21 July 2018


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hey what's up guys it's Bridget welcome

back to my channel so today's video is gonna give you I want to do for a really long time but I kept pushing it off and I feel like now is the perfect time to do it so this is gonna be indie makeup brands deserve a little bit of love or you just like maybe just keep an eye out for so without any further ado let's jump into this video alright guys before you start a different to every single freaking day so I'm gonna subscribe I'd appreciate it a lot thank you so much so I what is this video a while ago a couple weeks back when I thought of it and then this little beauty bakery huda beauty scandal happened so I'm like well now would be the perfect time to talk about a bunch of indie makeup brands that I personally follow keep an eye out for and want to try some of these I have tried some things I haven't but these are just ones that I follow and I think I just want to keep an eye on to see if they do like really good things in the future it could I don't know I don't know these are just interesting ones that I follow so let's start off with the first one and the number talk about Beauty bakery I think Beauty bakery is one of those

that I love the aesthetic any products do seem look like their own creation I'm so sorry that huda beauty stole their campaign for these setting powders I think that's terrible but overall Beauty bakeries packaging is like the cutest little aesthetic I think it's so pretty it's so original cuz I don't really see any other brands doing like a baking type theme for everything I think it's really original and um yeah I've heard great things about the products I haven't tried it myself but I've heard good things alright so this next one is one that I have reviewed and I like a lot of their products even a little bit of my hair dye is theirs and it is a makeup monster cosmetics they make hair dye they make makeup products I love their abominable highlighter have that they have great lift toppers they just rip really good quality products I love the light kind of monstery dark kind of weird aesthetic to it and yeah they're just really fun and great to follow on Instagram please always post like really cool looking pictures alright so this next one is one it's not the colors or the the actual product product themselves that I like

ooh I'm excited about it is there gorgeous aesthetically pleasing simplistic but not boring packaging and overall just like theme and this is a wave of cosmetics I followed them on Instagram trend mood loves the post pictures of previous other new products who that their stuff is just so pretty it's so very like art deco to me I love the overall look of it some of the palettes and things do look a little bit like average like not super like exciting to me but overall like I want their stuff it looks so good so I don't know it's the overall aesthetic and the fine lines on the packaging and stuff that really get to me so that's why I'm keeping an eye out for them I'll see you guys I don't know what in turn makes something an indie makeup brand so if some of these aren't by mistake I'm sorry I don't know I'm trying my best here so the next one is going to be someone who I've reviewed and I love that everything is themed and this is Sola look Sola look has some really great products I reviewed their Saved by the Bell metallic with the blue liquid look

liquid lipsticks and they all said like a grease inspired palette and a dirty dancing palette like they have some really cool themed products and I'm just gonna keep an eye out for the next like cool collab they do with someone I just think it's really cool aesthetic and their liquid lipstick and I reviewed them but we're amazing quality so yeah good quality great things something you can really like whoo I love that and goodbye kind of thing I just really like them alright so this next one is one that I've been falling for a while but I do not know how to say it I only follow on Instagram I haven't seen you body review it so I don't know how to pronounce it so I'm just gonna read it and it is Cleon odd Klien odd Cleon Cleon Aida cosmetics I will put a picture of their stuff on the street for you because I don't know how to say the brand but I do really love they're like kind of dinosaur but fun aesthetic it just it reminds me of dinosaurs and like prehistoric stuff I just love the overall look to it I think this is a brand I look at their things and the first thing I think is like I wonder

they're foiled eyeshadow formula is because it just has that light kind of rough but really pretty kind of cool aesthetic to it I don't know I canna say the word aesthetic like 20 times in this video and I don't mean to oh but I just really like their overall look I just it's just really cool it's just funky it's different I just wish I knew how to say the brand name alright so next one is one yarn I could be happy that I'm mentioning some of you might be I don't know this is lunar Beauty the mani anyway thing yeah that one I really like the first life's a drag palette I hope the next product they come out with is probably maybe lipsticks I don't want another really really really thick palette mani if you've ever seen you never see this video but yeah I'm just really excited to see what they come up with next hopeful would be something kind of fun because their first palette was good except for that one shade alright so next up is one that's spelled a little bit differently this is a spew tea and I suppose an easy and not a why cuz I don't know where they're from but they're oh they're probably one of my favorites on this list that I haven't

tried because just looking at these palettes the colors do it for me even the neutral palette it just does it for me I don't know I wanted to go ahead and buy the colorful palette with a yellow in it but it will sold out unfortunately I just I'm keeping an eye out for this company because the pellets look really good and you know not every thing in the world has to be an eyeshadow palette I'm fully aware of this however my heart and soul is what I should have palette so a lot of these brands have palettes alright so next brand is one that is I don't know how old probably came out this year this is a Lamar cosmetics I recently purchased their new palette the first palette ever I'm waiting for it to come here in the mail but I just really like the overall kind of like booklet theme I wish the pants eyes were bigger on that palette but I really liked like the look of it it seems really cool and I'm excited to try it because it's just kind of intriguing to me there's nothing in the palette or anything in there like product line that I find super like ooh but something about like the logo and how it's been themed and already being in a boxycharm something tells me

that this could really grow into a really cool company maybe similar to like a Judas place because the overall color packaging is very bright and so RGB display shadows so maybe maybe it'll be a same long I wrote long along the same lines why can I not talk today alright so next up is one that nothing intrigues me color wise but packaging wise it has my attention and this is a lunatic labs cosmetics they have these little extra pilots - like quad pallets with that's come in little coffins okay I like the dark kind of Ghazni vampire east side of things and I really like the cool coffin packaging I think overall when you go to their website and stuff it looks really cool and yeah I'm just here for the packaging you guys I don't know maybe they'll just like cool colors and stuff next but the packaging is where it got me are you still last one is one that I review and I put in many favorites videos and I cannot wait to see what this brand does next and this is pinky rose cosmetics their packaging on the bright lights palette interviewed is crap it's all pixely and buffed out I

don't like it but the formula of the bright fun colors is everything I am in love I absolutely freakin love the formulation on their palette I want to try more their products but that stuff adds up you know money-wise but it's just so nice I have not heard anybody else reviewing their products I haven't seen it I mean I know the bright lines palette that I reviewed it's always sold out but I haven't seen the other youtubers talking about it maybe I just missed those videos but yeah pinky rose I am keeping an eye out for and I'm really excited about it anyways thank you guys so much for watching today's video let me know an indie brand down below that you fall when you keep an eye out for these are not all the new brands I follow but these are just some that are like really intrigued me and I'm curious and I keep checking back in to see what they're doing next I think it's really fun anyways thank you guys so much I will see my next video I could have you every single freaking day and I will see you tomorrow bye [Music] you