26 June 2017

Jennifer Lopez Beauty Hacks! │ JLO's Skin Care Secrets & Anti-Aging Tips for Glowing Clear Skin!

In this video, I share with you some of Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets and skin care hacks! She is so naturally stunning and her beauty regimen is so simple!


hey guys welcome back to my channel and hello if you're new and make sure this you just subscribe so that you are updated with all my latest videos and to all my old subscribers hi and welcome back to my channel today's video is all about Jennifer Lopez beauty secret I think that she is around 46 years old but looking at her you cannot tell because her face is so smooth and just flawless and her hair is so so pretty and her figure is just amazing so I wanted to share with you guys some of her beauty secrets and these are all things that are natural and very good for you in I was surprised at some of them I was really surprised so in no way am I telling you guys that you should be lifted for Lopez this video is just to tell you guys that every single person every single one of you is beautiful it's very important to take care of yourself and kimber yourselves and just feel beautiful totally inside because that is what radiates on the outside and that's what I believe and so let's get right into the video so I have six beauty secrets that Jennifer Lopez likes to follow that I have seen her mentioning in her interviews so bigger

number one is that she's a firm believer in using SPF now this is super important because when you do go out into the Sun it's harmful for your skin a lot of the times the sun's rays create sun spots and it makes you age a little bit faster than normal using SPF is very beneficial because it just creates a barrier between your skin and the Sun she also doesn't like to be out in the Sun for too long so this is one thing that she's been following for years and it's helped her in the way that her skin look beauty tip number two the jennifer lopez likes to follow and probably her number one tip is to get as much sleep as you can now she would love to get like ten hours of sleep at night she said but because of my schedule and all of that and her kids and stuff she makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep at night and she said this movie helps her skin and it really helps her to wake up in a better mood and just energized and ready for the day because you're well-rested beauty secret number three is a she really really believed in beauty from the inside she believes that when you feel happy and joy and love from the inside it

radiates on the outside and I really believe this - she says that when you take care of your mind your body and your soul it's just all shows in your skin and I truly believe this because if you guys notice next time that you're stressed out or you're angry or you're not feeling your bed you can see on your face you can see the stress on your face your skin will get a little bit more dull and then when you notice when you're in a good mood and you're positive you're radiating that you have a glow on your skin and your face just looks brighter moving secret number four is that she loves to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables now I know this is one of those things that everybody says you should do but it's not that easy to do because first of all not a lot of people like the taste of water and then not a lot of people like vegetables but she always keeps these things on hand with her and it's really important to get these things into your system because it really does help you steam it from the inside beauty tip number five is Jennifer Lopez loves could follow is that she doesn't smoke or she doesn't

treat now this is something that probably isn't for everyone for me I don't smoke but I do drink I have wine a lot and so I couldn't really give that up but from her she's followed it forever and it really has shown in her skin and she believes it's one of the reasons that his skin has not aged so much it's because she doesn't drink or she doesn't smoke her diet also consists of sugar-free and salt free food and she is a huge huge portion control eater so that is another one of her beauty secrets regarding her diet and beauty secret number six last one is a makeup trick over makeup artist says that he likes to put a layer of highlighter first on her skin before applying the foundation and then he applies the foundation on top of it and that's what creates like that inner glow type of makeup look and that's why she always looks like I mean I'm sure that her skin is glowing naturally just because of her diet and her exercise and all that uh and just the positive person that she is but her makeup artist also uses this trick to enhance that glow so these are six beauty secrets to Jennifer Lopez I love to use I hope you guys

enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching leave me a comment down below who and you would like me to do next I do have a lot of Bollywood actress beauty secrets if you guys wanna check those out I will link those down below and all of these beauty secrets are all natural things easy seeing lifestyle diet things that you can incorporate into your own life for a healthier lifestyle and I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching make sure you subscribe if you haven't already and I'll talk to you guys in the next video