09 July 2017


K-BEAUTY MAKEOVER, TIPS AND KOREAN PRODUCTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT! This is a paid for advertorial with Erborian, the Korean Skincare and ...

hi guys welcome back to this new video

I'm really really excited to show you this actually the first time I've ever featured anything Korean beauty kv2 eyes on my channel this is going to be like a big discovery video and when I talk abt tips a little bit kind of history we're all kind of came from originated from I'm going to go through some credible Kay beauty products as well and show you how I've got this overall very fresh flawless look absolutely in love with it I think my complexion and skin looks so fresh and light if I'm not cakey it is not weighed down it just looks so fresh and natural and that is what Kay beauty is all about if I perfected beautiful skin Korean beauty consumers are literally some of the biggest in the world they almost have a social obligation to go out looking the absolute best it's almost like you're expecting they want to look flawless and perfected with beautiful luminous radiant skin and so they often have this like sixteen step skincare regime they do I mean I often have quite a few steps and no way I'm going to do 16 steps you're also going to have the different types of cleansers and toners and exfoliators and moisturizers plumping

things complexion Corrections and color correctors and everything else it just becomes this huge amount of different layers so in this video is long when it kind of talks with a few products that have been created for this need and the kind of combined quite a few these different types of steps into just a few just to really cut back the whole regime and make it much more kind of streamlined and just other sectors which is the key products and let's just say I've been using products and I love them so carry about those but I think when it comes to K beauty just over the years it's become so much more popular and it kind of broke into the kind of Western world and I've been seeing it everywhere recently about really flawless beautiful luminous skin probably like their skin to almost look like milk or like a pearl or an egg even it's been described as it's very extremely smooth I mean when you look at this your parents of an air you can see if I suspected so that's kind of what now going for so I put this whole base and look together today using all KBT products come on which tell you all about them I am in love I love this whole look yeah so let's get

right into this before I show you how I create this makeup look I wanted to show you all this from products I used to clean the skin double cleanse and prep the skin before the makeup so the products when I'm talking to you today are all from Korean beauty brand Borean it Borean really are experts in the whole Korean beauty field from a creative initially in 2007 kind of introduced Korean Beauty more to the European market but it's also pressed for Korean women who just want to really reduce the number of steps they're putting into the whole skincare regime I mean I'll be talking a lot later about CC cream which is kind of like the hero product of the Borean so bestseller until the products have really helped the brand find same as well as a BB cream again which I will show you later a few C products are just fantastic products that need to be known so much more and yet both hero products of the Boreum brand so now we're showing you those later dramatic ahead and the Korean culture it's about respect and betraying yourself in the most beautiful way possible so the chance I you won't see that many Korean women leaving the

house without much makeup on or at least a great base so they have a 16th step process when it comes to skincare so many different processes and layers that they put on to really help the appearance of the skin so if Mauryan have come up with almost like a four-step process that includes film ingredients and Asian skincare techniques that could have honed down a lot of these steps into a few to really make the whole process so much quick at what just effective so starting off with the black cleansing oil they have charcoal and sign it so it's a very purifying oil when it comes to double cleansing it's all about using an oil first wiping it away and then using a water-based cleanser to kind of finish the full clean and with all the beautiful looks that we tend to use now especially in the Western world it's all about really making sure the skin is cleaned all impurities are really removed all you do is just add a little bit of on to your fingertips massage it onto your drive face and then you can use water to write this away look the next products that I want to tell you about is the konjac sponge I've

seen quite a few of things recently and I'm absolutely obsessed with them I love the he's amazing like an Asian type plant they contain bamboo charcoal as well and this is very gentle exfoliating sponge but they're wonderful when you've got something all of your safe like a cleanser you can really get in there with this and massage your swing away get rid of all impurities everything else off the face and a little it comes with strings you can hang it up and let it drive because this goes almost like rock solid when it dries and then if you leave it on to me for taps like three minutes sort of keep squeeze it under a cap this goes nice and sticky but it's such a great little tool and really obsessive these I think they are fantastic especially for using with cleansers so after the black cleansing oil I then went in with the double noose gentle cleansing foam as you can see in the cuts wave I added two pumps of this to my hand and then again it's massage it onto dry skin you can leave this on the skins like 30 seconds if you want to before then wiping it away with water again you can do that or like I did you

