24 March 2019

IT COSMETICS CC CREAM 1st impression review ~ Is it worth the hype?

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so for today's video I'm going to be doing a first impression review of the it cosmetics your skin but better CC cream quickly just before I get into this video if you would like to see more beauty related content from me like this then please click that subscribe button that would really help me out so jumping into the video I'm going to be testing this product right here now I didn't actually go out and buy this I went to the counter and got a little sample pot of the original CC cream in the shade fair which is the lightest shade I'm not sure if this is a new issued because I know when they initially bought this out those like five shades which is quite that now there's one two three four five now there's twelve shades which isn't great but yeah those are the shades that they have there but it I mean it's an improvement on having five shades so yeah I've got the fairest one the thing is the first one doesn't look that fir if you see it there it's more to me it looks like a shade that might match me when I've got a little bit of a turn like a little bit of a natural tan we're just coming out of winter here in the UK so I mean my skin is very fair but I

about three days ago I put on a bit of fragile town so it's kind of fading so this is kind of like what my skin color would be if I had a natural town in the summer so I thought it was a good time to try this one out so yeah if I just read you a little bit about the product before I get into the review it's meant to be an anti-aging full coverage color correcting cream that delivers seven benefits in one CC cream is your multitasker that provides hydration while covering the appearance of skin imperfections and it says on their website it's infused with hydrolyzed collagen peptides niacin hyaluronic acid antioxidants and vitamins the skin loving full coverage foundation reduces the looks of fine lines and wrinkles it's got SPF 50 in it so that's great for me cuz I'm very fair and I want to protect my skin I've heard that it's meant to be full coverage and hydrating we'll see whether it's full coverage and I like hydrating finish because I've kind of got dry to normal skin pores appear reduced I don't really have large pores of the only you can kind of see my pores right in these sections here but like

it's not that nice what I do have quite small pores like you can't see them so I can't test it that much helps conceal dark spots or kind of see with that I don't have dark spots per se but I've got freckles so we'll see how it makes my freckles look sort of thing yeah and brightening I don't really know what it means but brightening but yeah we'll see how I like its foundation now I've just realised I think I've called it a foundation a few times technically it's a CC cream but I mean what really is the difference I think a CC cream is just a foundation that's usually a bit lighter coverage and has like more skincare benefits than a foundation but I mean this is meant to be full coverage full coverage so it is kind of gonna be like a foundation so I'm just gonna call it our foundation basically so just smelling my little song purple it's got a nice scent to it I'm not sure whether that's an added fragrance or it probably is it or maybe it's the smell of like the skincare in it it's kind of it's not overpowering it's not like a high-end like an OD or foundation that really smells it's more like a fresh maybe like slightly fruity

smell to the consistency it's quite thick which I expected because it's a meant to be like a cream so yeah like I said I don't think this would match me when I'm really fair because look you can see it's this is their lighter shade fair it's not that fair so yeah they've given me a decent sized amount I reckon I could probably use this about three times so yeah basically what I'm gonna do I think because they recommend you use their brush with it I don't have any it cosmetics brushes so I'm gonna use on do one half my face probably white right hand side of my face I'm gonna use the zoeva 102 silk finish brush and then on the other side I'm just going to use a sponge I think this is the Ecotools one not a massive fan of this but it does the job so and I don't have any other sponges a minute yeah I'm just gonna top it on my face I do one side at a time I'm not sure how much need so I just thought some this is how I like to apply foundation I taught it on with my finger and kind of spread it out and then I like to go in wet with whatever sponge or brush I'm using this doesn't really feel like a cream um like you're applying a moisturizer I feel

like this would be one you could just blend all of your fingers although I don't tend to do that see I just going with the brush I'm just gonna going on the other side like I did and then blend out with respondent oh that's it applied now looking in the mirror this doesn't look full-coverage I can see spots peeking through where I've caught some my freckles are still very busy being with you another spot there maybe I didn't use enough with the product but it's not full coverage with one layer it's blended in equally nicely with a brush and a sponge I feel like I should go in with another layer and see how it builds and whether I can get a bit more coverage because at the minute this is like light coverage I would say you know so I think that's built up a bit on my right-hand side but it's kind of put a few brushstrokes in it so I usually like to go over with a sponge so I'm just gonna do that now just to patent any brushstrokes I still on this slide I would not say that full coverage and I don't know if I seem you in a little bit like it's not full coverage

