07 May 2019


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hey guys so I delete the video of the

intro what's new but anyway I at this vlog for this vlog like I'm editing it right now I'm on my break but anyway this is the prom vlog I believe it was April 27 it was their proms for my babies Leah Mary Francis Hanna and Emily yeah and also viola is also helping me with doing your makeup and then yeah so I just tell you that because I accidentally the little intro I don't know why but I think it in a way and I also forgot to end the vlog for this vlog so bad but anyway you guys enjoyed the vlog I kind of just like insert a music while I was doing the whole makeup of mirror Francis because it was kind of like we were listening to music and I don't want to get copyrighted but anyways enjoy us luck and I love you guys hey guys so I'm on my way to violas house I don't know where are we going to meet with the two girls which is Hannah and Mary that's her that's their name so I'm just gonna go ahead two violas house okay so yeah she just texted me I'm telling her that I'm on my way but yeah I'm gonna stop by Starbucks to get some coffee and then yeah on our

way to the old house I'm here at Starbucks I just stopped by like I said to get some coffee um yeah totally this is funny it's the one ahead of me it's a rookie driver I remember I have a had a sticker before when I watched his first driving and I never put it on like on the back of my car viola you make up wait I can't even see your face so I guess it like okay here you go the prom prom queen [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] let's just make up artists come here no okay so we did some of their makeup okay so I did her makeup oh my goodness she looks so pretty and her too oh my goodness oh they're ready for prom prom princess hit a highlight I know I like the arm this one right here I like it are you a makeup artist no she said normal okay so I pack up all the makeup so we're here at Sephora we'll just waiting thing was about 30 and it's

still five to anyone and the girls is already stressed out Oh Fionna it is the rose toner facial awesome it's rose actually where you just hear scrolling at Sephora oh my god they have the first Ally - okay 360 all right so we're at just JCPenney Sephora guys look didn't you see guys what I see we have Ulta right there it's coming on May 3rd I believe yes yes booty baby here kind of like clean my baby no makeup makeup look so Leia you show me your makeup oh okay yes I did that I did that like I'm so proud oh my god and her eyes too