30 January 2019

Is Dupe Makeup Wrong To Purchase?!? // Tube Talk | Lauren Mae Beauty

Hey guys!! Today we are tackling the topic of dupe makeup!! I know that there are a lot of feelings both ways on this subject but please share your opinions with ...

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Lauren thank you so much for watching today we're going to be doing another tube talk and this is a series I have on my channel I know a lot of you guys are pretty familiar with it but if you aren't this is where I talk about different topics in the beauty community or just on YouTube or basically anything I just kind of want to talk about and it's meant to have a discussion so I want to hear you guys decide it's always interesting to read through the comments and kind of just get different perspectives I like these to be videos where people can voice their opinions without getting attacked so please keep that in mind and I feel like especially for today's topic we're gonna be talking about doop make up I brought this up in a video recently if you guys wanted to see a tube talk on it and there were a ton of people who wanted to see it starting off I know that in general if we're talking about dupes people get they get heated they feel away and I understand that so just be respectful I'm being respectful but I did want to talk about it today I wrote some notes out naturally but one of the biggest reasons I wanted to kind of

tackle this is because there is so much thought and talk and just feelings about this topic so I thought it'd be a nice one to kind of talk and get discussion and also because I feel like my opinion has kind of changed and I'm gonna talk about the reasons why and just overall do makeup and all that as we get into the video although my opinions change I'm not really honestly one way or another I'm kind of just in the middle I just I I I don't feel very passionate either way and we'll get into it so first off I want to make the distinction that I feel like there is a major major major difference between makeup that is duping popular makeup and in most cases this is a more drugstore or affordable brand kind of imitating the colors and a palette or a successful product from a more high-end or luxury brand so that's what I'm talking about when I say dupe makeup I'm talking about that and then there is this other section that is counterfeit makeup and the difference here is that this makeup is trying to copy a high-end or another product in exactly every way possible and selling it and making it as if this is that product so the best example I can think

of are like Kylie Jenner lip kits there are different sites on like Aliexpress or eBay or different things where you can buy basically an exact replica of the Kylie lip kit it says Kylie cosmetics the bar codes are the same I mean they are passing it off as a fake product just like a fake like Gucci bag or Prada bag or whatever like they are not just replicating a similar style a similar color scheme or something like that they are trying to make it look like this is that exact product and I do not I'm not okay with that one it's illegal it's a hundred percent illegal too there are a lot of safety concerns when a brand or company or whoever's making these products is trying to copy another product that exactly where they are putting the exact same ingredients and barcodes on the boxes you don't know what's in that product anymore it's now just it's just fake in so many ways and they can be dangerous you don't know what's in them I do not suggest condone please do not buy any fake makeup on the market and kind of my last point on this is like I

don't understand why anyone would want to buy fake makeup anyway why do you want to have a fake Kylie Jenner lip kit it's not going to give you clout if that's something you care about the brand that much there are just so many amazing cheap options on the market where you could get a very similar color a very similar price point but just not with the Kylie Jenner you know name on it please go for that there is no clout in having a fake product if that's your concern I think you should maybe reevaluate some things honestly I'm sorry if that's a little offensive to you but if you're just wanting the name to have the name it doesn't even work because it's not even the name like I get wanting high-end stuff or more expensive stuff and I understand that different brands carry different weight with their own branding and names but when you have a fake it doesn't matter it's all it's its fake oh thank y'all so yeah I don't want to get confused I just kind of wanted to lay out those two things here so not talking about counterfeit makeup I don't condone that I don't think it's good it's not safe

please don't buy that when I'm talking about dupes again like I said it's about makeup that is copying or taking heavy heavy inspiration I feel like there's a very wide spectrum of what a dupe is a dupe can be color scheme a dupe can be packaging a dupe can be formula there are a lot of different things out there so I want to go back to a video where I mentioned kind of feeling weird about dupes and this was in a video that was like trends I want to be over in 2018 I feel like this was at kind of the height of the hush app and people getting those dupe pallets of higher end brands and I just kind of felt morally kind of like iffy about it and so that was something I mentioned there like I was just kind of over like so many of those brands coming out and a lot of people in the comments either agreed with me or were like I love do products because they are more affordable I'd never be able to afford a higher-end one but I want those trendy colors or whatever it is and just kind of the more I think about it the more I realize that what's considered a do and what people have problems with and what people don't have problems with

is so arbitrary and I realized more than anything in myself and that's kind of why I'm in the middle it's not even about how other people view it it was about I realized that for some things I'm okay with dupes and then other things made me feel weird and I'm like why is that why why is it not even across the you know the plane like why don't I feel the same strength of conviction or feeling toward dupes from a certain brand or in a certain way than I do in other aspects of makeup or even other aspects of life I think kind of the best example of kind of the two spectrums here there's obviously the hush up I'm probably going to be mentioning it a lot you guys have probably seen it they have like the Athena palette which i think is a dupe for like the huda beauty palette or one of them that doesn't desk maybe they also have dupes for some of the AVH palettes I feel like they're one of the largest known a brands here on YouTube that are really known for creating a similar color story and putting that out for a cheaper price than the original palette and so people definitely feel away but then there are palettes like

