31 October 2018

I'm Back! Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette: Review and Swatches.

Hey Guys and Dolls! Today I am reviewing the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice eyeshadow palette. It is available wherever Too Faced products are sold and ...

hey guys and dolls welcome back to the

makeup community I know this is a whole lot of Chris coming at you but I wanted you to see that I look that I created with a palette that I am going to show you today why I didn't do my eye makeup on video for you I'm glad you asked this palette although it is absolutely gorgeous and I love it stunning shades has the most fall out that I think I have had period and then eyeshadow palette but love it beautiful colors I will review for you give you all the details here in just a minute I will zoom out so that way you don't have this much Chris coming at you through the whole thing alright this is much better welcome to makeup community if this is your first time here my name is Chris thank you so much for checking us out we are a brand new channel and we're just trying to build up a nice community here of makeup lovers you're going to notice in my voice and in my hands that I have tremors it's called Parkinson room it's a genetic early onset Parkinson's disease and that's how everything got started I wanted to show that just because you have challenges does that mean you have to give up what you love

and I feel a little more confident to go out and face today if I feel like I look good and so makeup gives me that confidence so today we are going to review the Too Faced gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette I love this the colors are gorgeous so you have your little mirror with a little gingerbread man and then your colors they are beautiful I love this palette but like I said oh my gosh the fallout was pretty bad so I will talk about that at you know towards the end of whether I reckon or not no if i do what i recommend doing to kind of make up for that fallout so this is available anywhere two-faced is sold I got mine from Ulta I do bleed and it retails for $49 so let's see what they have to say about it gets good reviews says that should be a permanent addition and it has no there we go sorry like how can they not have a description on Ulta okay add a little spice to your life with a deliciously sweet gingerbread spice eyeshadow palette by Too Faced includes 18 multi finish warm and toasty shadows that glide on with buttery smooth 'less smoothness for playful pops of color that smell like fresh baked

gingerbread mmm and they do if you guys know anything about Too Faced you down everything come in if they had the peach and smells like peach you know the chocolate bar one snowflake chocolate bar of the smells heavenly benefits 18 multi finish Gingerbread inspired shades buttery smooth texture for comfortable wear smells like yummy gingerbread so $49 for 18 shades that's not bad considering Too Faced is really good quality like I said I had such bad fall out with this I walked out to show my husband and he said that it look like someone beat the crap out of me with as much fall out of those got with these shadows but you know it's kind of like that abhi shadows when they're real soft they they can do that so I am going to start with the top row here and swatch for you I'm going to do one row at a time and we are going to start with powdered sugar ready and then spiked eggnog that's nice shimmery they're out of the powdered sugar is a map by the way I miss that one so spiked eggnog tonight shimmer gumdrop is beautiful it is a bright pink magenta matte gingerbread is

a matte with a little bit of glitter in it looks like is that from the button from the one that's from reindeer paws which is underneath it so gingerbread is a matte tan warm in Tennessee beautiful gold you guys know I love my goals and coppers look at that metallic gold there and then ooh burn is a metallic plum so that is the first row there now I couldn't wait to do this on video usually I try to wait if I get something new to try it up for the first time and I'm glad it didn't with all the fallout but I've been using this a couple of times since I got in so the next year when our next year I'm next one is frostbite me is this is actually more of a topcoat shade of glitter it doesn't have a lot of pigment to it when I put it on with my finger to swatch it of course it looks like it does but it it really doesn't have that much so lookey and my cookie is a matte pale peachy pink and this is a very pretty color spice is nice is a burnt orange kind of pumpkin color matte that's very pretty one perfect for fall oh snap is a metallic it's got little flecks of glitter in it kind of a dark rosy Brown medium rosy rosy Brown bake it till you

make it is a coppery purple plum hybrid look at that isn't that beautiful I have that on today and then spice of life is a metallic green with gold so that is row number two and we'll get on to the last row row number three sorry guys I don't have enough room for an 18 shadow palette to all fit on my arm so let's go into sugar daddy which is a matte pale pink that's pretty color Biggi pudding is a dark well fake it purple I say eggplant but it's called figgy pudding so we'll see hey hot toddy beautiful copper metallic look at that bright copper metalli know I love my coppers reindeer paws is a very dark brown kind of with a gray hue to it then gingerbread latte is a nice medium brown one of the good transition colors they've got in there and last but not least one of my favorites that I am wearing take spiced rum this had the most fallout that spiced run that last one had the most fall out of all of them so I did experience enough pull out that I would recommend doing your eyes first because even with a shadow shield it comes underneath that shadow shield

itself I do love the colors oh I love the shadows I love the two-faced formula for their shadows they stay when I have worn any of these looks they stayed on beautifully they don't muddy up together they blend like a dream whether you're blending the colors together or you're blending them to shear them out let's say you know the crease and then you blend it up to share it out a little bit they do great $49 for 18 shades I mean that's the average for Too Faced I like that too now next month or the month November is the Sephora vib sale so different weekends get you know the different levels whether you are Beauty Insider VIP or Rouge you have different weekends that you can use your percentages off and so if you are a member which it's totally free to sign up go ahead and use that and get the sale on this because honestly you can use this year-round with the beautiful pink something you can use this in the spring do a beautiful pink look you can use it in the winter with the Browns you can use it in the full beautiful fall colors they are all just stunning I know I'm not supposed to use the word stunning but they're stunning I highly

recommend it even though with the pull out like I said do your eyes first now I fallout is becoming for you and you're going to deal with it then I wouldn't purchase this one I would honestly purchase something else you know the top of gold palette I wouldn't say it's similar but you know it's a good palette that you could get with you know out as much fallout as this does but if you can work with it honestly it is a beautiful palette so that about does it now when it stack on a little thing at the end here we are almost 250 subscribers and I am going to do a giveaway when we hit 50 I'm actually got a couple things so I'm going to draw three names like I did last time so please spread the word please subscribe we just want to build up the makeup community to really be a community so you know makeup roots and makeup mavens let us pick your brains if you're new to makeup this is perfect because a lot of what I do is kind of back to basics stuff if you just like talking about makeup perfect - because I want to make a community where we all discuss everything beauty in the comments so

that does it I will talk to you guys down in the section and I will see in my next video by