23 January 2018

JBJ Kwon Hyun Bin Cover Makeup ft. 채봉원 - Edward Avila

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yeah today I've got my friend here it's uh it's tough yeah he are or they're tip on when you got come on you're not [Music] he's a part of the circle of friends to elders in will and now that you've asked me to do video with him because he kind of looks like quantum be mmm quite um how about the whole body his soul and you know what make up join cuz yes you know a few different looks so I'm gonna go with this one that I in their music video for fantasy so yeah go go sing KOCO Steve Bottari from low energy energy up sale so sorry from color-correcting [Music] Foundation so nothing bins face is actually quite not long but like it's more right yes so I the Foundation's will be a little bit lighter than his natural skin tone just like I tiny bits not want to concentrated mostly them said especially also because his skin is actually pretty good and most of the redness is only in the scepter so I concentrated it or like here on the center of the face to keep the outside more shaded I suppose

naturally I'm on Yelp see good people who'll tube and then I'm gonna add a little bit more contouring to his jaw just sharpen it up just a little he really doesn't need it because his pop a star like dick today I wanted a man on attending me whatever was left on the brush from when I was shading his jaw just put on the rest of his face like around the hairline and all that because space is already flying sharp so I don't need to I need to set because I his whole face is really glossy right now but I hope you get some parts of it face to look shiny someone else said the parts that don't want some powder the broth I would say Slater Scion how to rain yeah that's a good but I really do you see right here I want to keep that so I'm trying to avoid that I'm watching a few on behind the scenes clips from the music video and it seems they really like to put off like bronzer right on his cheekbones so I want to do this is NARS Laguna right now usually I put mine on top the chief um before him they put it kind up underneath

[Music] one one me no fun bit but one let me think oh it's big name big fan he has very straight brows but his brother actually very similar he said he got them perfectly done but there was a few that displaced in here so I'm going to fill in the active spots if you do if you are trying to create this yourself if you come to be in the browser actually quite there straight but it's almost like they're angled upwards like that so if you want to call it exactly that's okay so that's it for the base in the brows now we're going to I make up okay so first nice it's very uh which they're very smoky it's all I can put it down his eyes are really similar to his already so that luckily for us to be with me doing this on my cell might feel like it would be totally different but we'll see what this isn't really tutorial anyway so I'm going to use this classic F to house warm eyes palette and go into this cocoa as if it's brown as one with a red undertone but a pinky undertone this is actually gonna go pretty high the lid like a jungle as much I'm going to take this shape

here this is to go more on the lash line kind of on the part of the lid where it's I'll it moves let the mobile lid around here I'm gonna pick the same shade right here and I'm going to stick it like right at the inner corner right here to make it look like dudes just you're happy on your Samba free tunnel up t up - yeah I'll trim a little giving the illusion of a touchscreen she'll go again to be the same shade usually if I'm doing like a boys make a house top here but for his look where come beans look I'm going all the way and on the outer corner here I'm gonna kind of flip it out I guess quit connecting the top line here keep in mind that it's the first time I'm doing this on camera so mom will have to delete stuff the color next to it another layer color here this is kind of a good coppery shade and I'm basically going to run that on here the bottom just working the lash because I had all the darker colors the first color just kind of yeah pick up some more shade this one so I Oh - what okay and then but there's a last step for the eyes so that I don't

commit to putting mascara because I think it's all about touch now I'm going to use this risk much eat brown eyeliner it's a really dark brown eyeliner and it's easy to smudge so the brush that I was using to smudge the Dark Shadows is one way to use this much liner so you don't necessarily have to go into the link the waterline waterline you just want to make sure it's in the roots of the latches or dyes I'm smudging it outwards kind of like winged eyeliner as I walk and she has gloss I think with the point of the make of his death if there's a loss on his lids I feel like you'll rue that I felt so I'll just keep it like this for now but later I'll put the gloss on his eyes but for now it's for my lips are like he's biggest to be sure I feel like that they're so big so I'm going to try to console his list and kind of match it I'm gonna take this nude lipstick this one is no makeup from create a lot of volume in the center here is lips have a lot of volume in the center so concentrate a lot of the colors in the middle and especially on Cupid's bow on the bottom of the pan I'm going past the lip line it's okay

because I'm gonna use another color on top of it so it will end up looking natural again even if it is a little bit passive look and this color looks very similar to natural lips anyway so okay and now into this POW and when it makes this color right here with a little bit of the white to create kind of basically this club's more not as strong I guess yes I'm this little bit right here this little fatty bit right here I wouldn't kind of go around it into some contour that part to make it look like this part is a bit more cut it out [Music] it's it besides that more I mixed this color in the white but announced it he uses color alone all right now has to do his hair and we'll be right back one thing I forgot to do is highlight his lips I'm using a really light concealer to every add some actually I emphasize his Cupid's bow here and also whatever that's called and also right here that will really pull in is look in the center really dark Oh easily me [Music]

oh my god look like and I thank you so much for watching there's the finish if you want to follow him I'll put these Instagram down below it you I see his work as a model and uh I'll see you in the next video and yeah byamba balmy salt watching yourself [Music] see [Music] inside [Music]