27 November 2018

IT Cosmetics Super-size Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara Trio on QVC

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Lord the the past three years the only

three years had ever existed it's the it cosmetics supersize superhero elastic stretch mascara the Terrell I chose to go in a glamour article where they asked me what is the one beauty product they asked in QVC host you cannot live without it could have been anything and I chose this mascara because it's instant glam see links but it's also a treatment we wait for this trio because normally as a duo right now the duo at QVC calm is $33 you're getting a trio for $35 in change they only do this one time a year at the end of the month this will vanish and we just watched it yesterday it's $6 on the air it's $6 a month on easy pay is all beauty is so this is really the time to stock up because you should have to pay $72 a to nine three seven nine three is your item number we sold hundreds of thousands of these Jackie this is my favorite mascara I know it's mine too and I love this and I always buy my superhero here because it's better than the employee discount Cosmetics for many years since the beginning right so work in product development what I love about this one and if they've never even tried it Cosmetics right what a great way to see

the Cosmetics difference right because we really set out to solve the real Beauty problems that real women face right we work with plastic surgeons all of our formulations start their life as powerful anti-aging skincare and superhero mascara really isn't any difference so it's first and foremost it's going to treat and nourish your lashes but more importantly that problem that it's designed to do is to give you more awake looking eyes more fuller lashes longer lashes younger looking eyes and just really do the work for you in just one quick coat so it doesn't take coats and coats of mascara to really give you the look of voluminous lashes it doesn't in one coat and that's what really is different about this formula normally you would pay 124 dollars we sometimes have a duo right now it's 33 three for one time of year we do this only for this month it will go away get this now before it's gone there is delivery that's the only way you can keep this coming every four months but if you want to stock up with the free shipping and just get a bunch of sets here's your chance to do that with the

six dollar EZ Pay do we have my before and after because I did a before and after eight to nine three seven nine three I would love to do that if we could and then we'll jump in with other models I'm the worst model so we'll start with me know your job but I use it every day so I figured you know what because I have longer lashes but you would never ever know it as you'll see in my before because of what my lashes do is they just sort of go down but what happens is when I put on the superhero stretch mascara everything just lifts and you don't even need an eyelash curler so if you like me girlfriend or out there squeeze in your eyes and like doing 20 coats of mascara do yourself some justice and try this one because we also offer end of January returns right now this is a perfect time to do it so as you could see I'm sure in the before it doesn't it kind of look like I have no lashes but I do I do have them and so I love superhero mascara because not only am i treating but I'm also reaching my full lash potential okay so that's why I don't have falsies on or anything this is all me but this is your

chance to stock up if you already love this one time of year I know it looks like you have individual false lashes on and you don't before I mean I can't tell you and we can just go on over to the ladies if short I know we have an animation Santa buyer I can show that yeah we can show that and I think for Jackie I thought like it was just me like I would try and I don't know this has just been such a game changer yes and it's all about the brush and the formula so first of all it has this super elastic stretch formula that stretches the look of your lashes wider and stretches the look of your lashes longer and then that brush is this super power brush that really grabs each and every lash so no lashes ever left behind because every two to three months you have an entire new crop of lashes so you know some are short they're just coming in into their phase and summer in their final phases of skits every single lash and in a study 100% of participants in their lashes looked incredibly long their eyes appeared more wide open there are pies eyes appeared larger and their lash line looked fuller it's not what you want from a mascara

don't you want something just makes your eyes come alive because really when your eyes come live your whole face comes alive and that's what this really is all about I looking at barely said in over 500 orders place to grab this because you will not regret it especially if you love this the only thing you'll regret is when you go back in January and you try to find the tree oh I have sat with the buyers have been like when is the trio coming back this is the time of the year only one time into the month that goes away so here's your chance it should be 24 per mascara we're at $5.99 a month and free shipping yeah but you know I asked Jackie cuz I know we you will have more mascaras to love with the deadline but I was like how are you ever going to how are you ever gonna outdo this I know I have a look I have a love affair with this too and when you see Sheila you'll understand why so as we age our lashes start to point down on Kourtney I think you have that as well you're talking about earlier this has that super volume that super lift which is important for you if you do have those lashes that point down which is much like what Sheila has look at the

