03 March 2018


For todays video i decided to give my best shot at recreating a Nikkitutorials makeup tutorial... I have been seeing these videos all over youtube at the moment so ...


[Music] hey guys it's Lacey welcome back to my channel if this is the first time that you're seeing my face I promise you I can do makeup so much better than this for today's video I'm going to be doing the osoi popular video at the moment that is I tried a blank makeup tutorial so yeah I thought that I would have a crack at it give it a go myself I honestly thought I was gonna do great but so for my makeup tutorial I decided to go off one of Nikki tutorials makeup tutorials it looks nothing like Nikki's video my face it feels disgusting it looks old and wrinkly hopefully this video is entertaining you did like it please don't forget to give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel right down below if you haven't already and other than that I guess if you would like to see I have to get this amazing beautiful fantastic look right here then just keep on watching okay I'm so nervous hello guys it's me Nikki and one winter wonder weekday for I thought it was fun to just sit down and do a classic makeup

tutorial sit down do the makeup get the glam I'm all for that let's get the glance my god her intro is so today for priming I want to be a true Instagram legend is that gonna be priming using the far salty unicorn essence okay so I have nothing like that okay so I think to replace the unicorn drops that she used I'm just gonna go ahead and use my everyday a moisturizer which is the Olay moisturizing cream and then for the cover FX mattifying primer I think she said that she's going to use in her t-zone I think I'm just gonna go in with my stylus see you later pulls spot primer just because this one is pretty mattifying and on a daily basis I do normally put this in my t-zone because you know I like my oil to control there for foundation today to bust put a lid on one side of my nose hold on this is Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra long wear foundation in the color one-and-two one-and-two vanilla vanilla vanilla vanilla that's what I mean by like she's just the funniest of us so she is going in with her Laura Mercier

subha bougie fancy expensive foundation and I'm just gonna go in with the most full coverage foundation that I earn which is my covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation which I feel like if you think about Nicki at one of the very first things that you think of is full coverage so I'm gonna go in with a pun and asked them do my concealer I don't know no audio no she's going too far [Music] okay and Nikki Newman goes over her lips so goodbye lamps so she didn't say what concealer she is using but I can only assume that it would be full coverage so I am gonna go in with my Mac Pro Longwear concealer and she is applying her conceal out with a brush which terrifies me a little bit just a little bit I've never ever applied my concealer with a brush before but if Nikki says to do it that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna go find a brush that is suitable for can see laughs okay so I just pumped two pumps of the mac prolongwear concealer onto my hand and I'm going to place underneath my eyes okay so then she bounces it out with the Beauty Blender okay gotcha gotcha girl you knew

this step was coming hah the fit me loose powder in oh five I'm gonna set my under eyes with that oh my god baking no I have the driest skin in the whole entire world when it comes to my face so I'm going to pick up my NYC smooth skin loose face powder because I don't have the Maybelline one I am going to go ahead and use this one this is the powder that I used for special effects makeup start I'm excited okay okay so I feel like because my Beauty Blender is damp it's just sucking up all the powder like the moisture of the Beauty Blender is just making the powder wet I'm ready to move on to the eyes I'm so excited oh so select cover up concealer by Mac okay so she's putting in Sayla all over a lid which I did do when I was putting concealer underneath my eyes the first shade of going in with is by the Zulu palette by drew vias place it's the fiery orange and I'm applying this into the crease using a zoeva 2 to 7 brush and go ahead and buff and blend that out the color that I am going to go in with which is super similar is the Coastal Scents hot part in the shade a bright tangerine my face feels so

disgusting you guys cuz she didn't set our face yet [Music] what am i doing oh I just want to like blend it out but she doesn't really like fully blend it once that is the pie to go in with the yellow and a pipe just a little bit above as a softer transition the next shade that she picked up was a yellow shade so I've had to dig into my special-effects makeup kit and pull out my 120 eyeshadow palette this palette obviously has 120 eyeshadows it's got every single color that you could possibly need so she's using the yellow to blend out the orange at the very top if I had a fancy eyeshadow that wait till the very end don't give up apply the lashes and boom it pulls it together honey okay good good why does one I always look so much better than the other eye same palette going in with the purple and because we have applied the orange the purple is not going to grip onto the lid as much as you would do it on a clean base we go in with this so for this first portion it's gonna look very very messy but then we're gonna fix it a couple moments later I'm basically using the purple as

