27 November 2018


Infernal Basics is a series centered around building techniques and developing make-up skills from ground zero. The topic of this video is to guide you into ...


[Music] [Music] [Music] hey dolls I'm Sheena inferno and welcome back to infernal basics I keep few tricks up my sleeves to make quick glam possible anytime and anywhere so scoot closer to ultra professional like you've got a solo artist all the time [Music] I'm listing five different brushes that I always use to create this look we are going to be playing with different textures and later in the video you will see me pairing applicators with products mainly based on their textures it is going to be a useful piece of information in your learning curve with any look you will experiment with in future [Music] born from the same branch and leave you will need just four shadows to rock this look - maths one shimmer and one glitter and that is all you can play with any color and any number of colors you wish but if you want it quick try to keep the mattes and shimmers in close color families or you will have to spend

time blending them to perfection on the contrary always use a contrasting shade of glitter to make the look come to life additionally I prefer some black in waterline and brow bone highlight but it's your choice how you want to wrap it up [Music] I'm starting with the larger of the two maps going around my crease with it with a fluffy blending brush there are no defined lines in this book it's all about controlling the brush and although we want a certain geometry we still want to keep everything very blended I will also pull this color onto the lid and eventually I will start pulling it out of the corners to almost create an elongated wing when you start pulling out don't pick up extra product work with what is left on the brush and hold the brush far from the barrel so it can move freely we're just enough control it will help to create a very forgiving wing that you can pull as far as you want till you get it perfect once your basic shape is created you can start picking more shadow and

intensifying the wing I like to shadow up my lower lash line as well almost with anyway what I do and in my opinion that wraps up everything very beautifully [Music] make myself now I'm using math to to add some depth and dimension around the albacore no proving of course and lower lashline I have used only one deep shadow for the sake of simplicity but you can work with more colors to create greater contrast and infernal basis I only show the least minimum you will need to do but once you have mastered the basics you can add more and more to it [Music] use a flat packing brush to apply the cream shimmer shadow all over the lid a dense brush like this is best to work with free products if you want the full effect I like to pull my shadow really high up to the brows almost and all the way in along the sides of the nose it shows up the color more and evidently Largent's the eye creme shimmer shadows are usually more intense show up very easily without much work and stays shiny and crease free for a very long time you

can use powders honest but find one that has a powerful payoff I'm using a press glitter in a bright cream for the tiny flat definer brush for the in econo press litter is glitter that is pressed in a normal eye shadow pan yes you can pick up with a brush and apply without any glitter glue glitter in the inner corner is a trick that I use many many times to step up a look and using loose glitter is completely ok but it just complicates the process the information and shopping links to all the products I use will be in the description box as usual doesn't Inferno basic series I do not use any brand names in the video itself as I endorse the techniques and not the products I finish up the look with black liner in my waterline some brow bone highlight and nor fall ashes and this is how you can create plan in just a few minutes I hope this video was helpful and thank you so much for staying on I love you guys and see you next time [Music]