29 July 2012

July Favorites! (Beauty Products)

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hey guys so today I'm going to be

sharing maybe my favorites in the month of July I've got a lot of good stuff and a really good tip to share with you guys for this month first I want to talk about hair product um a while back I did a drugstore haircare video or it was just a haircare video that ended up being like a drugstore one because most of my products from the drugstore and I've always talked about the Tresemme dry shampoo which I really like but I started noticing that a lot of you were recommending the suave one and I thought it was kind of funny because literally like handfuls and handfuls of people were like recommending this product well if you like to trust me you like this one better and I've got to say this one is hands-down a lot better it's cheaper - which it's nice the smell is really nice it smells kind of like peach nectarine smells really good and when you spray it it comes out like really powerful so kind of scare me the first time that I used it but I liked it because it really kind of like gets into your roots the way I use dry shampoo I don't wash my hair every single day I wash it usually every other day I think

that's better for it um so yeah I like to use this just to give it some more volume at the roots and I just kind of like lift it up in sections and spray know what I found is different about this is that like I said it comes out more powerful I feel like it kind of does a better job at the roots it does a better job and I think making your hair look fresher it gives it texture but it doesn't make it feel gross like a lot of a lot of dry shampoo is make it feel almost too thick at the roots makes it feel kind of almost dirtier but I really like this when it really makes my hair feel and look fresher and I think you should try it it's really good it's cheap - the mac mineralize charged water eye cream love this stuff is really amazing I I really do believe in using eye cream I don't really feel like I have wrinkles or anything that's like that but I think that the whole point if stuff like this is preventing it like use it when you're young and of course you know use it if you're older but I feel like everyone can benefit from using a good eye cream and you know the drugstore has some great ones you don't have to necessarily spend a lot and Mac

is a little more expensive but I really love this one it's almost good gel I don't know if you can really tell it's like a gel cream I use this in the morning and at night and I really feel like it makes my eyes bright makes them look awake and I like it because during the day it doesn't feel greasy like I can still you know it can I use it when I get out of the shower when I use my moisturizer and stuff on my face by the time I do my makeup it's already like sunken and everything but it's not greasy like a really thick I cream so I absolutely love that I have found a really great mascara that actually compares to the Armani eyes to kill which I talk about all the time I love it it's the l'oreal voluminous full definition I've used the voluminous in the past and that's the one that comes in a more gray silvery tube I think this one is obviously you can see it's in a really gold tube and the full definition is supposed to really kind of define your lashes but still hold up that like amazing volume that it claims to give and it really works I really love it

I've been wearing it a lot this month and it's just such a dramatic difference I think that's why I really like the Armani I used to kill cuz you get a dramatic difference and that's without having to put on so many layers I just like to get it done in one coat and this stuff works amazing I'm gonna do like a before and after I think picture type thing and post it on Instagram um the Tarte multiply eyeliner that I showed in a recent haul oh my gosh I'm loving it I said that it was gonna be a little weird just because it has like you know instead of like a more harder like felt tip and it has a brush that kind of bends and I thought and I'm not really sure if that's gonna hold its shape or if it's gonna work really well it works amazing and I actually prefer it now - the harder felt tip because I feel like you can kind of get more control with this I have been super enjoying super enjoy glittery nails and usually I would just do like one accent nail of glitter which is still really fun but what I'm really loving to do lately is applying a color to my nails and then putting glitter on the tips and what I do that I might do a video on

nail tips or nail little six and a half but just apply it to the tips and then you can kind of wipe the brush off and go over it again so it's not such like aligned look you know does it look like you tried to do like a French glitter manicure and it failed I like it to kind of fade downward like the glitter looks like it's kind of sprinkling like you've literally dipped your nails and glitter I love it so much I'll put all my nail information below but I've been posting usually every time I change up my nails I'll post a photo on Instagram so a lot of you guys have been doing that or that's my favorite way to wear them I like to usually do like a nude color I usually go for the Essie topless and bare bug the Dior beige Safari love these Dior polishes I'll talk about that in a moment or the other one oh the Essie secret affair which has a bit of a shimmer to it this is a great color if you don't have it I think everybody this is a great like color for everyone have I also did a really fun look the other day using this the cotton candy by Orly and this really thick gold glitter it's called only gold for me by Sephora and it's got little

