28 June 2019


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did I connect with the camera here no my

mother will want to come over hey guys take a lot what's up welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be going to the worst rated makeup artist in my city I've seen people do it from Dubai and then my friend Ethan did it from Houston and so I thought I'd do into LA so I went online and I found the worst rated makeup artist and I like I had to look really hard because there weren't many bad ones around here and I feel like there's not a lot of makeup artists just on Yelp I feel like in LA you find most of them from Instagram and things like that so I searched hard and I found this one that's literally an hour away I'm gonna put it on the screen right here maybe I'm not gonna put on the screen because I want to expose the business and then I ended up calling them high or their makeup artist there today can i book an appointment to do my makeup today I might have a party so I just okay thank you so much I just thought I saw makeup and she was nice but it sounded a little sketchy not gonna lie so we're gonna go there right now and it's literally gonna take us an hour to get there I looked on maps and it's like an hour and five

minutes so that's gonna be fun we're driving an hour and five minutes to get I think if done at the worst rated makeup artist in LA so were three minutes away right now we're about to pull up and we literally drove over an hour to get here almost an hour and 30 minutes this is crazy I don't even know where we are I all I know is that we drove past Compton and Ethan did this video - yeah I was sure to makeup artist in Houston so apparently it's in this building right here I don't know where it is though there wasn't a name on the front or anything it was this area is so sketchy oh my god like I'm scared leave my car here I hope okay we're gonna lock this for sure and I just hope she's not sketched out that were filming too so when we go in I'm gonna show her this photo right here for her coffee I mean I need it better do you mind if I can see it otherwise you still recording it if I don't one of you recorder no I won't show your face if you don't know cheers and ask me oh can I recall you if she would I told me I don't know he has a nice makeup I

pretty sure that he will do it so I'm thinking that this is something for you to think this is something for a channel I know I don't know I don't even know is because most of my claims they will refer so I don't know anywhere I just found you online to help you oh yeah what are you put a move like makeup makeup war artist yeah makeup artist work yeah I don't know I just went and searched like makeup artist and then it was like and it scrolled down yeah yeah she just chose you to be happy but she chose me for the beta graduation father came also my graduation they're gone they're already past and then can I put the camera here no the camera no one the camera did this you can I don't trust I wanted to come out of it okay all right oh my god oh my god oh my god that was literally my god oh my god oh my god so mad and then eventually we turn the camera off and we're like okay and you just please do the makeup and then she's like no I don't I don't like this this is weird I don't want to do this I don't like she already knew she probably saw it on YouTube yes

maybe people came to her and tried to do it before so she already knew the drill the original video list and she was like look she was already sketched out because she was like why do you have makeup on already and I was like oh I just want you to do it better like I already have someone and then she was like how come you have such good makeup ah that was a bad idea we need to go in looking different where's our stuff different yeah yeah music your makeup off she was like you could have made it for her for free probably yeah she was he could have done my makeup and so eventually she literally she was literally like I'm not doing your makeup and I was like well I need someone to do my makeup for my graduation party and she was like she's like graduation so she referred us to someone else and she gave us an address she was good she saw you when you pulled out your phone we arrived to the other place in his tent I'm sketchier like it's so crazy it's literally insane and now we're gonna be really lucky shot like even starting to cover his bag because last time like our cover was real because we

had like nice things that she was like why are you here yeah so um we're gonna try to go in there be really low-key we're barely we're probably bare leaving in a filament you guys should just get like iPhone clips in there yeah let's go in make up the time okay [Music] oh my god oh my god guys Ethan you look obviously like I look so bad dude I didn't think she liked someone do it this time underline Gillette okay my undereyes they're so white I didn't realize I didn't know this this is worse than flashback very contour does she just use like blush for kanji don't know I took a photo of the blush that she used though I was trying to take photos and we remember when I asked to use your phone it was because she asked me to show her the photo of the thing and I couldn't pull up my camera roll cuz it was all the stuff of her so look I took some videos this is the blush that she used she used the left to and combined them together I literally asked her oh I love the boss can I take a photo of it it was

crazy oh my god it looks so bad it genuinely looks her turned around for a second I had it took everything god it costed $75 then I told her I'd give her a $30 tip so it was 95 I felt bad like she's probably not gonna get any clients makeup is that bad so I tipped her oh my gosh the first time I ever wore makeup I did a better job than that how could she let me walk out like this as a makeup artist this is like giving me anxiety like it's so charging no makeup around your eyebrows at all besides they're like legit it's so bad it's like a yellow slash silver shimmer with like unblended brown eyeshadow circling why are my eyes white and why look at this corner it's unblended look she even left some here this is so bad and guys as she was putting everything on I was just thinking like why is she doing like this like she was doing she was using weird - yeah but don't you watch running you had dots around you that's not how you do that much older like ten years oh my god no like 16 years older yeah I feel like I'm gonna break out and I felt like all the brushes were dirty oh my god we're all

really hungry now because we were there for so long day it's right in and out now and we want to get the person at the drive-throughs reaction so we're gonna go and I'm gonna ask them if they like my makeup good how do you like my makeup I just went to the worst rated make a place in LA oh my god yeah it looked so bad I can't believe it let me walk out like this right I mean like the eyeshadows just kind of like like my eyes are just white yeah in the contour I'm complete no I'm just ran a place I don't even know the name I'm minutes away from yeah it's like ten minutes away from here don't go what do you think of my makeup your makeup your makeup thank you I just I just went to the worst rated makeup artist in LA what's up I just want to the worst rated makeup artist in LA looking such who's not mad at all I've seen I've seen work really you have definitely okay okay you see from the same place what do you think of my makeup what do you think of my makeup it looks fine it's looking great what do you think of my makeup thank you

we just got home right now and I'm so ready to take this makeup off oh my god I'm just so shocked like I genuinely can't believe that she let me walk out like this and when I was sitting there and she was doing my makeup I was talking her and she was telling me that she's been doing makeup for 27 years and that she went to cosmetology school she was actually trained by the lady that we went to first that made us leave and she trained her for five years I still can't believe you paid I like that is not worth a hundred dollars well like that's why she did the service I just can't get over the fact that she underlined your lips like they don't even follow the line of your actual lip laughs and when she was doing my lipstick you know normally you're just like like you tell him did he do that what are you tell people when you're playing lips I just thought I'm just like open your mouth then I think do it she made me go like like she was like open up and I was like literally I wish you guys could have seen it but she made all of them sit on the opposite side and turn me around so that they wouldn't tell ya because we came in with a camera she was like

really suspicious of that so that's why I could barely film anything so this was literally crazy let me know what you guys think in the comments but if you guys enjoyed this let me know what you think and give this video a thumbs up and also make sure to check out my other worst rated videos I went to the worst rated hair salon and I also went to the worst rated restaurant and let me know if you own me to do any more also because these videos are actually fun to film and I'm just really surprised with a lot of the outcomes like I can't believe this so make sure to subscribe down below and I will see you guys in my next video bye love you guys