after look at the volume that she's getting first of all I just took one quick coat but look at how she's getting that super lift right her lashes are going up up and away it's like I could let you know get to job I know right lift off but it's that's the difference and that's the working with Plastic Surgeons you know we want to make a product that really solves your beauty problem because we believe you shouldn't have to be a makeup artist user prop products you know who wants to do layers and layers of mascara it gets clumpy gets flaky and we're gonna have a live demonstration coming up just to show you how easy this is to use because most volumizing formulas when you try them they're a big mess I mean you blink your eye it's all over your eyelid it's still on your face this is a formula that doesn't it's not messy it's not flaky it just gives you beautiful gorgeous lashes keep in mind auto delivery is available why do I say that because if you are like me and you regret that you didn't get it last time on on a delivery because it's only once a year here's your chance you get it every four months that's the only way you'll keep the trio

coming because we'll go back to the duo or a single here's your chance to get the trio for $35 and change one time a year or six dollars a month with the free shipping Wow I'm gonna hello Ashley those lashes are high fiving Brow's talk about leaping tall buildings right and this is what you're getting that super volume that super lift to give you that dramatic lashes and you know even if you're someone who's not doing your great doing your eye makeup all you really need is a great brow pencil and a great mascara that's it just wear you know your foundation or your concealer right over the top or one single shade of eyeshadow the mascara should really do all the work for you it should define your eyes make your lashline look fuller just have that drama and attention to your eyes which is the way that we connect with the ones that we love the ones that we just meet want to make no makeup day we show the table really quick because and in case someone's just waking up at you know closely 7:00 a.m. I really want you to know what this is because we show and we show the the we show this with other sets or the duo a lot this is the trio

this is their three full-size mascaras and well over 800 orders placed one time of year one very special time you get the trio for $35 in change right now instead of 24 apiece the duo at QVC comm is 33 this is such a value free shipping because beauty is on free shot awesome and the commented by some I know yesterday because I I you know so this is the smartest way to shop it but also know that as we take a look at you know just more of like the shocking amazing results this has won best mascara the only three years it ever exists exactly it won the first year that it would that we brought it to QVC that we invented it and you know they're individually boxed if you want to keep one or two for yourself and give one to someone else Greg do these but you're gonna see Veronica because we're gonna show you as I mentioned earlier it shouldn't be a goopy mess when you apply your mascara watch how easily she applies this so she has one eye done and one eye not done and she's gonna use that super power brush it's gonna get every single lash you're gonna find lashes you didn't even know you had even those stubby little short lashes because those are just as

important as the long lashes because that's what helps define your eyes that fuller lash line that a hundred percent of women saw and that study that we were looking at earlier that's what adds that definition back to your eyes that we all lose which is important when you're seeing yourself from distance or maybe your end photos it adds that definition to help you look younger and you see all these luscious lashes keep in mind on these ladies this is a treatment yes this is a treatment as well and as a great deep black pigmented mascara yeah keep in mind limited offer at the end of the month this trio will go bye-bye and you'll be back to the duo which is a great value but this is just a crazy value for this kind of payoff and why it's still it was just in shape magazine it's been an allure glamour Cosmo you name it this has taken over the beauty industry because of what it does because of the recess exactly and you can see here again look at that super black pigments that we import from Italy because they're the blackest of the black that super volume that super elastic stretch and that super lift that's what you want

in a mascara that's what you're getting in this formula I know I literally asked you yes so how will you ever beat this I don't think you will be able to individually box yes you get the trio if you would like it one time if you want to stock up on multiples with the free shipping today's the day six dollars a month these should be 24 a piece a to nine three seven nine three if you love it and you want to lock it in an auto delivery when you call and you ask for a two nine three seven nine three or you do that at QVC comm auto delivery is an option you can see you ma thank you for my great lashes I know I love it from lashes to something very functional for your car oh my goodness do you have a frost guard yet if you don't you're thinking about