26 November 2018

Iconic Makeup Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Treat yourself or the makeup lover on your Christmas list to these iconic beauty gifts. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe Like what you see? Find the ...

I have a few makeup items to share with

you as my top picks for some gifts for the beauty lover makeup lover on your Christmas list it might be you so get ready to treat yourself but if you have someone on your list consider these gifts as great items to put under the tree this holiday so a fun fact that you may not have known avon actually the founder David H McConnell started as a bookseller and then founded the perfume the California perfume company which then turned into the iconic Avon brand so avons over 130 years strong and their beauty experts in honor of our Beauty Beauty heritage have curated this iconic Avon Beauty classics collection and it comes in this amazing packaging it's like a it adds to your library of makeup palettes in three volumes within the three volumes you'll find 24 eyes shadows four blushes beautiful colors I've had a lot of fun playing with these palettes so far this was a beauty gift I treated myself to so beautiful collectors box and then you have the three makeup palettes so this is a gift item for 24 and 99 and don't take my word for it there's a lot of buzz around this beautiful collection Southern Living magazine just mentioned it as a

must-have gift so in volume one we have eyes of golden wonder and these are some beautiful neutral eyeshadows that are beautifully pigmented very blendable volume too we have she dreams of silver and it's these beautiful more metallic shades plums and some Browns kind of sugarplum fairy ish and then that we have volume three which is in the blush of and you have four blushes to choose from as well so again really fun gift for someone who loves makeup and beauty so that is the iconic Avon beauty classics collection $24.99 and then I have a couple of great stocking stuffer items for a beauty lover as well so we have our iconic Avon lipstick collection which again comes in these beautiful vintage packaging and then the gorgeous packaging does not stop there the tubes themselves are so pretty so pretty so this color is holiday chocolate and it's a beautiful oops beautiful Brown nice chocolatey color nice neutral for Christmas for the holidays all of these lipsticks there's five different colors to choose from each one has their own fun vintage box and they all are satin finish there's

$6.99 each this one is probably my favorite this is the Holi red because everybody needs that perfect red lipstick for the holidays and this one does not disappoint so this is that beautiful Holi red Oh gorgeous this is probably my new favorite lipstick for the next month or so and probably for after that back so those are the iconic Avon lipsticks like I said there's five different colors to choose from those are the two that I'm loving right now and then just if you need them added little fun thing to throw in a stocking we have the holiday shine lip and cheek tint for $4.99 glide this onto lips or cheeks for just a beautiful hint of color this is the pink it's also available in a nice peachy color and they come in these adorable little tins so those are my top beauty picks top makeup picks right now for kind of what's it in beauty for the holidays so these are all available from your local Avon representative yours truly if you already have a rep shop with them if not I'd love to have you as a customer those are my top picks

have a great day