15 May 2017

Important NBR Hair Extensions Hair Care Tips

Here are a few important tips for taking care of NBR hair extensions. This includes tips for brushing, shampooing, conditioning, and blowdrying NBR hair ...

hi it's shannon moore with more colors

so you just got your new NVR hair extensions what do you do next you're probably most mirai's by the end of our appointment with your new awesome hair and have forgotten what to do don't worry that's what this video is about so let's go over brushing first remember there is no expensive brush you have to purchase for MVR hair extensions all you need is a wet brush okay when you brush your hair you want to start from the bottom up no coming through the top of your head and raking through your hair hold on to your hair extension and your natural hair because remember you don't want it to add tension to where your extensions are place of grab your hair work from the bottom up and brush okay you can be a little aggressive with your brushing as long as you're holding onto your hair then come over to your other side grab your hair start from the bottom and work your way up if you need to brush your hair up here go ahead do it feel free just remember you do not want to rake through your extensions especially as they're growing out you don't want to catch anything and you want to start from the bottom and go up

shampooing it is fine to shampoo and condition your extensions what I like to do I have three rows this is going to vary for everyone depending on how many rows of extensions you have in your hair when I get in the shower I take a small amount of shampoo go underneath my first row and really massage that shampoo in at the scalp I'm using my finger pad not my nails I'm not raking I'm just massaging that shampoo in then I get a little bit more shampoo I go above my first rows and then I'm in between row one and two and I just worked that shampoo in if you have a third row add just a little bit and then talking like a pea-sized or she up to and you take that in and massage it and I'll get a little pea-sized again and I get the top of my head and then if I was never aggressive with my styling and I have a bunch of styling product in my hair I will run a little bit of shampoo through the extensions just to clean off any dirt or just anything to make sure they're nice and clean so rinse them my first time rinsing and I'll think I rinsed out on my products I wasn't used to having so much hair on my head so I

sometimes will go in and slip my hair in between the row and make sure that the water is hitting my head and getting all that shampoo out okay once the shampoos out I grab my conditioner pull it through my ends my hair my natural hair is on the drier side so I like conditioner on my natural hair on the end sometimes even just the roots a little bit I know if that's going to freak some of you out because you're fine straight hair and you don't want to weigh it down do what you usually do with without the extensions it's okay for the expert conditioner to get on the beef honestly I keep it off the beans I keep it down here through the hair I'll go up here and then maybe get a little bit of my hair up here again make sure when you rinse out your conditioner you're getting all that conditioner out of your hair you don't run in your best best ever product or shampoo and conditioner in your hair okay let's go to blow drying with these extensions everybody's going to create their own little style of washing and shampooing and blow-drying this is how what I found that I like I take my front section of

hair event that does not have any extensions in it and I give it on this side too and I pull it up then I find all the hair on the top of my head and I go until I hit my first row Neyman a row so I take this and then literally I know it's silly but I'll just like pin it up here and I walk around I usually pick a shower wash my hair get out I pin it up like this I let this air dry because there is you know the less heat the better on the expansion here I let it air dry I put my I give them a kid's dinner I put them to bed and then I'll go and actually start to smooth out my hair because by that time it doesn't dry so I just take my money um blow-dryer and my round brush and my paddle brush and I'll show you that so anyways so say it's been air drying and I'm ready to smooth it out my hair is still like this I then again come down and I find my first row okay I clip all my hair out of the way this is almost 100% dry so I then you can take your wet brush I personally like my big paddle brush but this is fine and if this works for you do it I just like a bigger brush what the big thing is when you're drying your hair is you don't want to put tension on

your rows so I take my hair I rush out all the knots and what I forgot to tell you is I put argan oil in my hair extensions right when I get out of the shower after I tie at the top I put this argan oil it's amazing it's going to keep your extension hair feeling smooth and nice and not like dry and brutally so put this but just an object like one pump and I put it from the mid shaft down you don't want to put it up on the roots where it will touch your roots it will make your hair oily but your extension hair will absolutely love it so one pump on this row one pump on the second row and if you have a mini put like half a pump or a pump play around with it and see what you like if you put too much and you'll get oily so my hair is nice and smooth I brushed it out I then take my brush and I very slowly hold it and I blow-dry this so that it gets nice smooth and this is not I'm not using this question on my hair is soaking wet out of the shower this is after my hair has air dried if I don't have time to air dry it I'm going to rush dry it without a brush and then at the very end I'm going to come in and just smooth it

