25 March 2019


Thank you so much for watching my video and checking out my review I actually really love doing foundation reviews I have plenty more foundations I want to try ...

hello my name is Dominic Couture in case

this is your first time ever checking me out and I've noticed on my channel the videos that has the most views are my foundation review so I'm gonna do a foundation review now it cosmetic has come out with a new foundation and it is called confidence in a bottle now I've seen a couple reviews that was a little sketchy people wasn't filming it but on the auto websites it's a four out of five star foundation so I don't know they have a wide range of shades in this foundation and this foundation $32 and it's one fluid ounce so the foundation claims to be 24 hours where tests it's for all skin types full coverage and it also has hyaluronic acid in it it says that it can cover up any blemishes red spots any imperfections it's a velvety matte finish so y'all know I do even though I like my hydrating super hydrating foundation like that soft type of glowy look I do enjoy a Velvet Matte at the same time so what and I like that this has hyaluronic acid in it that way it has some more ingredients let's see so it is infused with Sarah my T's peptides hydrolyzed hydrolyzed collagen hyaluronic acid and something called squalor any of those are bhai Lehna

Casas so I was sold on hyaluronic acid o with this foundation it comes in 48 shades and I'm in this and I'm in the shade deep sand and this is a warm undertone now I'm a yellow golden girl but the one that was above this one looked at it's a little bit too light and I'm trying to start wearing my foundations a little darker so I can go crazy with the highlight because I feel like it doesn't balance out when I get a foundation the same shade as my face I feel like it gets a little too light once I highlight so this is in the shade 510 and it's deep sand to prime my skin and I'll be right I'm all primed and if you want to know I prom with the touch of silk canvas and this was my first time using it and I really like it I feel like it blurred my pores really good and my skin just feels amazing this is honestly from first impressions the best primer I've somewhat ever used I'm not gonna say it all the way but I really really like this primer but ok we're not here for a touch of we're here for it cosmetics confidence in a bottle now I'm going to be applying this with my you already know the drill you haven't never

seen one of my foundation reviews I'm going to put the foundation on one side of my face usually decide that I have the most hyperpigmentation since they are saying that this is a full coverage foundation so I'm going to apply it on one side of my face and let you guys compare as well as myself to this side to that side so I'm gonna be using this brush this is the total drop control by NYX Cosmetics brush okay and that is two pumps I really don't want to use this brush but I left my makeup bag on vacation so I'm pissed so I'm gonna be using this brush I usually use my sponge but whatever oh yeah it's full coverage up for sure it is full coverage and I feel like I like the undertone even though it's warm I like the shade I can say that I like the shade I like this shade on me it's not too warm like it's not because I noticed a lot of warms be like super red it is a little red but thus far it doesn't look like overpowering red so this is the foundation on one side of my face bears face confidence in the bottle now as you can see yes it's a lot warmer over here because I am yellow but I still like the shape like I still like

the shade I feel like idiot cover up my hyperpigmentation and I didn't use that much so it is full coverage but let's finish the other side and let's see but once again the foundation side bare skin this is it on my whole face in yes it is very warm like you can set a difference from my face in my hands I could have went down one shade but let's see how this look once I highlight and contour with the full face of a full of face on and I'll be right back to see how all this Pearson let you guys know how I liked how it worked with other products I'll be right now nation with a full face of makeup now for this it cosmetics confidence in the foundation I think it's a pretty good foundation I think you're paired well with all my products it blended well it is a bit warm a lot of bit warm actually but I feel like it looks good once I highlight it I was able to go really light in my highlight and I think to me I just look very tan and bronzed like I don't know I was just feeling that look but I think I definitely can go down the shape in this I think this would be a very good winter shade for me but overall I like the foundation the only thing that I would

not grab for this foundation that it's not transfer transfer resistant I love a foundation that is transfer resistant but that's just me that's a personal preference it is full coverage idea cover up all my blemishes what's another claim I can't speak on the 24 hours I have not worn for 24 hours the price of this foundation is $32 you can get this at Ulta so for I purchased this one at altered but I'll definitely have it linked down below if you want to check this out it comes in 48 shades which is pretty good 48 shades $32 and it's a good full coverage foundation it is I do feel that velvety matte it's not a super matte and it definitely feels hydrating it doesn't feel heavy it does feel somewhat on the weight weightless side I feel like anybody can wear this like far as dry skin combination I think anybody I definitely recommend setting this this is not a suit it's definitely hydrating it has that's one of the claims that it's hydrating this foundation is definitely hydrating I definitely see some oils peeking through even though this is oil free but I'm not gonna say oils but it

does leave a glow and I do like that I don't know if you made Mara now that may be good or bad for you I don't know but I do like that it has a glow finish even though it says matte but that's what the thing is about villain match the velvet mats are my favorite because they always have a little glow peeking through but I'll have this link down below let me know down below what you guys think about this foundation is it a yay or a nay thank you so much for watching if you have made it senator Ian and catch me on the next one bye