pieces of gold and giant pieces of gold so it looked really pretty a lot of people said it reminded them like a Bellini or something which I really like that I thought that was fun but I love the OPI glitters a lot of them are really nice the ones that look really opaque like this that's what I'm using it's the sparkle Isha's and also the Sally hence Sally Hansen gem crush ones the ones that say gem crash just a line of glitter polishes those are amazingly opaque and perfect for this although they're in my closet with my nail polishes so I will do a nail polish video soon I did one I think a couple years ago so I might do an updated one soon I'd say I've been loving that I mentioned the Dior nail polishes I thought it was Luke when I got the Dior Blue Label and then when I used the bikini and they were both equally amazing so a lot of times like certain colors and nail polish brands will be great and like other ones will suck which I'm sure that there might be one or two that are bad or several but all the ones that I've used by Dior are wonderful they're a little more expensive

um but I'm kind of actually like really digging the whole little concept behind them um let me show you might work better with a lighter color to see but I've talked about this before the brush is really kind of rounded almost perfectly shaped to your nail so it makes painting super easy they stay on a long time um it goes on very quickly because of the brush and I just I love it so I have three of them I have blue label beige Safari and bikini and I love them so we'll talk about skin um this also has to do with the tip I was talking about beginning but I have talked about this in a previous video it's the skin and D natural shielding lotion you can get these at um I think I don't want to see most drugstores because I've really only seen it at I believe Walgreens or CVS where did I get this it was either Walgreens or CVS I don't remember I can't believe I don't remember or I'm sure you can find them online equips genius about this is you can truly use it on your face or your hands or your body or anywhere that's terrify I would never use a product usually like that you could use on your hands or body on your face just because

I have to be super careful because my face does break out easily because of products or because of not using the right thing anything like that so my skin is kind of picky as far as that my mom gave this to me when I was having really bad issues with my hands in the winter which a lot of people said could be eczema it hasn't came back or anything um it was just like you know around here around my fingers it looked splotchy and red and itched you know and it was just it was awful so it was just irritated like dry skin I used this and it would be perfect by the next day it's bizarre it's almost like a gel I know showing you isn't really gonna give much of an effect cuz you can't really see it's like an opaque whitish jump and when you put it on it feels so slippery and nice doesn't feel like a thick heavy cream but it has the effects of a thick heavy cream it doesn't feel like one either but it dresses like one what about a month and a half ago I ran out of my moisturizer that I was using at night and I started using this so I thought why not I'll just try it on my face I'm not kidding it's amazing it makes my

face feel really moisturized and makes it smooth but not greasy and I think honestly my skin has been a hundred percent better because of this and something else I'll talk about quickly but yeah it works wonderful I haven't broken out because of it I've been using it from about a month and a half it's eight ounces of product which is very generous I think it's a big large amount and I really love that using it a month and a half on my hands even longer than that on my hands but just on my face in my hands for the past month and a half I don't even think I've used half of it so I really love this product I'm sure you can find it online too it's really great if you have dry skin if you have oily skin I would 100% recommend it and the other tip um that I want to mention that I'm really so proud of myself a huge accomplishment that I've made over the last month as I totally cut out sodas I should sure I still drink like beverages like lemonade or something that has sugar in it I don't drink any artificial sweeteners um my skin has improved a hundred percent I know that you guys always say oh you've got great skin anyways but seriously

people that do videos or I mean I'll speak for myself you know we have lighting it blurs everything you can definitely hide everything with makeup and not be able to tell I've had a lot of issues with um just hormonal breakouts and stuff over the years things that you guys never really even noticed and you know my skin will be perfect one week and then it'll be like yeah and nobody ever says anything because I cover it well um but I have not had any issues over the past month and a half and I believe it's largely mostly attributed I'd say like 90% to the fact that I've cut out sodas artificial sweeteners and I was drinking Coke Zero non-stop so I think it's mainly just the artificial sweeteners and all the stuff that goes with that and then this my skin felt really comfortable I would say this is the other you know ten percent of why my skin has been feeling and looking better um so if you can try to do that and and just experiment and see the difference because I never believed it I always heard you know drink a lot of water and your skin will be great and I just never really I really thought that would be

possible but it is now we just keep like a Beretta picture and our in our refrigerator we don't buy water bottles or anything it's just wasteful and I don't like drinking out of water balls all the time um and then I buy those little miios which have no sugar so that you can sweeten like an actual glass of water those powder sweeteners most of them are loaded with like fake sugars anyways the meal has a natural sugar but or a natural sweetener but it's sugar it doesn't have any sugar okay I don't know so anyways I hope that you enjoyed this this is a very long video for my favorites for July and I hope that you guys also had a great month of July and hopefully I can motivate some of you guys to cut out so it is not that I think you know that's right for everyone but it really did help my skin if you're having issues with your skin give it a try I mean doesn't work do whatever you want to do but it's worth the try so I will talk to all very soon