29 June 2017

Indian Hair Care Routine + Easy Tips ll How to grow Long Hair l Reallife Realhome

My hair Care Routine consists of Oiling, Shampoo , Conditioning. For oiling I use Organic Coconut Oil, Almond oil and Castor Oil.I also add some Vitamin E ...

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real life real home so many of you requested me to do a hair care routine or to share my hair care tips what I do personally so I thought today I'll share few things that I personally do and for my hair care so the first thing when it comes to hair care or skin care is less is more and all the things that I'm telling you today are totally my point of view it may not be the same as you and that's totally okay so less is more is number one and nowadays a lot of new techniques and trends are coming in for example rebonding or coloring or you know smooth procedures like that and my personal belief is to stay away from these procedures if possible very tempting though but try to stay away from them because they are full of chemicals and chemicals in any form they are not good for hair so stay away from these chemicals any hair care routine of course starts with hair oily so I do oil my hair at least two times a week sometimes I don't get that much time so I try to do it at least once a week and this is a habit that has been inculcated in me from China and I remember that till University and engineering I used to own my hair and tie them in a braid

and used to go University like that and nowadays have seen girls who don't want to oil their hair at all which is really not good so try to oil your hair so these are some of the oils that I use on a regular basis this is organic virgin coconut oil which is my number one favorite and whenever I don't get time to mix other oils I use coconut oil and this is almond oil this is from a brand called a bur and then this is the castor oil so I once I finish this bottle of castor oil I'll be buying an organic one because I think that's more beneficial and these are some of the vitamin E absolutes that I use in my hair oil if you don't have vitamin E capsules that's completely okay because almond oil itself has a lot of vitamin E so I just take these oils so one just take a little bit of castor oil only because it's very thick and it will be very difficult for you to remove it when you are shampooing it so I'll just mix all the oils together heat it up in a microwave for four or five seconds and then add the vitamin E capsules to its the oil mixture is ready before even starting the process you make sure that you detangle your hair so that there are

no knots in the hair and then you do parting section by section either with the help of your hands or with the cotton you just apply hair throughout your scalp and roots and then move towards the length finally and then after you are done boiling your hair you can tie them in a bun so I personally leave my hair like that overnight but if you are someone who does have a scalp issue like dandruff or something then you definitely take it off after an hour or so with a mild shampoo so that is how I own my hair so moving on to the next part after oiling is shampooing my hair so currently the shampoos that I am using are this is the one from Patanjali it's kashf auntie Rita hair cleanser so it's a mild natural kind of shampoo that I use and I really like the outcome of it as well it suits my hair type so I'm using that and always try to keep rotating your shampoos don't use a shampoo for too long so try one or two options that work for you and then try to keep rotating them so the other shampoo that I use so these are the two that I use so the second one is from Torchic avocado and olive oil ultra moisture COO this one the green one is

especially for dry and damaged chair so I use this one a lot and it comes with conditioner from the same brand so I use these and they are also sulfate free so it's more light and milder version and then it's more natural as well so the way I shampoo my hair is that I take a mug and in that mug I'll put one to one and a half tablespoons of shampoo to the mark and to it I will add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and make a mixture out of it and the reason why I do like that it's because if you take out the shampoo directly from the container there are chances that you will be using more shampoo every time you wash your hair and apple cider vinegar will also help you take out all the dandruff if you have anything on your scalp and it makes the hair a lot more shinier as well a natural way to do that so that is how I you make it and then I'll also be adding a little bit of water to it always keep in mind whenever you are shampooing your hair use cold water never use hot water to either wash your hair or shampoo your hair never use that mixture is ready and you can see this is the consistency of the mixture and it will be good for me

for one wash [Music] so once you are done shampooing your hair then you need to drive your hair for that I would suggest that you never use a blow-dryer always try to air dry your hair and another tip that I would like to give is use these kind of plain t-shirts or cotton t-shirts to wrap your hair and let them either try because they absorb a lot of water they are much lighter than towel so it's not very heavy something very heavy sitting on your hair so this is one thing that I use do you wash your combs very frequently that is another great tip that I would like to give have some lukewarm water and then in that you put some shampoo and then after that few drops of tea tree oil I am putting and then I will be putting all my brushes my detangler and a white toothed comb in it for an hour or so and then I'll just wash them so it's very important to clean the brushes [Music] generally a quick way to use natural product which can solve purpose of a hair mask as well is to use patanjali aloe vera gel so sometimes I use this

and sometimes whenever I am lucky to get a fresh and we relief from an indian store i try to get that and then just take out the flesh from the leaf and then apply it on your hair it's good for skin and it's good for hair both so another hair mask that I do when I have some time in my hand is the banana mash so I mash the banana and to it I add a tablespoon of honey sometimes egg or avocado if I have that and then mix it and then just apply to my here and another way not you need to condition your hair is to use henna so I use this one and you take a bowl or iron car high for it so pour the henna out in this bowl and then what I do is that I make a mixture not with water or not with tea water I make it with whole milk so because hina generally tends to make your hair a little bit dry that's why I use whole milk for it and I have also added a tablespoon of coffee powder to it to give it a good color and then you just leave this mixture overnight and the next morning it will be ready for you to apply to your hair so what I do just before applying this mixture I will be adding one whole egg to it and then one more tablespoon of coconut oil so

that makes the more moist and it will never ever dry your hair do try this technique of using whole milk and then adding coconut oil to the henna mixture you will never feel the dryness and if you can't bear the smell of him now or egg try to add your choice of essential oil either to the henna mixture or when you are shampooing your hair just try that lavender or tea tree oil very good options and you will feel amazing your hair will smell so fresh so these are some of the tips and tricks that I follow on a day-to-day basis as far as my hair care routine is concerned and if you really liked the video give this video a big thumbs up do share it with your family and friends and please do subscribe to my channel it's totally free please subscribe and I'll see you all next time with my next one take care bye namaste