03 June 2019

IRL no makeup, makeup | Airport makeup

Hey guys! Your most requested makeup video - no make up, make up! IRL I wear this when I don't want to look “done up” but want to look put together and just ...


hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to doing a no makeup makeup look because I asked you guys something it's stories what kind of makeup look you wanted to see nets and the no makeup makeup look surprisingly got the most requests I'm happy I'm here fret because I put not to do this every time I leave the house unless I'm going somewhere special obviously so it's super quick super easy I want to try and do this without editing the video like hardly at all so you can see in real time how quick it is for me to do my idea of Nemec on makeup so we're gonna get started I've just set a shower I haven't got anything on my face yet apart from like my toner and stuff but no moisturizer on because I'm going to show you that as well I have everything in this cute little bag okay so for moisturizer at the moment I would probably get all this stuff out actually hold on okay so moisturizer I have at the moment being and loving this torture the silk cream looks like this I put up the packaging is pretty blue sheet like it's really nice packaging so it's like this it's got this little bit on the top and

then you open it up it's almost like a gel and if you can see that very clearly but it's so so nice it really does give your skin like a really luminous radiant and smooth finish and it smells I have thoughts not at all touch the products so so much but I'm also kind of annoyed because obviously you can't get it in the UK and when I run out I'm gonna want it back you know okay so I just rub that in don't look at my nails have you ever seen my nails this bad before and also no rings on because this is real life and this is like actual I need to quickly like pops the shop how to Kumasi this is what I'm going to do because you know there's props the shot moments always the most when you bump into people that you don't want to see you look like take it down the neck as well under my eyes even just all over my face you guys know how to moisturize your face then I go in my cordial no Giordani good are they cordially oh my god I don't how to say it this brand this this is the beauty elixir oh my god this is a new this is a trouble size one I picked up from Space NK is like a tester it's Beauty next sign it's this was smoothing

and but I call me that on the girls is on smooth and glowing complexion love it smells like African spa spray it on the face I could watch it on that before my moisturizer I feel like I just spray this like a lot whenever I want to oh you just got that in my hair as well look you can touch that stick in the cord that well that's sitting in I'm just gonna brush to my eyebrows and while yeah I'm just gonna really lightly fill them in with my Dior trio it's okay what a court it's not a quad baby it's a trio as you can see I use the middle one of the most but I also do use the dark one as well really Knightly just like fill in any sparse areas and make the underline here a little bit straighter that super super light hand I'd say this is the part that probably takes me the longest and I'm thinking about getting a few few micro blade strokes in my eyebrows I also have six turned this now can you see it just makes like a big difference to me in my opinion do the other eyebrow yeah so I'm thinking about getting a few different micro bladed hair strokes pretty much so it looks like a little

bit like what I'm doing now just we went to die on that one just to kind of straighten this part a little bit it's a bit sparse in that area not like nothing solid and also a few little bits yeah just a few like hair like strokes you know let me know if you had micro bleeding and what you think what you think I should do I'm not I know what I was a fine like they're not my hours are pretty good but it would be much quicker if I didn't have to do that you can see I'm not to like neeps with it but I want them to look like super done you know just better we go over done yeah my face just looks more together okay then it back to the skin now that was kind of stomach and you can see only pretty Chloe like it's glowy it just needs like a bit of color than freshness so I go in with my Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter interesting okay my battery has died which was weird because I thought it was fully charged but luckily I have no long so it's all good in the hood so I go into my shots you already flawless filter this is in the shade number five if you're putting out glad to see that

because it's too bright in here and but it's shade number five and I've spent about this loads and loved this stuff it's amazing it comes like on a ones like this so I ditched you just paint this over my face it smells like darker than my skin tone not massively but a little bit it kind of matches my body more and you could use in a lighter shade to highlight where you could use it in a darker shade even to bronze up a bit which I do sometimes do anyway and if she paid this one over my face you can see it's darker but once I blend it in it's not that much darker and also as I said it matches my my face so I like she just apply this like this and then I take a look and Grothe I take a buffing brush this one is by serega I just pop this into my face kind of pushing a muffin like so so now we have knife in our face it matches my arms like way better hmm yeah okay then I go in that kind of just below your imperfections a little bit but it doesn't cover it it's not got coverage in it it just kind of smooth blurs and just makes your skin look more even as you can see it's super glowy so

