27 November 2018

India's Cheapest makeup setting spray ||Ads makeup fixer 131 rs only || beauty tips jui

Hi everyone Today in this video I'll be reviewing India's Cheapest makeup setting spray, Ads makeup fixer only 131 rs for 200ml This Ads makeup fixer ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

beauty tips are me who's Joey so today in this video maybe we can evaluate Esk makeup fixer ski Joakim a flip car silly key are you busy shopping her predict how another need a hyper scale with description box then I but anyway they do need so please they cleaner so actually video over in makeup fixer bar where persico's but any value so you speedo context 0 they K so guys we will start card is smiling became a shark of subscript collegial sideways so does a be like anaconda cry will be pocket card in are negative in jumpy taping a video of protocol mister notification ups to name a paya so guys Jenny asked you to start cut [Music] [Applause] - the package in Khmer motherland a Cisco bahar cutter packaging here buuck sky and your pink elite cardboard packaging a we have a bus of course of over there just mentioned kia his makeup fixer kabadi me so it's cardboard packaging coupon happily hi abs make a fixture long-lasting light weight mix and fix a flight to complete a makeover can be applied to any type of makeup fix

and mix all Sneha make 200 ml t 4x media here and you can make a fixer meal here is color price up over 300 99 rupees making EF of flip card may are 250 around meal Jaya or is a Maquis my case I use can I have two sexes remove karna a Bobbi have a mention hey Jessica after makeup spray your face leave it few second to dry up to remove wash with their on water and normal soap so easy I'm a total face nigga predict a but normally speaker nahi Pusa second bus oh it karna is a dry horny Kenya so sorry about my screen our packaging me back later here so it's there in a packaging to this they give me a blue color kill this pay hey or yeah a pea calc wave pink color tea light pink color key or escape are you happy week showed us a gap here this cable here yeah but it's taken a particle yes a already happy be sad push lokahi make a fixed radius long-lasting light of it and his name is the products me remember suppose we have a mentioned here a here normally have makeup fixers who use cut to a makeup connect a bottom on your makeup you sit clinically I'm gonna Georgian step makeup Nicki I hate primer foundation compact Joby suppose

say to Nikki I'm make a fixer could you start a lake in anger at his skin no a buffers that password key problem working here so I make appearances by ladies this paper you stir sexy a foundation primary applicant especially Pierce preps processes break early G or push me whose second word Kelly GSA dry pony key whiskey by the Cadogan stable base makeup guy Nicky label said push-up kar sakthe hey you see that he said make a pairing it up committee bombers in the long-lasting me hoga ki me red skins Robert why here so may say make a point serpent let me use 30 who made a makeup or long-lasting technically or guys make up for was a long-lasting evoke the hair or makeup fixer kamehameha don't say yes bacon either scam self Aleta Heco's is thickest MSP can i solo command Ducati even kissed eddie keisa so you see that he can see me apply turn on here digg-zacta hey face with a justice after ho gaya robbery who second bus wait karna has to drive her neck in here or a driver nickimja death will be nearly left I can increase the boho Jessica's applique or makeup Bo has a long-lasting no they are both flawless be like taaha makeup nicknaming or dice

la técnica time hamesha of ki aapke band kerkini supply curly g need to appear Acme problem ho sakta here so delivery driver ahead hurry driver joke i could only have the exactly made a makeup kit nia cheese's a toga or guys in Mega Pixel keep your pregnancy will be coffee attire has to be strong meaning SOF to the person area or guys musial act is success yeah the cheapest and effort level prime man hey I think already boss her primary looking into cutter pricey book boohockey high voltage 700 800 I say we vote ah hey so I got a beginner Sato I appeal a boho txn makeup fixer say a PC use like a big sexy hip bhavati a chess award cut ahead so Kabaddi person anybody here or if you can a flash kick important here to a both travel from TV episode 3 baby I said easily Giuseppe here okay Super Bowl team use Yahoo so much aunty who will make up over the long lasting balata hey raga rapids occur it Nakata this cut aparts the slinky Bomi description box may provide cartoon jisub check out kar sakte here so guys are maniacs community of local I got a plethora serving l4 ah who the please my channel subscribe Cairo or me jaunty we

are a bigger PL full of ho chi yoga [Music] [Music] Oh sweetie [Music]