09 April 2019

Karity Liplock Liquid Lipsticks hmmm....

KARITY #LIPLOCK #LIQUIDLIPSTICKS #MATTE Hey Guys, Welcome back! I hope you enjoy today's lip swatch video. I have seen so much hype surrounding ...

hey guys is welcome back to my channel

so today I am doing a little bit of a different video for you guys I'm actually not doing a tutorial but I am doing a lip swatch video yes I've been seeing a lot on my Instagram and Owen um YouTube about this company called caridy and how they make some really good amazing liquid lipsticks for a very low price I heard that their liquid lipsticks these are called the lip lock velvet liquid lipsticks that these only retail for about $6 apiece and not only that but they're very long lasting and they're very comfortable on the lips and it dries down to a matte finish which is one of my favorite finishes ever so I figured you know okay let me see how pigmented these are let me see how long-lasting they are you know let me just see what it's all about I'm excited to show you guys on this cool video so if you guys are still interested and you really do want to see how these look and how they wear and how they last then keep on watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] hey guys okay so what did you think of the colors I love them I think these are so cool I will say that the formula Duke won a little bit liquidy when I first tried it but as it starts to dry down it definitely is a matte finish like matte finish which I absolutely love you definitely I know on the packaging or on the website it says to give it about 20 seconds or so but I kind of give it a little bit more than that like about 45 seconds to a minute just looking fully dried down and I can actually see all the pigment in the shade so that's really nice one thing I will say about the carotene line is that they are cruelty free vegan as well as a paraben free so that's really awesome but these are all the shades I got as I showed them to you guys I really enjoyed the formula and it definitely is not a very drying feeling like it's a very comfortable feeling on my lips not wait to continue testing these out and seeing how well they wear and how long they weigh I will have all of the liquid lipstick names and the description box below just in case you guys haven't can't remember which one you like the

most matter-of-fact let me know in the comments which color you like the most on me if you can't see right now like I absolutely love this green do not forget of course to subscribe to my channel share the video because again once we hit 100 subscribers I still have that giveaway coming and it is gonna be to count them one two giveaway winners in that giveaway so I hope you guys enjoy the video thank you so much for stopping by and of course if you want to socialize with me on any type of social media all my information is gonna be down below in the description bar okay hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your week love you bye