the next transition step for the darkest color on the lid look at me go I'm a beauty guru okay so I've done both eyes let's move on to the next step okay on the outer and inner corner of the lid are going into the Juvia splays magic palette and I want to go in with this shade right here and I'm applying it right there but because we have lost all stickiness from applying the shadow over top of the base I'm reapplying a bit of that concealer to get the stickiness back for maximum coverage so she basically just like covers up all the work that she just did but we're gonna do the same thing oh my god alright okay alright okay I'm gonna mix a black color and a dark blue together oh my god Niki failing me okay so she just loved it on there I'm sorry man I'm sorry about it yes I'm so mad I actually wanted to try and I actually thought that I do okay this is just not and I personally love this shade even though it's hard to blend but I love it it's hard to blend because you put the concealer down that's why it's hard to blend you're a beauty guru you should know these things [Laughter] no it's not working Niki now I'm cutting

the lit using a little bit of that same concealer and I'm doing a spotlight smokey eye so it's just focused on the center okay I'm just gonna move on to they conceal up pot that she's doing alright that's decent look at me go still working with the jus vyas magic palette and taking this shade right here to set the sides of the lid that we just carved out so going on this outer portion here blending it in so I'm going to pick up a silver we can see something coming to the horizon and that no I don't see anything coming to the horizon on that center portion I'm applying a bit of the mixed glitter primer and then finally stood up in a walk I'm telling you it's just no glitter is gonna fix this mess better put this loose pigment over top this one is a holographic one [Music] all right quickly highlighting my brow bone and now highlighting my brow bone I'm going to pick up this shade right here which is a gold knee color similar to what Nikki uses smoking out that waterline using a black coal this is my shoe eight okay I'm going in with a NYX black eyeliner in this shade no wha Oh black what about and setting

that and smoking it out using a black shadow and mine is also by dubious place called Chad alright so it's been very long and intense but you made it and it's finally time for lashes these are doll beauty lashes and Eva we're literally just doing black on the waterline as it so I'm gonna give this look one last chance with lashes but none of it is blended none of it is right I'm gonna go in with some eyelashes that are coming to shove I'm Lacey Jane super soon because it's so dumb whether to cry because I just don't want to do it anymore gonna bronze next to nothing powder in medium dark brush doing it we're on zoom bronzing groans I'm gonna go in with my Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer and she's using an angled brush so I'm gonna go find an angled brush this is the Sigma angled contour f40 brush and for my clone gonna be taking this dull Beauty dull light highlighter and shine note like a diamond it's called like it just say that like a diamond this one is the technique get gorgeous highlighting how it off and then to finish her lips I think its smartest too because this is so intense

let's focus on this and not anything else except for the glow so I'm gonna go for nude glossy lips I just feel like it will give the most balance so first going in with the shoe a long lip cream liner in pink Shemp and shimmer my favorite ok letting my top lip because that's all she did going in with the nudist lipstick that I earned which is the Maybelline New York lipstick in the shade Matt 7th and then over top to add some color and depth this veinte Beauty lip gloss in the color space it's a cosmic gloss cosmic gloss in the car spacesuit so she's going in with a gloss so I'm going to go in with a gloss as well this one is the L'Oreal Paris gloss in the shade rose on it on and to seal the deal some setting spray so this is the finished look it was such a long process to get to the end it literally took me two hours to sit here and try and get it as close to Nicky's as I could it's just way too advanced for the makeup that I can do and I had shitty products like if I had good products I feel like a promoter worked out a little bit better so yeah this is pretty much the end of this video I really hope that you guys liked

it I don't know how entertaining it's gonna be because I just was literally frustrated the whole time so yeah hopefully you guys like this video if you did it please make sure to give it a thumbs up if you're new to my channel don't forget to hit the subscribe button right down below I try to upload new videos two times every single week and other than that I don't think I have anything else say other than I love you guys so so much and I hope you all having an amazing day or night wherever you are all around the world and I will see you all in just a few days bye [Music] you