wet and wild they came out with a 10 pan palette that is definitely heavily inspired by the modern renaissance they came out with a palette that is heavily inspired by the Leela palette and they've come out with some new products as well and I feel like those don't get nearly any heat instead it's like wow look at this amazing affordable dupe palette and so in my head I'm like what's the difference why is hash so much more villainized than wet and wild when I feel like they're doing a lot of the same things they're taking a color story and repackaging it in their own way I mean obviously it's their own formula the packaging is different there is nothing about the packaging to me that makes it look exactly like the other one there's no confusion here you know you're buying a hush one you know you're not accidentally buying a abh or something like that and why are they received so differently when I feel like they're essentially capitalizing on the same thing which is the success of the original Anasazi palette and so when I realize kind of my own hypocrisy in a way on that it just kind of made me

realize like why do I feel so morally weird about it I don't and why do I not on other things and that's kind of what has led me to kind of this middle ground approach I've really tried to dissect and realize like why do I feel differently about them the only thing I could come up with is I feel like hush is a little bit more unapologetic maybe or I don't know they just like don't care as much and I guess they kind of like lean into that advertising and lean into the fact that a lot of their stuff is duping other palettes whereas one well does have some of their own products as well as you know is kind of copying off of other bigger bigger trends I guess another thing that I think is interesting when I think about do pieces I remember a time on YouTube when people loved Duke videos they loved seeing dupes for things when drugstore brands started duping the naked palettes it was celebrated and exciting I remember specifically the covergirl palettes the true naked they had like a rose one a more cool toned one a more warm toned one that were definitely heavily heavily inspired by the naked palettes obviously they were their own

thing but I mean essentially we could call those dupes but I don't feel like there nearly the polarizing thoughts and so much tension around the idea of dupes and finding less expensive very similar products out on the market now maybe that was because they weren't marketed as exacta dupes of a certain product maybe it's just like oh these are very similar in formula or color and it was like they had found two things that happen to be similar instead of one being one thing being inspired by the other that could be definitely part of it like when I'm trying to really dissect it but another reason that I felt like I was being kind of hypocritical or another thing I've noticed is that people definitely get more up in arms when it comes to a palette or a color product most notably and what I'm mostly talking about here are I shadow palettes when a brand dupes an eyeshadow palette people are way more against that then they are if let's say elf comes out with a very similar primer to the tatcha one or if there's something similar to that where it's not a color product it's more of like a face

product or the way a product works with a rolly line or something like that people are not nearly as upset about that and I think the reason that is is because I think color products seem more like art and so it feels like the brand is ripping off someone's artistic idea I guess is is how I've thought of it which I get that and that's part of the reason I'm like ah I can kind of see that like putting a color story together is part of that brands vision an idea and art but at the same time I also agree with like no one owns colors like there are only so many colors in this world there are you know however many combinations of those colors and no one can like own a color story of warm Browns and a red and an orange like no one owns that and so then there's this idea for me of like what if someone has completely different inspirations but the color story is the same so let's say someone's inspiration is like a sunset in the desert and then someone else's inspiration I can't think of another thing that's going to be warm oranges and you and Red's but is has that inspiration that would be a similar color story and these pallets look very very similar are

they trying to dupe each other is it just a trend if one comes out two years before the other one are they just trying to copy off that person and then are we just upset at the idea and the motivation being strictly the dupe or because they are similar pallets like what I'm trying to say is I feel like it's hard for me to have a metric of like I guess questions or things that I can kind of double-check as to what makes this bad what makes this palette bad or this dupe bad and what makes this dupe good or okay or moral or immoral and it's really hard for me to find that matrix because it all just seems like a spectrum and so I've kind of just come to the conclusion that you're either okay with it in kind of all aspects or you're not okay with it in all aspects you can't just take some and then be mad at others and I feel like that's kind of what I was doing and so when I realized that I was like oh and even if we want to go past make up products there are things like I remember you know the Bioderma was huge and then Garnier came out with a product that micellar water in a very similar packaging and I was stoked for that I liked that product I

think it's great I buy it over the Bioderma and why is that celebrated instead of looked at as like oh that's just they're just ripping off their really unique product idea because my seller water is definitely more of a unique product I don't hear people being upset about that though I feel like the color aspect makes it seem like it's not as creative but really I feel like they're very similar in which one's taking which you know so that's just in the beauty world but we can also take this to fashion which a lot of you guys brought up in the video where I mentioned dupes places like forever 21 H&M any of those fast fashion brands are constantly taking things from the runway and from higher end brands like Gucci Prada whatever all these higher brands that are very expensive and they are making them available to consumers and I don't hear anyone that's upset about makeup dupes getting upset necessarily about that we love certain style like a Gucci I know boot I keep talking about Gucci because I feel like that's a very popular brand at the moment but what about brands that are definitely taking certain styles or certain other

