06 June 2019


I received the spring things vox box from influenster for free and wanted to share what I got!! I also did my eyeshadow with the elf rose gold sunset palette. sign ...

hey guys happy hump day welcome back to

my channel so in today's video I'm gonna show you what I received in the Influenster spring things box box and then I'm also gonna show you how to do this I shadow look here I'm not sure what it is kind of coppery I don't know but I'm gonna show you guys how to do it yeah hope you enjoy so I received the spring box box from Influenster so everything that I received was free and I received it to sample it and review it the first thing is this clean and clear night relaxing jelly sheet mask with seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid this is valued at four dollars and forty nine cents the next thing is this clean and clear deep action peel-off mask and it has a truffle and it's oil free and it's valued at four dollars and forty nine cents and then I got this juice beauty SPF 30 oil free moisturizer and this is valued at $24 it's formulated with organic ingredients so it comes in this try it on my hand doesn't smell very good it's really thick um it didn't spread or you have to use a lot on your face I think but it's oil-free there's a smelly sunscreen but it doesn't smell so good

and it feels pretty thick so the next thing I got is the elf rose gold sunset eyeshadow palette so here is some elf rose gold sunset palette it's cruelty free which is nice and it's valued at $12 I'm gonna swatch everything so there aren't any names for the shades but I'm just gonna swatch it from this way to this way so it's like a light shimmery gold [Music] [Music] this is a match pink a match warm brown [Music] [Music] red a little bit more orange a red or something this shimmery magenta this match kind of like a brick color brown [Music] so the palette has one two three four five has six shimmery sheets and then only or matte shades which isn't the best but they are pretty nice and pretty pigmented and it's only $12 oh that's a pretty good price so the last thing in the box I actually was missing when I opened the box

I believe somebody stole it because my box was double taped but it is the lip sleeping mask and grapefruit but I already like bought one months ago so this is what it looks like and it comes with this little like spatula to put on and when you put it on it's kind of like like a lip gloss and it smells pretty good I've used mine quite a bit yeah and I really like this it's a little bit unfortunate that - stolen from me that's also valued at $24 so that is everything that I received in the Influenster spring things box box um it's really easy to sign up for Influenster if you guys want to sign up I'll leave a link in my description this is not sponsored they don't even know who I am so but yeah sign up and then you may get chosen to receive things for free now I'm going to do an eye shadow look using the elf rose bold sunset palette so I'm gonna take this pink and just put that all over my eyelid in the mirror it's unfortunate that the palette does not have a mirror but I'm just gonna put that all over [Music] that was with my morphe m43 3 brush I'm gonna take my morphe m4 for one brush

and I'm gonna take this warm brown shade and put that into my crease everybody's in saying that you have to know good everyone has been telling me but you got me now I'm taking my Sephora pointed crease brush and I'm going to take the deep red burgundy shade to see but never ever ever seemed to be over so I'm happy I got me now I'm gonna take my Sephora fluffy crease brush and I'm going back into the pink shade here and I'm just gonna blend over everything [Music] nice but now I know with my finger I'm going to be taking this like the coppery shimmer color just a little bit more orange actually but now there's another finger I'm gonna take this darker gold put that right the inner half there he went out of luck in knowledge my time ain't no looking back I'm on the ride here's ego lucky lucky lucky now with my world of Mike Nichols much a brush I'm going to take that pale gold shimmer and use that to highlight my inner corner [Music] what you gonna put that on my and that is this eyeshadow look I'm just gonna put a little bit of mascara on so taking

my lash curler I'm just gonna curl my lashes to sever the ties but I will never ever ever booty I'm gonna take the benefit roller lash mascara then go over eyelashes with it so I'm happy I got [Music] lucky lucky lucky lucky [Music] this is my finished look using the new elf rose gold sunset palette so that is this finished copper look and on my lips I have the Too Faced peach infused in Papa don't preach yeah so I will definitely leave the link to sign up for influence during the description below and if you guys like this video see what I like subscribe comment see you guys next week