out okay so I do this guy I do this side once this was about 100 percent dry I drop my second row same same time this second row drop it down in this up and go work your way up that's the way that I found works best for me there's no wrong way to do it just you at the end of the day you do not want to put tension on your rows don't pull them out okay so there is that styling like I said put your argan oil in here when your hair is what if you have hair that needs more volume before you go to blow-dry you can spray in your root amplifier or your mousse or whatever you can put it on the extension hair any way that you would kind of treat your natural hair you can pretty much do to your extension hair so I personally I like the argan oil and I like to put in a smoothing cream that just protects my hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and then put that in right when you get out of the shower tie my top aft and I told you guys go take care of my kids and then I do my blow-dry when the kids aren't in bed tightening services every six to eight weeks after we've applied your first set of extensions we'll note we'll get in

there our rhythm are you coming every six weeks or you coming every eight weeks make sure when you leave your first application appointment that we have our first tightening service appointment scheduled to make sure we get it done on time the last thing you want to do is wait till the last minute and then not be able to get in when you need to get in so let's make sure that appointment is but so hopefully that helps you you can definitely curl your hair slide earn it just treat it like it's your own here I'll show you real quick on days where you don't have something special to go to or you're just hanging on the house and you don't need to do your hair this hair will last longer obviously with the less amount of styling and heat that you put on it so one cute way to do it is okay take my hair and I'm going to put it in a side ponytail as events ponytail derp this just it looks like a braid but if you don't know how to braid this is a fun way to wear your hair okay put it in a side ponytail now the few hairs hanging down I'm doing this really fast okay theoria if you want you can take a piece of hair and wrap it around

your ponytail holder I'm gonna start this over real quick I'm like it'll be okay let's see hanging out don't want to put heat on my hair today what can I do with this then okay now you have your hair and this side ponytail take your ponytail and split it into two pieces alright I have these small rubber bands from Walmart there for like toddlers that they're awesome so I take one of my sections and I just tie it into a ponytail okay so I refer to this as the top section okay we have one two sections the one on top tie the ponytail take that one that you tied the ponytail on and wear your rubber be honest split it in half grab the section below section two at the bottom section and pull it through okay I mean that was really easy grab another um and just tie another point yeah okay you're literally going to do the same thing and always just remember if you can't remember we're gonna tie the ponytail tie it on the section on the top okay you're going to reach through grab the second section and pull it through again okay so you see you're starting to get this little braid going

take another rubber band tie it on the top section okay we're going to do the same thing we've been doing split it in half and pull it through now before we go any farther they're just kind of a tight braid put your career it like this is totally fine but what I like to do is take that for spread and kind of span it out take your second one and cm it out can you see just to make it kind of like a Little Bohemia SHhhh looking I don't even know if this word but here we go to see how cute that's starting to love and just if your ponytail it are showing kind of scoot it up play with it it doesn't have to be perfect honestly I personally think the more kind of Messier it looks color the cooler it looks so don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect okay so I'm taking the top section again put it in a pony tail flip it in half and pull it through and I'll fan it out okay so you could just wear your hair like that that's cute or you could take sometimes I'll take a piece of hair and I wrap it around the ponytail holder just like if I really want to be BMC wrap it around get a bobby pin and I pin it on the back side so nobody sees it in and make sure it

goes into that rubber band that last server bn6 I can find it without using in there okay and it's just right there and normally if I would do that then I'd wrap a piece around up here and then it's just like a cute fun way to wear your hair and not a heat on it in the summer if you don't have time to do anything else I mean there you go voila I think it's kind of fun so you can also wear your hair half up half down and do this to the part that you have tied up pass up just put it in a ponytail and get your two sections and always put the tie a ponytail on the top piece pull through the middle so I hope this helps you I hope you're having so much fun with your extensions and call me if you have any questions at all I'm happy to answer them for you I want you to love your extensions and feel comfortable so if you're worrying about anything and give the salon a call