21 December 2018

just a video to make up for the two month gap

hope you enjoyed this Instagram: @adam_tye_ snapchat: @adamtye123 twiter: @adamtye6.

one thing that I would like to mention

there is a well I was thinking near my friend near my two friends me when didn't wanna three go subscribe and jelly cake for these brothers go subscribe to them we want to create like a u-turn crew like if you have any names that would be greatly appreciated like to and yet then you two gang so just be together and have some fun gonna take those big fuse and when you do just gaming no you just boom and it really I've got two channels one about BMX and this one put up sailing in just anything I really want I might be doing there gaming video a lack of mobile game that will come racing to I'm sure you pipe it it's a good game to play I like I just got to suggest it I know it yeah I'm thankful I'm to music scribers 10 subscribers I know it's not really a big deal but it is to me it feels quite a lot to make sure I do it to improve my YouTube quality and get some good videos out for you guys I'm not doing this for a living but um hopefully make a bit of money on foot so I can catch some income say what do you think I could improve on yeah but anyway um my videos a bit

longer not just for the animals in please I really want to go get from working with some other youtubers so if your YouTube or watching this I greatly appreciate it with you see done see if we should do a collaboration sometime me and my brother have a drink channel it's called EA saving I know it sounds like EA games but it's EA everything Adam I will show my second channel haven't i BMX I should be posting so yes so if you're a youtuber you want to do a collaboration with me just put it down in the comments so will daunting us from beyond each other see what we can arrange because that'd be good yeah so I hope you have a nice rusty a day see ya