14 January 2019

IT Cosmetics Super-Size Celebration Foundation with Brush on QVC

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her foundation created by it cosmetics

it has also won the QVC customer Choice Award well I don't know even though like for five years in a row as best powder foundation it's a foundation that you love and so when you love something we try to bring it to you in a supersize now it's not something we do all year long we can't do it all the time but when we do it's it's really something special so this is that time this is the period of time when we're bringing you the celebration foundation in the supersize supersize means you get two of the foundation compacts but they've also included the brush and if you bought it all separately you'd be looking at one hundred and eighteen dollars twenty-five thousand orders for our supersize of the celebration foundation with the brush have been placed just this month let's quickly show you the shades and then I'm going to introduce you to my guests there are seven shades if you already know and love this foundation you simply choose which is the shade you wear if you're not familiar you can see the ladies on the screen will give you more specific information but basically whichever of those gals most closely resembles you and your complexion

that's your shade it's that simple but we want you to understand why people love this foundation why it was voted best powder foundation multiple years in a row and we only do supersize for the stuff you love yeah you don't like it we're not bringing back it bigger sizes I'm so clearly you like it this is Marisa Pulaski everybody happy Monday Monday to you it's been a busy month this is the only time of year when we offer the celebration fat I know only here at QVC do we do it and the reason why we super-sized is Leah you know the reason why this is a customer choice Beauty Award winner is that this is the best that it cosmetics does this is your full coverage anti-aging super hydrating powder foundation so this is going to really deliver that full coverage it's going to give you that look of beautiful airbrushed finish to your skin but it's going to be hydrating it's not going to feel dry or cakey on your skin it's the innovation that you know it cosmetics for and right here you do get the brush to fit as well 88,000 custom cut cruelty free brush hairs to airbrush on to your skin and if I could show you my before and

after yeah because I take a look okay you know that powders but do they give you coverage with it cosmetics we work with plastic surgeons this is the innovative technology that it stands for I'm wearing the medium and you can see at the darkness underneath my eyes hyper pigmentation from sunspots visible pores celebration foundation can be your thirty Seconds to flawless for beautiful looking skin it feels like nothing and I know Leah that's always what you say is your favorite part it doesn't feel like makeup on your skin hydrating powder never creases never cracks now you heard you say hydrating because that's the other thing too when we look at you and yes you appreciate that there's there's great full coverage follow us yeah you know I'm in my mid going on later 50s and I'm always very mindful of things that are drying and then aging the fact that this is a hydrating powder means that my skin not only does it feel lightweight but it doesn't doesn't make my skin look dry it doesn't make my skin look older and that's why I think so many people love this foundation so help us know if we've never tried it cosmetics before how to get into the

right shade fares for you if you're ultra porcelain light if you have a bit more warmth medium is our most popular shade if you're looking along that top row when you're not sure where to go try the medium medium tan for warm medium skin tones tan for beautiful tan skin rich for warm tan skin Italy I believe that's your shade I wear rich and then we have deep for rich warm deep skin tones and it's really easy to apply you don't have to be an expert really let the brush do the work for you but the coverage is significant and that's why I'm so excited Desiree's here see that you can really see the coverage you can get high Ilia I'm just going to show you really quickly how easy this is to use when you get it home you can see my skin right now I'm wearing the medium shade of the supersize celebration all over my skin to get coverage for dark circles or any redness that you might have so I'm gonna take it off and just show you really quickly because you know Leah for the longest time I used to try every foundation that there was to try to find cover for my skin issues and powders just

would never cover you know and if they promised full coverage which most of them never did they were so thick and heavy and cakey this is different and the best part is that you can take this under the eye if you need coverage in this area where normally creasing and cracking happens the most because there's no top so it's super super hydrating never never drying and it just gives your skin that soft focus almost like an airbrush finish every time yeah I love that and you know some ladies will love to use this as just a finishing powder if you choose to did you see I mean it the coverage was just was instant it looks flawless and natural and airbrush yes it's fantastic now what shade are you in medium medium beautiful Desiree and I both were the medium but if you're somebody if you've sort of like steered away from wearing foundations because especially powder foundations because you feel like they look really dry on your skin yeah this is what makes it cosmetics so different as Desiree said there's no talc in this formulation there's hydrolyzed collagen there's real silk it's going to really smooth the look of your skin and when

you see my most gorgeous friend Helen here she's wearing the light shade and you can see Helen looks younger wearing a full face of powder foundation now and she does wearing no makeup at all yeah it's not going to crease it's not going to crack it's not going to settle or look cakey and airbrushes onto your skin but it's so simple to use with that custom cut cruelty free brush you just buff onto your skin and you're able to get that beautiful your skin but better coverage now remember what I said about the fact that you look doesn't you that know what shade is Helen Helen's wearing the lines in the light all right we're kids we want to show you as many shades as we can in our time what I will say is we only do the supersize for a limited period of time and we only do it one time during the year so for all of 2019 this is the time and it cosmetics only does these super sizes for us so if you would like it remember you're getting two compacts and the brush that's a $118 value that you're getting for 60 and we put it on six easy payments she loves yeah she's in the ten and right here next earlier it doesn't look like she's wearing makeup all you see is

beautiful skin yeah maybe of hyper pigment like 70% of us do age spots and pregnancy masks melasma sunspots you're able to get full coverage from a powder foundation hydrating anti-aging and yes full coverage from a powder she looks incredible doesn't she all right let's take a look at Blair and again I am gonna put the shade chart up for you now is the time 2019 if it's maybe you've been wearing the same foundation forever and you're thinking it my skin doesn't look airbrushed or flawless or you know natural give this a try alright where we are in the red shade and you can see if you get right up underneath your eyes airbrushed finish to your skin hydrating anti-aging full coverage for your powder foundation I wear the medium shade Lee is in the rich flares and the rich seven shades for you to choose from super sized by the way it is offered on auto delivery and when you hear us say that at this is the only time when we offer it it's not available in the supersize with that value all year long if you ask for auto delivery you'll continue to get the super size of the foundation every four

months for as long as you'd like now you'll get the brush with the first shipment and then after that you don't need it again so the price goes down Marisa thank you very much great to see you alright everybody listen stay in the process of placing your order for the celebration foundation super-sized from its cosmetics it's a two five three four eight two all right I hope you're enjoying this morning's AM style we've packed the show with so many cute things Brittany is here today and Ronnie is here today and they look fantastic