20 December 2018

Ill Face Of Makeup That I Don’t Like | Vlogmas Day 19


[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so today I'm gonna be filming a video where I use products that I used to use all the time but then like I've just realized they don't really suit me if that even makes sense all like products that I don't really like that much I think I've got the wrong thing I don't and and yeah ignore my hair it's very very I hope it look nice idiot it kind of still looks nice but it's kind of a bit like poofy and I've got a headband on that's one that has so flat at the top but yeah I'm just gonna zoom in and get straight into the game so the first thing is the benefit Porefessional primer and this is a very good primer I've not got a nibbler hold on um but it's just it's quite expensive for the full sized one this is is it ten fifty or twelve fifty something like that and that's the mini version and honest say there is an MUA one it's like the vanish wonder primer and it is the same thing in even it even lasts a little bit longer in my opinion but some people will probably get better

on get on better with this but I think it's just the same and even the Meo he wants probably a little bit better for me but you have to go get a mirror and in the process of doing that I'm not gonna camera oh that's that's great and I don't know how it would because now I'm kind of like right okay I've done that um so yeah I just um I don't put a lot on mainly love I've used quite a bit of it um and again it is quite expensive so I'll reduce this if I weren't going out for long but I wanted to look nice not going that thing like going out but like going out I was in like going for a meal or some of them but it is like a really nice primer um but I just don't know what the point is in spending that much money on it I really wanted to try it out like that's why I got it um to be honest is very good um but if you have the money I would suggest it but like the MUA one is the same frame um see ya and I've used that a lot in all my videos so you will see that and right and then also this is a bit random but I've used to speak vendor probably about five times all together and I've had it for like not that well for months maybe since summer Oh what am i doing

and also I used to use this revolution stick foundation in shade too and I still like it it is a bit smushed at the top pretty apparent quite gross but it's just okay yeah it's very clumpy but I just don't go for any more I'm not too sure why well I think it's probably because I I don't really wear foundation anyway um but yeah if I did wear foundation I wouldn't go for this one I'm not sure why like I'm just gonna put them over there it used to literally be my favorite foundation I've never really understood why people use of you burn them because for me they don't really blend it out like look at that I'm I'm blending but it's not blending but if you've got any tips up I was like my beauty blenders damp you cam not putting enough on but enough foundation but then like it does blend I just I just don't know I just so pink happy the time for this if you have any tips over from doing it wrong please tell me because like I've kind of got so I wipe here which I know you're not going to do but I just don't know how else to do it because I try dubbing it and that didn't offend but yeah it's just effort oh wow what has happened that also I hope this

light is all right for you because I am doing it after school it's about 20 past for right now I started as soon as I got that from school so then like the lighting will be alright but then I actually realized the light is probably better if I don't have my curtains Oh oh that was effort but I should looks alright obviously it's not fully blended yet but I know my nose doesn't look right that looks horrible oh gosh wow they're done does anyone else feel like they just have to like punch their face a few times oh oh right yeah this isn't working for me back in sec hey I'm gonna use this but it's just taking forever okay to be fair this up here looks alright not on my nose my nose is gone a bit like oh no I can not not go sit like like it's like crumbling off my face and not sure why the rest of my face however I've kind of swapped from this end to this end because this just feel like it's working better tonight but yeah I'm gonna stop there because I'm gonna no I can't I've got concealer oh God um I'm for concealer I'm using collection last infection I've just found concealer so aren't particularly better in coverage

but they stay on a bit longer and they don't crease as easily so even though this is still good for coverage it's not my favorite concealer but and also if this can see if you've got it and you're worrying about it creasing because it usually creases up this end and don't put it that end because that's not the darkest part of your under eyes anyway and if you've put foundation over it already you don't really need it also this is running out I do apologise but yeah right now I'm going to use my handy-dandy but Beauty Blender again which sides easier okay wait this is blending all right before don't stop myself from the knife oh wow awesome I've got like a massive spot on which again but it's not like a spice I could don't know it's like burning my skin but really hurts this is proper right now gonna and now turns out I'm using the revolution press Patti you can't quite read it but like if you're going certain light it kind of shines on the words and again I don't really know the reason of me stopping using this one I can't reach my brush but like it's just one of them ones where it's like all right but it's

not the best like there's so many that better than this but it's not bad like it does the job it just didn't stay on long enough but if you know what I mean this probably opens pretty cool yeah in a prequel at me joking there we go powdered done now I'm gonna go on to eyebrows I'm just gonna put that slide show me right now I'm going on to my eyebrows and I used to use all the time it's just an elf-like pomade type of thing okay and in light and it's just not that great it used to be for me because I didn't write them to be like very filled in but now oh this does nothing well it does bit but like I couldn't well it could it's not that bad they look all right they look very very natural um and I I couldn't run that I cook like this but like you know I mean I it's not and how I would usually have them okay to be fair it's not as bad as I thought it would be but it's still not great I'm gonna be back I mean I just on my eyebrows and they actually look awry I'm like kind of I would actually wear these out maybe if I took a bit more time making than even sorry that's really um but the