then I going with some concealer just a spot conceal this is the NARS radiant creamy concealer this is the one I use most at the moment and have for a hot minute like quite a while this poison shade of ginger which is just more of a it's not like a brightening one for me it's more just like to cover spots yeah [Music] and I've also got a little bit here I do not put my no makeup put this under my eyes because to me if you want to kind of look like you have no makeup on or you definitely have minimal makeup on and you're more of just a natural beauty do I feel like we make on your eyes it's just you can instantly tell you our makeup on like I don't know it's not not sure to obviously how about the super bright and even under eye and I should quite like a dark under-eye use it just me anyway I tap this in with the same brush that I used for my face and then I tap in all the areas I put it on I do push it in obviously for more coverage and then whatever's left like once I've tapped in those areas I then just take the brush under my eye so there might be someone that there might not be nice but that is

what I did okay and then I kind of set bronze my face and for that I use the shot Tilbury this is the shine of tilbury magic powder this one I believe is in the shade medium or tan it looks like this so it is looks pretty orange right now it is bronzy for my skin tone this is a super fine setting powder obviously - darker than my skin tone you can get it to match your skin tone I kind of might buy one there is more my skin tone well I do notice wrong because it gives me a bit more color so I can make this and then I open it and then I pretty much use whatever's in the lid I use it on a duo fibre brush I swam a brush around tap off the excess this stop smells so bad like honestly that smells so bad I don't know what it is it's just horrible but it's such a compounder so I go with the smell because it's honestly so good okay and then I just use this with my hand write the answers really not hard and I get dust around where you word spawns or console and it just kind of sets those overs as well but it is a luminous powder so it's not going to make you look really matte so if you like a matte look then obviously go for a math

setting powder and I also take this down my neck so you can see that like it's bronze me up I also do take some like eyes I just use on the edge and I just go like this just gives you a little bit of color on your eyes without it looking to make up a like I kind of connects it up here I use my spoon just to brush through my eyelashes I do have some super natural eyelash extensions on it so I don't form a scar on and then lastly I move on to lips I do like to line my lips if I'm leaving the house I just think it looks better but this lip liner which is my favorite I've spoken about loads it's the Marc Jacobs nudist liner it is a twist up as well if I can't get the lid off it's a twist stop one to sharpen it you can just literally twist it up and I just line when it's really really lightly it's quite similar color to my natural color but it's not and it just makes my lips look a bit fuller and just put together I do over line when I go up yeah you see they just pick up right and then then I just literally pop over with some lip balm so what my lips will moisturize my government to look Barney I can't

like a more natural manner that is all I do and then top tip you're making yourself look put together when you're not is earrings everyone popping out and I haven't when you got makeup on I've got this makeup on which isn't a lot then I look she I've put in her parents and I swear it just like she makes you look like so much better look these are just like hang on hoops to study diamonds in them but any earrings I even just start my whole you see how much will put together and up just over here and soon like it's not mad I just think it's like the logic in people's help and they look at you she's got earrings and I'll she looked in America looking at the house so this is the finished look this is my no makeup makeup look some people might say looks like I've got makeup on I think it does not go put makeup on but isn't on I kind of got a lot of makeup on like at all especially in real life I'm gonna come closer to the camera so you can see clearer so just like super fresh-faced super glowy if you do prefer a matte finish and obviously go ahead and powder

and I just like to be as glowy as far as possible so yeah this is my no makeup makeup look okay so that's if this video guys I really hope you liked it give it a thumbs up if he did believe your makeup request videos below and I have a nutrition tips juices coming for you Anshu said because I missed this week because I've been away so I have time to film at UM but as I think this way and I will see you my next video bye guys [Music]