27 November 2018



hi guys welcome back to my channel okay

so today we have something new it is from it cosmetics and I'm gonna try it today yeah I haven't tried it yet so I'm just gonna put on full face a foundation cuz that's all I'm gonna need for this and we'll see you how it goes okay so I'm just gonna take my Beauty Blender and get it wet and bring it out and then I'm gonna dig like crazy for a foundation brush and I'm gonna apply the foundation on to my face digging for brushes you know what I mean so yeah I'm just playing that like a paint brush all over my face and then I'm gonna go in with my Beauty Blender and just blend it all out everybody say hello to my husband of course being in there being pain in my ass man he just threw a slipper at me so yeah we get along great pickup is my makeup time and he doesn't like to leave me alone yeah that was him kids are asleep I'm gonna spending that on my face and then drag it down my neck a little bit and then I'm gonna add some concealer okay so start with the packaging super cute and doodie okay so that's what it looks like and it has the colors on the back open it up that's what it looks like and there are like

X's in here because I did small choice okay so I'm gonna take the blush I'm taking on my finger [Music] not really showing up demo on camera I think the bronzer and I think I'm pretty sure this is just translucent powder so you can't really see that that well and then if this is a cream highlighter but hopefully everything's gonna look better this way so what I'm gonna do because this has such good do we finish so this is where I my you see where I was talking about adding that I never did until now cuz I just realized I forgot cuz can't put translucent powder over no concealer right mom right now I'm gonna do this is all me all make clear complexion but I'm gonna do one side with the all may and dries pretty quick [Music] and I was gonna try that color palette right there but I'm not a Saturdays cuz it's horrible but I was gonna try that for my concealer on the other side but I'm just gonna stay with the one that I just put on and finished putting it all over my face cuz I mean it's not the best action that kind of sucks it pulls

your foundation off a little bit but that's all the girls got to work with right now so just gonna blend that out and I don't wherever else I think it needs to go guys you know I'm just gonna get it on my Beauty Blender no I'm gonna pack that right in there it doesn't it's not like I don't know it's not as powdery as I'm used to like I'm you slip straight up like hello I'm powder and I am all over your face but this is like can't even see it no maybe you guys I mean I see it a little bit but not as much as I'd like to you so I decided to just say grab my kabuki brush and apply it that way because I wasn't really picking it up on my Beauty Blender but it seems to be coming up a little better now off my brush just really powdery and gets all over the place like a lot of fallout in the pan but it's applying a lot better or not but it's good like the product that's better but it's applying better if you know what I mean so just gonna apply that where I think it needs to go and then I'll continue the rest of my face with that palette

you this one and it's a drugstore one so we'll see how this has everybody's skin tone it's different so it's like hit or miss with the stuff I mean I think that's pretty nice actually I didn't think I got that much of my brush I was going to put that contour buyer well dignity right up on here like so and I'm gonna like one more time just looks really powdery no no they like I'm from far away girl this looks mean so we're gonna go in with that bunch right here you don't want that getting your translucent powder because it's not okay yeah you definitely want to go lightly with that like maybe just like barely I don't know really I got a lot I don't know if you can see it but they're always there I feel like he'll your chin supposed to be like pink okay you hey just a shading brush and it's cream so I'm just gonna go in and out like that huh okay so I really don't like that brush so I'm using my finger we're going in it's not like super blinding so creamy like okay so that highlighter was really messing with me so I got over

that pretty fast I don't like it but I'm gonna go in with my finger and justify it cuz you know it just works better but yeah I totally do not like this highlighter okay so is this palette worth $48 no no okay so I'm gonna try to up close I'm gonna know if you can see but like maybe it's my foundation that threw off but like up here on my forehead everything's just so patchy no there it is on my nose like and I definitely don't like this foundation anymore like [Music] well that's all for today's I'm gonna be getting a lot more makeup soon you