25 March 2019

Kiko eyeshadow palette Cranberry Look

Cranberry cut crease using the Kiko Milano Arabia eyeshadow palette. Kiko eyeshadows are pigmented and they blend easily. Best part about Kiko products are ...

hey I'm back in today's tutorial I'm

going to show you how I create this cranberry cut crease look using this Kiko eyeshadow palette I've used a lot of Kiko products in this video and loved the fact that their products are so amazing yet reasonably priced without wasting any more time let's get started so I started by moisturizing my face using this Himalaya aloe vera moisturizer I always moisturize before I apply foundation then I quickly filled my eyebrows with the Chelsea boutique eyebrow powder in the color cappuccino I'm just mimicking the direction and the length of my hair I can't emphasize how important it is to fill your brows eyebrow shapes your face and completes the look [Music] my eyebrows don't look and feel complete without adding this light color right under my brows you could use this highbrow pencil by Chelsea boutique or you could use your concealer this step basically cleans out any mess and instantly gives a lifted look to the brows now let's get started with the eye shadows I've already primed my eyes I'm going to set the whole eyelid with this color timeless using a large brush X I'm

going to take this color every day on a soft blending brush and add it to my crease I'm doing this to define my crease this rush will make sure the edges are blended and smooth next I'm taking this brown color be yourself on a dense blending ration again adding the color to my outer corner and crease this will further define my crease and by adding the color to the outer corner my eyes will look lifted and not droopy or sleepy then I'm taking this black color on a small blending brush and adding it to my outer corner only this will further ensure that my eyes look lifted I used a small brush as I don't want this black color to go higher than my crease now I'm going to cut my crease by taking the star shape tape concealer on a small flat brush I'm using a small brush to give precision when creating a dome shape remember to take more concealer to create a neat edge I'm going to add three shimmery metallic colors over this concealer all three right next to each other so mentally and dividing this in three parts I'm going to start by taking this metallic color wild on a max2 photo brush which is perfect for shimmery metallic colors I'm

adding this on top of the cut crease area but only the outer 1/3 and I'm taking the color stay strong on the same brush and adding it to the center one-third as their metallic colors they blend easily finally I'm going to take this color womanish and add it to the inner 1/3 I can't tell you how beautiful these colors are they're so sparkly and pigmented they sparkly and so so pretty then I'm going to take this brown color on the same small blending brush and add it where the black meets the metallic color I'm doing this to make sure that they look very well blended and their colors merge into each other for eyeliner I'm using the spelt eyeliner by Mac it's so smooth and it is so dark and black I always do the wing first which should be the thickest and then I should get thinner as you go towards the inner corner then I'm using this Chelsea wet wipe to clean any fallout and prep my skin to add the foundation and now for foundation I'm using this one by Kiko this foundation is super lightweight that's why it's called second skin this one is in number 218 for concealer today I'm going in with the star shape tip concealer

entrace and just applying under eye and then bouncing and spreading using my fancy Beauty sponge then I'm setting my under eye and whole face with the Mac compact powder in NC 40 as always using a small brush for hard-to-reach area and a large fluffy brush for the whole face up neck then I'm using this Kiko bronzer to contour if you put foundation then contouring is important as foundation makes a face look slab and contouring and blush add dimension to the face I'm going in with Kiko blush this is a baked blush so that's why the beautiful shine on my cheeks then for highlight I'm going in with Becca highlight in C pub I'm adding this to the highest point of my cheek bone I'm adding highlight to the center of my nose then I'm taking the same bronzer on a small blending brush and adding it to both the sides of my nose as close to the highlight not on top of the highlight but as close to it now I'll complete the under eye I'll start by lining my lower lash line with this black eye shadow you can use any flag brush you like then I'll take brown color on a pencil brush and blend the edges of the black to smoke it out I'm quoting my lashes

with Kiko mascara and adding Chelsea boutique lashes any number 24 for lipstick I'm going in with this bright for a lipstick in an attached by Phegley beauty so it's a bright color but trust me it will suit any skin color as always Fanta beauty lipsticks are super moisturizing I just love this lipstick so that's the final look I hope you guys like this look and try to recreate it don't forget to send me pictures like I'll always do I'll see y'all soon in my next video till then keep blending my lovelies [Music]