brands and why they're popular or trending or in the public eye and trying to make a very similar thing so like if we're talking about the trend of sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike are really popular so what about other more off-brand or lesser known brands who are doing a similar style to that why is that not considered bad and then we can even take this so far and some of you guys brought this example up which I think is interesting and if you think there are reasons why these don't apply or aren't comparable definitely leave that down below because I'd be interested but when it comes to grocery stores cereal is a big one that was brought up but there are things like tricks and Lucky Charms and we all know Coco Puffs and then there's the off-brand that are legitimately exact copies like it's basically shop hush but in the grocery store when it comes to how exact and how obvious it is that they're trying to make a cheaper version of that exact same cereal and lord knows they don't taste the same that's for sure like no hate on whichever one you're purchasing or whichever one you can actually purchase but I don't feel

like there are people who are like that's so messed up too General Mills that they are trying to copy tricks I'm just saying like why aren't we all so upset about that I mean someone somewhere maybe was some type of cook who made this recipe and it's their kind of you know art or however we want to say it which I feel like is kind of comparable in the same way of like curating a color story and with this I feel like one of the reasons again that I am not as upset by this is because I feel like no matter what there will always be an audience of people who can't afford and want to afford the higher end product there will always be people who want to buy the abh palette there will always be people who will want to buy the Gucci and will have the money and will do it and the whole reason is because its high-end and its exclusive there will always be that customer base wanting to have that exclusivity one to have that product that not everyone can buy so I don't feel like these smaller brands that are offering a similar look at an affordable price are eating into what these brands are are

selling because I feel like the person that's going to buy the more dupe palette or the more affordable option most likely wasn't even going to buy the more expensive one in the first place and honestly to get real everyone does not have enough money I'm fortunate enough that I can buy more high-end makeup I can't do it all the time but I can I can fit that into my budget I can save up and I feel like to some extent a lot of people could manage their money better and really buy that more expensive thing if they really wanted to but we all have different priorities and I don't necessarily think that someone should feel guilty or bad if a brand is offering a very similar color story that they're drawn to add an affordable price to buy that one and then have money left over to actually go on vacation or enjoy something else in their life I don't necessarily think that's bad that's kind of where I'm at let me recheck my notes because I was just kind of flowing I kind of mentioned this but I do think that there is maybe a difference when it comes to these high-end brands like you know designer brands or what I think are basically the designer brands of the

makeup world which is like high-end makeup and then these smaller or more affordable brands coming in and making them more accessible to a whole new audience of people I feel like that is definitely a different story in my head or at least in my feeling then maybe a smaller brand making something and then a larger brand capitalizing off of that let me know if you think that's hypocritical or not I don't know if because there's a power difference obviously that seems different to me but that is something that I'm kind of like I don't know if that is a good thing that I feel that way or right I guess or if that is like well they're like the same thing it should be a two-way street like people can borrow ideas from everyone let me know what you think about that so in conclusion I don't want to drag this on if I really don't have to but yeah that's why I'm kind of just in the middle if a brand has a dupe product and I think a good quality product I'm not gonna not suggest it to my audience I don't like necessarily go out and look for dupe products but I definitely don't think that people should feel guilty for

using them if they can't afford other things or if they just want to choose to spend their money on a lesser less expensive item I don't know I just I don't feel so strongly about it there's this still this part of me that's like because the art and their color story and they're just stealing it but I just feel like you don't you can't copyright putting a certain color story together or like you can't put this copper shimmer with this matte blue and this peach like that's not how it works like you can't do that and why I feel like that doesn't work is because what if I had a different color inspiration and wanted to create a palette that happened to look similar to that but I couldn't because for whatever reason that was copyrighted and I couldn't make it exact so I feel like that's that's kind of where I'm at and what I think I would love to know your guys's thoughts down below in the comments section again please be civil obviously people are gonna have different different feelings and different sites on this and it's okay for us just to actually discuss things present your thoughts in a you know nice tone and you might actually

convince people of your opinion instead of in convincing people to fight you I think that'd be great and last where's the line drawn from you do you like dupes do you not like dupes and do you feel like there is like a line that crosses and what is it for you because that's my biggest issue is that I can't I can't determine where it's okay and where it's not so I either need to be okay with it or not okay with it I really hope I hit on everything I think that's it thank you guys so much for watching let me know if you have any suggestions for tube talks in the future down below in the comments and I will talk to you later bye guys