19 March 2019


TODAY i RECREATED Instagram famous trendy makeup halloween tutorials. Sister James Charles is SHOOK. IT MOVIE 2017 MAKEUP RECREATION. LEAVE ...

you're flat

boy hey hi sisters hey what's up you guys yes this was just what I wanted to do today so this is what I'm doing what's that you say what's that you're wearing Kara in her own match for once it's almost like she never wears it and only promotes a war this is my match today's special shout-out goes to me for wearing my own match as a thank you for wearing it look at some writing on it it's really fashionable and trendy you should go and buy some there's a link in the description hey so you may be thinking hey Kira what is this ugly green background i'mma tell you well since my channel seems to be merging into a beauty channel I thought you know what I need a professional Beauty setup to go with it so here it is welcome to Kira Sarang you can get your nails done here you can get eyebrows here you can get your bleaching here what more do you need from a Sarang a professional one what we don't sell coke we're so crack if you haven't subscribe to my channel you can press that button down there that makes you subscribe to my channel although you can probably press the notification button as well

because sometimes subscribe button apparently doesn't work anymore at YouTube I'm fine you can also follow my social medias they are oh let's go I feel like the beauty guru is another breed as it is but then the male beauty guru that's just like your whole nother type of like alien like I just can't relate I don't really know how to write makeup or judge it or whatever the internet loves to hate this so I guess don't come for me for doing it I'm just doing this for views and because I guess I just wanted to so I thought today I would try and recreate a professional beauty guru image so I guess I'm just gonna do that to my face cool wow I get paid to do this thank you for subscribing to me I'm living the dream right now I'm gonna prime my face I guess it ran out I don't know why I have used it like a total of one time I'll be honest I haven't watched the video tutorial of this because I thought what if I just watch the picture and see if I can recreate it judge on that and then you can judge my beauty guru skills in this his face looks extremely white and pale and pasty and generally just dry and gone and deathly I'm gonna use this

concealer which I literally only ever use in parody makeup tutorials and I must have done a lot because this is this is really wearing down now you can just tell how down hill my channel is going based on all of the weird makeup things I use like oh the dildo lipstick is running out oh God must have had a bad out revenue month yeah I'm not really sure what I'm doing I feel like he's gone for a more glamorous approach I love having talent and possessing it you know I've come to realize recently if I ever like wanted to like apply for a real job or like a university or something I have nothing to offer like I have GCSEs but no one cares about that like I didn't even dude mandatory work experience key word being mandatory you know I might be dead in a couple years more reason to buy my merch and take some ads make me rich oh I didn't put any on that side long I hate that when I'm watching a youtube video and then they like do something wrong and I'm saying that like please fix it please fix it please fix it please fix and then when I do fix it it's like the best feeling in the world but when they don't fix it it's like boy what you do and

it's almost like I want to dislike the video because you didn't fix the mistake you made because everyone has to be perfect no look you feel like this is as good as it's gonna get not low-key Heike says this lip liner and it's red and I bought it for a video put on someone else's face I literally haven't touched it since okay is it gonna be Hollow I don't know where to start with this I'm really nervous oh my god oh my hand it kind of like okay nope just know maybe I'll draw a line yeah that's not okay god this is oh this thing I've seen in my whole life I look like I'm crying blood I don't know can you even it review if you seen I feel like everyone has seen it but can you leave a review of it like in the comments and tell me what you for bit because I think it could have been a lot better they try to go in the direction of this is really creepy then they like over where deserts at a point where it just like wasn't weird anymore it's just like you're trying too hard that doesn't look terrible I mean it looks terrible I didn't realize that I have to do the rest of my makeup too

he's got really fat eyebrows I'm just go for them tweet this video at him I have absolutely zero experience with makeup apart from the trashy parody videos I've made so there you go wow this is loki alert never going to be seen dead in sometimes I feel like makeup does a reverse effect like when people go overboard unlike their overlining lips or overboard on their eyebrows it's kind of like bitch if you have to go that overboard like if you have to overcompensate that much we know you probably have some across the eyes looking eyebrows hiding underneath that I don't have great eyebrows I don't pretend that I do either there's a real winner here honesty prevails what's next ooh I know this is called this is called a cut crease and that's when you draw a lion guy I bet someone with like a makeup degree out there wants to just impale me with a fan brush I'll try a different approach of this one I'm gay that's why your mom said you wanted to get you diagnosed as a kid be want it to affect boys for life mm-hmm it's kind of pinkish like that I don't have a clue what I'm doing

probably put so much time and effort into creating this great look people can recreate for Halloween and like you know and I've just come and molested his whole idea and they free seconds sister is not working right now okay sister calm down I guess the next step is to add some black where it makes shadow and dye manager I want to say spicy we just kind of do something like this I don't know I guess so many people want me to die right now see I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong so I feel like I should be achieving the same result issues not happening okay to be honest this but I'm doing right now don't hate it now let's make it look a little bit more like what he did uh hmm I should just stop what I'm doing right now yeah that was a bad idea backtrack you know this isn't too bad I don't hate it too much well this is really intense pigmentation very unreal right now there's some reason I get the feeling that this isn't how he did it hi sisters my videos just getting too spooky to handle some uncle childlike oh wait 101 1 1 1 1 1 I messed up I don't know how but I just did sorry integrate

the red back into this because that just sisters wig flew out of here oh that's what ok cool we're just gonna have to stick with this however we can provide it on the lips very bad at this I used to horribly overlined my lips back in the YouTube days and going back and looking at it makes me cringe so heavily but so many people went out and bought this one NYX lip lingerie in the shade exotic because of me those words days some people actually liked me before I changed and I'm just wondering when someone's gonna tell these hoes a fat line above your lip is not fooling anyone oh no sisters foolin I just don't understand and I was like some gradient effect around I understand that no one go I just said ok I guess the next step is to glamorize this a little bit because it's not looking too great now so let's do the thing that is called die cut crease that's what the beauty guru is cooler and boy I'm going straight and I'm not hesitating anymore accepted defeat and I've accepted no matter what I do is going to be wrong so do it anyway you're gonna die one day some I so curious oh god it really is

Halloween now I'm a Christian girl so it's probably very bad that Halloween is my favorite holiday - Jesus I'm really sorry but it's all a day closest to my birthday and I love myself and I love being a center of attention I'm just gonna cover it in white stuff because that's what I seem to know how to do oh it looks like I've been smoking cocaine through my dear dogs all the holes in your face go to the same place right I feel like you would be shocked to find out that I am actually trying and I'm actually really disappointed that this is going terribly oh you wasn't surprised okay does have a winged eyeliner on this is gonna be Wow I feel like this winged eyeliner it's gonna turn out more horrific than everything combined because I just don't know how I also think it's really ugly oh my sister didn't disappoint too much sister like Loki came through now I don't have any fake eyelashes because I'm not fake oh no I just done so I'm just gonna have to work with the ones that growl of my head I'm sorry if that's not good nothing I think I look really good and then the final step I feel like it's 2013 again in the Dan and

Phil found and bought from this time it's red look he feel like this is gonna be the only bit I'm actually good at I'm getting some major clown cow right now you know just to finish it off just highlight the tip and there you go mom I'm just a little bit looking for it now um I don't really know how to process this I'll handle this so I guess coming to a movie theater near you you have that kid so of this video I have come to a few conclusions one I don't really like clowns anymore to just take away my makeup honestly just take it somewhere far away take a whole barrier and set it and me if you get the chance on fire and then finally subscribe to my channel cuz I don't know it just makes you feel better inside I don't know what else to say to you okay you