05 May 2019


hey so i went to the worst reviewed makeup artist on yelp in my city. LA has some of the best and some of the worst makeup artist. i want to try the best makeup ...

and she's still talking like today I'm

going to be going to the worst reviewed makeup artist in Los Angeles in l.a to be doing two looks inspired by James Charles this red lip as you can tell right here and these eye shadows look but I started look is very fun and Q and like the lip is very bold the red lips on doesn't tell if I'm gonna be going to a music festival and hopefully she can pull through kind of kind of dry right here do you exfoliate yeah I exfoliate every week it's really drawing your sheets especially easy on the curl I'm after nicks you know more looking okay you can mix it like on here so we're going here yeah where do you normally mix it sorry could you turn thank you I [Music] think beauty blenders are much easier honestly when it's the last time that you wash this brush Oh what just bought it so toy brand new [Music] so I'm gonna cover up following your dark spots over here okay okay [Music] this is actually for a music festival yep this weekend three give a boyfriend

no don't you know woman no do you have a man no hard I mean it's easy for me if I wanted one I could have one why are you blinking someone cuz you're kind of like going hard with a brush like my contact was gonna pop out [Music] what do you use oh just a shadow yeah do you want something light yeah and can you also do contour okay do you think you could put more highlighter [Music] you know a CVS or whatever they got there's no sales on face masks which do you want to use them no I'm good with sticking to my regiment [Music] let me just put it on straight on or do you have q10 wait can you do it with a q-tip [Music] [Music] 115 no no I don't have any this took a long time I don't have any more money okay no Maya no ma they pay uh well I don't know why you have to speak in that language for like this was honestly the worst reviewed makeup artists I probably

in America and if you guys know what she's talking about can you please leave in the comment section below what she was saying she is speaking Vietnamese and it's a beautiful language but what is this woman talking about leave like the doors this way okay so but why do you have to be so rude about it like I gave you your 150 at the end of the day you have me looking like a Pennywise the clown not James Charles sweetie like okay bye Brutus my god this woman literally has me looking like Pennywise the freaking clown and she wants to sit up here and act as if I like o her and tip like that's ridiculous to me that's why you are the worst reviewed makeup artist period you're still talking why i'm out the door i'm not even eat your house anymore like chill get back in that house exactly that woman is weird dude do you think that this makeup looks good yeah you do do you like this really cuz this woman have been here literally started here and did my makeup and she has me looking like a penny wise the clown