you can see I've got a spot here you can still see all my freckles going through like I mean it looks nice but it's not full coverage I say that was medium coverage yeah I'm just gonna go in on the left-hand side again with the sponge just add another layer so that's the apply that also built nicely with this bond I feel like just because my personal preference is to apply liquid products we have a sponge I'm gonna sell prefer the sponge for applying this products I only tend to use brushes when it's like a stick products be a if it depends what you like I think it applied equally nicely with both like I said I think the finish is medium coverage I'm not going to add a third layer like the most I would do is two layers of foundation and I have used up more than half of what was in that pot so I don't think like I feel like this might last me one more time um for another use but however saying that it's not full coverage I mean I don't really like full coverage I like medium coverage so looking in now I feel like this is looking like quite a nice foundation it looks it looks dewy

but not like making me look oily or anything it's like a nice walk machine to my face yeah you can even see it on the camera when I'm sort of moving where the light hits my face looks really nice it's not like I don't really I don't really have any dry patches at the minute but it's not clean to anywhere actually looks surprisingly good around my nostrils if i zoom in I mean I usually kind of cause my I guess my nose is a little bit dry and it is a crease it usually cakes up there but it's looking quite nice around my nose so yeah my only thing is I would say if you have kind of acne I don't think this is gonna cover it because I have a few spots I haven't covered with regards to dark spots I don't think it would cover that either because you can still see my freckles coming through so if you want to tone down your freckles like and dark spots yes it has done that but to say it completely covers I don't know unlike the whole brightening thing I don't get what that's about I mean I have light skin really pale skin anyway so I can't get any more brighter maybe it means brightening is in its luminescent because it's kind of jewy I

don't know so I'm gonna apply the rest of my makeup and see how it builds with that and come back and check in with you right so I finished all the rest of my makeup now and I've just done what really simple makeup I also use the it cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder in the shade translucent just because I did buy that product when I got the sample of the a cosmetic CC cream they obviously work nice together yeah my final thoughts is I really quite like this foundation like it looks really nice it's what I'd call like a natural-looking foundation like it really does look like skin um like I said it it seems to be medium coverage on me I couldn't get it to be full coverage but I like that about it I feel like this is a foundation like it is geared more towards mature skin because it's called the anti-aging ingredients in it but obviously is something I enjoy too and I'm very young but I can see why older men would really love this I know a lot of women do love it it's like I think the u.s. is like number one selling you a CC cream or foundation I'm not sure but I remember the lady at the counter told me that I don't know if

that's true or whether that's just her trying to sell me the product but I know it is very popular that's why I've done this sort of like is it worth the hype because it's a very hyped product so let me just have one quick look on my phone again about the claims to see whether I go for them full coverage no I don't agree with that claim but it has evened everything out so I kind of agree it says brightening color corrector I mean everything is going to color correct like you can't see any redness in my face basically so I kind of agree with the color correcting the brightening I'm not so sure do they mean like luminescent because then yes it is it's juhi SPF 50 yes supposing you got that in it that's great hydrating that's another one yes I would say it's very hydrating like it feel when I put it on it felt like I was putting a moisturizer on and even now like it's not tacky but your skin just feels like really plump hydrated skin like it's really nice pause appear reduced I don't really have large pores so I can't yes or no that claim for you unfortunately helps conceal dark spots I would say yes it helps mask them conceal them I don't

know because I mean you can still see my freckles slightly but it blurs everything and makes it look in my opinion nice up because I know I don't personally like my freckles done much I don't hate them but yeah I have mixed feelings about my freckles and I'm not gonna do a wear test on this because it doesn't claim to be a long lasting foundation plus something that I'm gonna keep in mind throughout the day and I'll leave in the description box down below how this war and stuff because I'm not going to do video check-ins hopefully it will last a decent amount of time I'm not expecting it to last 24 hours I'm not going to test it for 24 hours but hopefully it doesn't all take and crack apart oh yeah also another thing I wanted to mention because this is geared more towards mature skin it was meant to like be good for fine lines and stuff obviously I can't tell whether foundation is gonna improve on lines over time I don't really have fine lines other than a few under creases under my eyes but what I would say is this hasn't sunk into my smile lines here it just looks really smooth and nice I feel like although I

can't personally test that I feel like if you do have wrinkles this isn't gonna sell into them or if it does because you have really deep wrinkles it's not gonna over emphasize them is what I'm trying to say because it feels feels like quite a plumping like I don't know if what I mean by that them like my skin just feels really moisturized and iPhone yeah I feel good about this foundation let me just zoom in so you can get a little look at my skin we're really up close and personal so yeah look freckles you can see them but it looks really nice and natural and it's not sunk into small lines excuse my Invisalign so yeah I think that about wraps up all I've got to say about this foundation it gets the thumbs up from me so if you did enjoy watching this video then please don't forget to subscribe I'd love to have your board and up to date with all my videos see I hopefully see you in my next video bye [Music]