09 July 2018

Inner Winged Liner & Red Lipstick | Makeup Tutorial | Phoenix Renata

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[Music] [Applause] hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Phoenix again back with another video and in today's tutorial we're gonna be recreating this kind of glam sultry eye look with a bright red lips so if you guys want to learn how to recreate this keep on watching so the first step we're gonna do is to apply an eye base I'm using the pin Louise eye base with a concealer brush and I've obviously already gone and done my brows but I've left my skin beer once the eyes are done we're gonna go in and complete the base so once we have a base on the eye I'm just gonna take a white powder underneath the brow bone to make the brows look nice and sharp then taking a Phoenix golden highlighter in shade o - I'm gonna apply that underneath the brow bone as well just to give the brow bone a really nice glam shimmer in taking two eye shadow brushes a clean blending brush and one to apply color and these two brown shades are their Phoenix eye shadows called Sita and winter brown and we're gonna mix them together mix them before they go on the eyes and then that color combined is gonna go in the crease

of my eye and I'm just literally going to apply this with one brush and then using a clean blending brush that one right there I'm gonna use that to blend out I'm just gonna repeat the process so just keep doing this as much as you can until you build up a really nice depth of brown this is a really smoky Brown eye so we want to get that color nice and bold then taking a small eyeshadow brush and a matte brown eyeshadow this one is called smoked and it's a Phoenix eye shadow I'm gonna apply that on the outer edge of the eyelid and then blend it up into the crease so a small brush to apply so that the color is nice and dark and the larger blending brush to blend out and soften into the first two shades that we put on they used a dark brown chocolate eye pencil in the waterline blended it out and put a highlighting powder in the inner area of the eye and now I'm gonna use a concealer to go in the crease area out so essentially I'm cutting the eyelid I don't know why they call this a cut crease it's really weird but we are going to cut out the eyelid area using a concealer so take it two-thirds of the way across and then

use the excess on your brush don't apply more concealer but just use the excess to blend out the concealer so that you have a nice soften edge then using that color there from the desert dusk palette from cuter Beauty I'm just gonna put that on top to set the concealer then I'm gonna use that dark brown smokey shade that we already use just to go back over that outer edge of the eyelid to darken it up and accentuate it now using a cream eyeliner this one is a black and it's called onyx from Phoenix cosmetics I'm using that with a Phoenix angled brush and I'm just doing a really thin line across the eye and then I'm gonna go and make a little bit of a sharp point in the inner eye area once that's done I'm gonna add black mascara and then some lashes I'm using a Phoenix Munro lashes and then it's time to do our base so today's base is a matte liquid custom blend foundation from Phoenix and I'm using the buffer brush to apply it they obviously wanted to get this to be quite a full coverage so I'm applying two layers of foundation once that sit and buffed in I'm gonna go in with makeup revolution concealer which is new and

I'm really loving this concealer I'm just gonna apply that under the eye area and then I'm using a Beauty Blender just to buff that into the skin and make it nice and blended get rid of any dark circles this concealer is a really nice texture and consistency and on me it doesn't move so I like to just use a little bit of sitting spray after the base and concealer is on so after the creamy stuff is put on then I go and with my powder and once I've got a nice coverage and layer of the powder on I'll go back in with a fix spray and just reapply so I'm getting two layers of the fix right and I really like a fixed rate over a face powder because it just makes it appear not so powdery but you still get a nice matte texture and flawless coverage so now I'm just using a little bit of Phoenix bronzing powder to contour I used Fiji and I'm gonna go and bake a little under the contour line so just under my cheekbone just to make the bones look really sizzled now using my iconic drops which you guys know our favorite this is in the darker shade this is the more kind of golden medium tone I'm just

applying those and then buffing them and I just like to Pat and dab with a eyeshadow or a small face blending brush you guys know I had to give you a little bit of a story time on Instagram so that's what I'm doing there once the iconic liquid illuminator is blended in I'm gonna go and add a bit of dole light highlight which is a powder highlight on top just to give a little bit of an extra pizazz and now with the liquid lipstick I'm using two shades Geoffrey star red drum and unicorn blood I'm using unicorn blood which is darker on the outer edges of the lip and then I was filling in with red drums so that the dark red blends into the center and goes into a bright bold red lip and then that is the completed look simple as that nice and easy I hope that you guys enjoyed this video please don't forget to subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up and I will catch you next time have a great week guys bye