can use a sponge it just very gently you have to really real part of this but it just helps remove all the products this just really refines the skin's texture overall after I use it my skin felt so much more smooth so cleanse I mean since a water-based cleanser as well so those two used together our kind of perfect double cleanse overall then after that the ocean sank concentrated lotion for instant moisture this in the Western world I would see is almost like a very hydrating toner you guys are my 3 to 5 drops of this onto your palms while not the product and then just Pat them push the product into the skin this is like a boost of hydration and concert back into the skin it just prep the skin ready for moisturizer over the top so before I tell you about the moisturizers I'm going to go right back to the beginning when I had no makeup on so I can start the whole routine from the nice driver so here is me from the past then my face is all cleansed as I just showed you so now I'm going to get straight in to my makeup but these are this is what you've gotten all of them so I thought I feel so excited to sort

of show you all of this look I've never done I don't think I've ever use any Kay beauty products ever before my channel this is really exciting for me ok so after my double cleansing routine and obviously my kind of hydrating toning routine as well going to into some moisture so this is the Borean bamboo clamp slepe smells amazing they're like a hydrating nourishing plumping steps for skin after you cleanse and if I've got a little bit more hydration back into the skin with the ocean sand compliance your face every single day and night and you can or use it as an amazing base for makeup so that's what we're going to do today it smells so fresh it's like a really fresh like sorbet kind of feel that's how I'm kind of mentioning it my students are soaking up like that I can barely feel right now but my skin feels more plump and like rich enough it's full of juice so now we can move on to the makeup so this is the abhorrent glow cream ox n so it's illuminating face cream ultra region effect the idea of this is that kind of like blurs the skin offers a really incredible complexion right before you then add more layers on

top so I'm going to apply this with this thing is and it's a so pearly really pearlescent formula so I mean I can see that already actually it only looks like the light is bouncing off of it you surprised me you think it tips you could apply it with a brush if you really wanted to but I think for this the hums are perfect to be honest it's got such a lovely smooth and soft texture feels amazing so smooth and beautiful and amazing makeup base I can tell just from the texture okay next in the regime is the Borean CC cream this is in the shade clear for me it's a high definition reason space cream Susan got a nice Drive it's going to enhance the overall look as the skin it's going to reduce any imperfections it is going to really help to make the colors and tones and the skin much more flawless and perfected over all through this and if I use it on my fingertips again it's really easy the cool thing about this as well is that the color it comes out almost like a white cream and then when you start to plant on some skin it's almost like the color starts to adapt to the shades and a luminosity of the face I'm going to

come up I'm asking to feels really smooth a really soft feels like it's just really perfecting that top layer of the skin as I'm applying it it's got a very lovely subtle nude shade to it and I feel really happy just with that it's just added the most like subtle changes to my complexion and now the final perfecting base layer that's going to be the Borean B because M so mostly cream to the cramp because I'm ENGLISH BB cream since the BB cream which is won so many awards for it boring it's like their star product and also be beat and new to be between nude they're both about that very natural glowing beautiful finish I actually had the pleasure of speaking with B co-founder of the Dorian's castle in Burundi on the phone the other day just to ask you a little bit more about K butene how a Lauren came to be and it was so interesting and so inspiring actually exactly I was telling me that Korean women do like to go and have like lots of some treatments done and microdermabrasion it's all about really trying to perfect the skin at all times but as these ladies were bent to go straight back to work in their face B I

mean as you guys do I know he's had treatments done as I know as well your face is really bright red and it's quite insight when you want to go home and how yourself just for like a day into it all goes down again so skin sensitivities for healed and it's not the right time to put on foundation so the BB cream kind of came from the requirements from the Korean women it's needed something that they could wear back to work that was breathable and quite weightless and we just really helped with the color correcting and make them look really flawless again so it's a first BB cream in the European market which i think is amazing and yet not see with the skincare benefits inside of it currently skincare and makeup hybrid perfect for models models to listen love it as its kind of monster izing and also give all the benefits of makeup on top so it is one of those like epic products really I'm going to show you how this applies I'm going to use the BB cream nude and apply some to my fingers I'm going to apply it in my hands and then probably use my brush afterwards this is a wonderful shade for me

