14 October 2018

Indie Beauty - OMFG Cosmetic's October Beauty Box - See what I received this time.

Hi everyone. I'm back from my NYC weekend. Had a great time. Here is the October Beauty Box from OMFG Cosmetics. I did cancel my subscription, but I will ...

everyone welcome back okay oMFG box

number two so my last video I'll show you what I gotten last one was an empty pallet and then three highlighters one which is solid as rock that Network - like pigments it came with a couple brushes or is like three or four little brushes and a loose gold highlighter which the campus this just always makes a mess with me okay so we've gotten that one and I was pretty pissed off in the video as you well saw because the box is $35 which I've already talked to the owner and she saw my other video and I cancelled the subscription and I cancelled it as soon as I opened the second box and this is why okay $35 IRA see you for this second box this is called a mini backdrop which some people may want something like this but not in a beauty box for $35 I don't want a piece of fabric whatever it is five more of the brushes [Music] these are very inexpensive brushes you can find these on eBay wherever and they've come with this little unicorn bag and then it also came with and oMFG liquid lipstick and pretty AF does it break right pink

okay then it has a tiny little heart and it's called mermaid magic and this is a glitter are those press glitter things I really don't do glitter anymore I'll show you cuz I love you it's a pretty glitter I'm it's just this will be on me until I go to work that's like a little rainbow glitter action to it and then another of the same highlighter loose highlighting powder and baby gold and I thought I was like hallucinating I was like didn't there's miss the highlighter I got in the last box so look like it's done with this stuff you know over here they found it and as soon as I saw I got the same highlighter twice and you know the sofi's fabric I haven't ran upstairs and cancelled immediately I had a goal PayPal figure out how to cancel something on PayPal which was kind of fun but I managed to do it on their site making sure I took everything out in the meantime the owner DM me on Instagram but she was like did I send you the same highlighter as before and I was like yeah and she felt so bad she was like I'm so sorry she had some family issues going on and she was like I'm gonna resend you the correct highlighter that

was supposed to be in the box which is called candy corn so I was like oh thank you it well when she saw the video she saw that the blue highlighter this one here like nothing this is like and this has been dug into if you watch the other video was like a spoolie to try to get product and these two are fine you know not a problem at all so I was like I explained about your boxes wheat why for $35 and she's taking constructive criticism which she should I'm not bashing her she does make nice products but for $35 box man you've got to come across especially when there's like boxycharm things like that they're only $21 and they're giving you name-brand full-size products for $21 so you spoil a brand you gotta watch your butt when it comes to these because a lot of us get all these boxes so we're very critical about them so she was extremely sweet and resent me to I others she resent me the blue one here and it came in this huge compact I deposit I just melted the back and got the piano I have two stickers the medals things on the back and this is called cry-baby and this is gorgeous that's why i depotted it coz it's going

into my blue little highlighter collection over there so it's a beautiful shade and I felt so bad for her because she sent me this one called candy corn and I'm guessing it was probably layered like a cheese this product showed up smashed to bits and I give her credit because you know I had a box and then she even put you know a cotton pad in between the compact here you know to try to keep it oh no this was shattered to death so it does have a candy corn scent but I did repress it and it is a very pretty golden shade you like golden highlighters and she's got the color there without a doubt and it did come in this cute little compact I'm just gonna keep this in here since I'm not big on gold highlighters but she tried because a lot of companies do they put some type of cotton in between the product so they don't smash so yeah but unfortunately I canceled the oMFG monthly box after yeah cuz once to me I opened it and I saw the doors the same loose highlighter as last month and then you know these inexpensive brushes and a backdrop I should all my pictures inside I don't need a backdrop other ladies may use a little backdrop maybe I'll use

this if I have to shoot inside it or something but this second box too did not have $35 where the product doesn't I'm sorry to say that but for me it doesn't have that kind of money for what you got in that so unfortunately I can't recommend oMFG beauty box that's just my opinion if you want to go get it have at it you know I'm always like that what works for you may not work for me what works for me might not work for you I do I wish her all the best and I still may purchase products from her just because I'm not getting the beauty box doesn't mean I won't buy from oMFG again I had definitely well this highlighter is beautiful I did I pulled out my blue palette here for those you know I do a lot of blue highlighter on the inner corner this is very pretty so it's depotted and I gotta move some other shadows around in here I'll get it in here wait a minute move some stuff but this will be a great inner corner highlight and shoot some of those blues are very dark and I can't fit my other ones in here I'll play around that act just gonna pop them in here okay yeah so sorry oh I'm FG I well I guess I purchased other products in the future

but not that beauty box for $35 a month but check them out I will link them below but show some love don't donate the bash or anything like that obviously you know she's knew it the beauty boxes and I'm sure she'll figure it out and start putting out fabulous boxes for everyone but until then I'm just gonna hold off and there's so many more beauty boxes I want to try it's just crazy alright everyone have a wonderful day and I'll see y'all soon