26 November 2018

JAMES CHARLES x MORPHE PALETTE Eyeshadow Tutorial| #unleashyourinnerartist

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using la girl Pro concealer and I'm using the shade porcelain using the color skip from the James Charles palette and I'm using the brush M three to one I'm just packing this on lightly because you're suppose to use an eyeshadow B I don't have that right now so I kind of don't want to mess up so yeah using the color single and I'm using the brush II twenty-two [Music] applying more of skip on top of single just so that you could see the pink a bit more and I'm using the brush II 17 taking the la girl Pro concealer in the color porcelain and I'm just using this shade to cut out my crease [Music] taking a shimmer from this palette and it's called sister adding more of skip on the outer crease and I'm using the brush e18 [Music] using a morphe brush M 506 and I'm placing love that on the outer crease using my seam concealer and I'm gonna take my Real Techniques beauty blender and blend it out [Music] here I'm using the colour playground I

[Music] also added a bit of brother lastly I added skip it created like this nice purple color so yeah that's what we're going with and we're just gonna blend it out a bit more using a black pencil eyeliner and you can use any type of black eyeliner enormous he doesn't matter so yeah that's what I'm doing taking another shimmer and it's called a ring light [Music] thank you guys so much for watching this tutorial if you made it this far and please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one