next product is bronzer and I'm using the MUA bronzer the whompin bronzer in sunkissed bronze and this is just orange this is proper Orange on me actually to give you a different brush because I'm gonna I was going to use like a angled brush but I'm gonna use this one because I just feel like it might look better because it's orangey to be a bit more spread out look like you kind of just have to like going circular motions basically over your whole face make it look right and I guess this would work for a bit more time people than me but like for me personally just didn't work because I've seen on pay your person like anyone that says pale or paler than me but I'm usually shade too in everything and this is the mono to be fed to a little butter but you can only use tiny bits emails will get a lighter one well no actually serve only a pound I would highly recommend it and we're not for light skinned people really light skinned people like for me I can get away with it like this looks decent but anyone like in the me might be a bit too dark you can wear it but my boots you doc and the next thing is the sleek blush in pomegranate I got this as a

birthday present like two one this year or last year I think it was last year so this could be update no it's not this is 24 and it's just a bit too dark for me I have to and also I'm kind of finding that it's a bit patchy I just tapped it all off yes then oh gosh okay all right now alright okay to be fair not that bad but then I do not my brush in tiny little bit so it's just is one than product so it's good but it's not that good like I wouldn't go out and buy this again if you know I mean and then I'm saying what my cheeks is highlight and this is the berry M cosmic lights highlight palette and I have no idea why I don't use it it's very very pretty I'm gonna go in with this pink one and honestly these are some of the best pilots they're very powdery but when they're on like if you cut you kind of got to like spread it out very well oh it goes everywhere like one brush full do base mmm oh my gosh one brush full do both cheeks oh my gosh it'll it she goes everywhere now that's just quick - like that honestly the most like powdery highlighters ever but do you see that that is like very glowy it's just

it depends if you like that kind of because like very chunky who wants to pick oh gosh the eye palette say it's like quite chunky and quite chunky powder but if you like that sort of thing then then give it a go because it is actually good palette in my opinion and then one of the last things is eyeshadow and I'm using the sleek eye divine all night long palette but don't ask why don't I don't use this it's tiny like look at that um but I just don't know why don't so I'm just gonna going on brushes and now I'm really sorry I've only got these two brushes but literally these two brushes they're clean I pop them one more that's a flat look flat flat flat brush which I don't need so if I can pick my follow up I'm gonna go in with this color kind of all over my either but not really you're using I mean because I'm gonna kind of see if it's dark or not no okay you can see it a little bit right yeah I'm gonna do it on the aligner I'm not the best at I shadow I'm just like decent on my own eyes and then I'm gonna get the knee oh my gosh there's only two matte shades okay that is not the best thing not only that on her eyes

their hair hair the right to man oh my gosh that's on hand right now I'm going to going with the only other matte shade which is this one which is very very dark we're not very very dark but like I mean it's a lot darker than you've won these eyeshadows are actually pigmented as well I don't know why I don't use it and then I kind of burned it everywhere do you see that and this palette is obviously very neutral and like brown and gold tones so the looks not going to be really bright I'm gonna add a little bit more on both eyes but I'm gonna kind of make sure it's all over the eyelid now because I'm gonna put a shimmer over anyway but yeah I think that's actually alright if you want to go for a natural look then listen I think I said but in all night long 4 to 9 so yeah and then I'm gonna go in with the shimmer I think I'm gonna go in with this one in the inner part like the inner part and then maybe that one in the outer part I don't think there's much difference but you know mixing it up a little bit and I'm fully aware this eye look does not go with pink highlight but I didn't think about that at the time so just signal that we've got pink highlight in gold

eyes because usually I would try and match them together but yeah that's that goal done and then I'm gonna go and do the other eye I'm really sorry I forgot to record but I basically put that darker shade in the outer part and yeah that is the eye look apart from the scar right which I'm gonna do not and so many of you are gonna be soaps that I use to benefit products in the post I never use anymore but honestly I'm not even lying right now the benefit bad girl bang bad gal by mascara I'm just not a fan of it alright I'll be honest I just think it looks really like clumpy it just lengthen your eyelashes it looks so clunky I'm just gonna quit go out go come out laughing out device turn out run I am going to put on mascara look it's just grumpy I agree it is very good at lengthening just in my opinion that was really clumpy like I just so know I'm just not a fan of it I just don't like how it applied the cake my eyes watering yeah I'm just not a fan of it it does it really does lengthen not it's just clumpy and I'm not like

over exaggerating I'm nothing like look at this if it ever wants to focus I don't think nothing looks good I don't know why I'm sorry if you think that looks good but I just don't like it I'm actually gonna try and improve it I'm gonna get my little thing I don't know what this is meant to be used for this side could be for this to be honest okay there that looks feel tiny bit there but yeah so I there's no reason why I don't use this I just never use it it is one of the NYX butter gloss is in one of their Pinker like three in a pack ones in the shade angel food cake and there's no reason I don't use it I just don't usually like the lip glosses and [Music] no reason like the color yes I dunno how oddly at all these clothes go together I don't go together but like so that is so I really hope you like this video and I hope you like the look I assume not that like mother it but yeah I'm ending this video quite quickly because I've got to go and have my tea now so thank you for watching this video and I will see you in my next video bye