you can barely see it just what your looks or so so that's well actually I feel like using your hands with it really actually benefits it as well I feel it almost warms up the product so I'm going to do this apply one left layer with a brush some of the more coverage in the center of my face I'm just going to use a brush for that any kind of foundation brush to help me little gooses down you can you see that glow that has kind of coming out of skin but yet it doesn't look oily like I have a lot of other products I use that get this kind of look but still look quite oily and I've got to mattify them down with powders and take away that shine where's this just looks radiant like I probably wouldn't powder this personally with my skin too I mean my skin is usually quite dry to normal so what the overall effect it looks flawless my skin looks completely smooth and like the complexion looks amazing okay so we're going to kind of finish off the face this is amazing I love concealers like this that have this little sponge applicator I've already been using that size little bit dirty and and you just pop it up at the end

and add small product into the top and as you know I like a lot of concealer so just feel so soft when it goes on these any kind of blending sponge or your fingertips or a brush I was like eating a little mini sponge this has helped to lighten and brighten the under eyes get rid of any kind of extra dark circles and this point I just like a little bit closer just so you can actually see the effects on my skin right so this is the texture and parents on my skin at this point are really smooth you can see is luminosity like that looks so lovely cool is great it's now catching it isn't dryness it just looks really radiant this is finish off the whole face now when you use a copper glow this is really beautiful it comes with a little sponge like this that you can use against pat on the products which you can do it's almost like a coppery product now you could use all of the face I think what this kind of call that any other part is more luminosity and raise it from skin or I'm going to do is to all those that in and out a little bit more to kind of like these areas if it almost bronze up a little bit I'll help this to warm up the skin a little

bit as well adding a little bit more now just on to my cheekbone area just for out I usually apply that bronzer and this is a very natural Sheen my it's a cutest little product I love it look how rich that look from skin again it's really range it when you swallow just remove it mark allergic so I want to use the pink perfect blush look how cute this is remove this little section it's keeping everything I'll locked in sight stick this back on and then all the pink will start to seep through into little sponge so cute just at what cut the ring came back in and Alex assert that my my skin my makeup looks gorgeous natural so there you go what a compliment do you know what I'm going to go over my eyelids actually with a bit more of copper glow just to make this my can look once we're really natural but still have a few little bits that I like to do with my makeup so it's going to take a little brush and just sweep that over a little a bit more just fill up it more intensive color it still looks really really natural it's gonna like blend up and a lot ciborium product going to show you is the Rose infusion lip oil going

to a little bit too much it's very pink port and kissable help okay I'm just going to quickly go off camera to my brow part in a bit of mascara and maybe I'll line my lips a little bit more shape as you know me and I'll be right back with you I am absolutely in love with this look I have not seen my skin look at this fresh and this natural in so long we're just a few different products I like I said a spot a bit of mascara and brown gel through my eyebrow so nothing to talk sectors much more natural and a little tiny bit of line around my lips because I'm trying to define the shape or a bit more by just with the oil on there and I mean the fact that Alex notice as well how natural it look is I mean it's a big compliment it just shows how good these products are how much more freshness get looks in comparison to normal so I'm honestly about blowing away I've said I've been using a few these products for a while kind of testing them out but you're going to pull them all together and bring them into full looks for you guys that's like I want to do a salted boring look kind of like a first impressions for you guys

and also to show you kind of like how I use them that may tips on how to use them a few more things about k-beauty diskin admit it's a very k-beauty Centrex video and I have loved filming this so I really hope you liked this overall look so every single product I've used on my face I'll leave it linked down below in description bar you can also pick up the products at the Space NK healthy Fraser and your Victoria Selfridge is also online obviously and so you're going to watch this video there is also 20% off special limited voucher that you can use on the website just use the word in the fro all capital or one word now I'm getting 20% of the website as well so I love that has everything for now guys I really hope he loved this really fresh Victor look I hope you've learned something new about K butene also at Borean and I'm you enjoyed this video if you did please do hit the subscribe button of my face right here to subscribe I'd love to have you back and I will see you again soon bye what