is the twist brush mascara okay so I'm just going to open this up for you to see okay so it looks like this inside now this is a tricky mascara actually the lady explained this to me so it is a twist brush mascara and for volume and length effect you have to twist it to create volume and curl effect so the first mascara is just for volume and length but if you twist it for volume and curl then you will have to do the second step so basically you open it up and you have this one okay so it's all about the one you guys so the idea is that you twist it so first okay first when you open it up you have this one over here so it looks like this but apparently you have to twist it so on top you can twist it let's have a look okay so you basically twist it for more curl for your nauseous I don't know if you can see that so you twist it can you see that I don't see that much of a difference so that's straight and then you twist it and it curls okay so apparently the idea is that it's it will create more curls to your lashes you guys I'm going to try that real quick

now this is on top of my mascara already I'm just applying it just to see the difference all right so basically yeah you can see that there's indeed a bit of a difference from my other lashes already but that's not so accurate test anyway because I have my mascara before all right so I think I'm gonna have to just test this one and let you know if this works as they promised volume length as well as curl effects I'm gonna let you know in my next videos guys but this looks very luxurious as well so they stick to the gold theme alright so next what do we have here so you have the ocean filled eye marker so let's have a look okay so again it's in gold packaging and it's very very sleek you guys and let's open this one up okay so felt tip eyeliner and I told the lady that my problem with the Kiko eyeliner is that they dry out really fast because this was my experience before but now apparently they said that they've improved it and it is now something that you can shape because you can hear that there's something inside so that apparently will prevent it from drying out so I'm gonna test this one if it's

good or it's intensely black you know what I'm going to quickly show you how so it actually creates a very very thin line no blow it's very thin so probably that needs a little bit of work on the last night I don't know it doesn't look like it's an intense black but I'm going to give it a try next time and I will let you know in my next we're gonna use this for some of my tutorials anyway so I will let you know if it's worth it okay good and lastly the last product I have is the ocean feel I pencil okay so let's see any good so this one is not in gold it's just in a normal pencil packaging and this is their eye pencil I think they have three colors on this one three shades and this is how it looks like but what I find amazing on this product is that it's so pigmented look look look it's very pigmented that I am NOT even exerting a lot of effort on this one but it's so pigmented the color that probably is so beautiful on the lid look that's really nice so I got the brown color I am going to give this one I try in one of those light makeup days okay and last thing I have the brushes from Real Techniques and I'm just going to

quickly open this up alright so it actually comes with this soap container you guys that you can probably put in your brushes that is really cool I think this is very useful I might actually keep this one let's talk about this brush guys so they say this is the arti 310 and this is the essential crease okay so basically this one over here right they say it's a soft paper bristles blend powder accent color seamlessly so it's apparently this one blends color seamlessly so that's really nice I can't wait to use this just in the outer corner of the eyes and the second one will have the fine liner so they say this is some fine cut bristles create precise crisp lines was liquid or gel eyeliner so I can't wait to try this one as well maybe for cut crease makeup look as well this is a very good very thin line oh and it's actually sturdy it's not soft it's very nice next we have the arti 308 this is the medium shadow which is a flat tapered bristles gently sweep and blend cream or powder base shadow so this one over here that's actually fill this one very nice and soft so I can't wait and blend that

on top of the fujiguys and next we have the arti 307 which is for shading so this is a short dense bristles built cream or powder color and intensify coverage this is really nice so actually if you would dip in a shadow you just basically intensify the color I think that's what they mean really nice soft short bristle brush and lastly this is one of the reasons why I would like to purchase this brush set is because of the lash separator now this is very good for combing so this is a metal comb gently removes mascara clumps so this is something that you can use so actually our for example I'm gonna give this one a try just to eliminate the crunch or if you want to separate your lashes right so it works very very well okay so this are very good process it doesn't I can't wait to actually use them so look now you can put them all in this container look very nice and purple is my color so I'm very happy with the products I got guys and just to quickly inform you that these Kiko lipsticks are amazing so if you have kicker stores close to you please go grab them they're incredibly good and also the blush actually guys so they are beautiful and

they have other shades of this one so try to grab them I'm not yet sharable with the mascara the liners I'm gonna let you know how I feel about that but the glitter lipstick that blew my mind away so they it's just so beautiful probably gonna show you uh next time how it looks like in one of my tutorials so that's it for this video guys thanks again for watching it and hopefully I'll see you soon in my next videos so be kind to each other and always remember that you are beautiful bye guys