21 December 2018

I Tried Following a Michelle Dy Drunk blush make-up tutorial(nagulat ako sa kinalabasan HaHa Ha!!!)

Hi guys its me Analyn sorry naman sa aking video its my first time na mag make-up hehe ****Thank you for watching guys****


see the guys and gagawin : I have a mother maybe yes it's my first time I got there in Creole make up tutorial Michelle D now get ready with me every day down blush in case of a bottom of makeup so to drink so any guys only thou eye primer but I have a lock on primer Foundation a card so America Foundation get so you need out is foundations and foundation credit i atone maybelline matte poreless for I'm a man yeah Cantara so that he will eleven brush at Walla home Spanish so it melon got a meeting closed punch you Sonia salomina cold so when you bring in down but I'm gonna pop up Malone remember oh no I love all spunky just alone my dinner got a little mana nobody there I'm a man some of the gain a tiny tiny to automatically concealer so that I can do nothing you mama eating eating

representing in our drama drama drama data letter D hmm that balls alone I look paddle para macabre jacuzzi well on a bridge bridge oh my god so calm down but deep end you know gayoung gayoung gayoung Union that was hoping a better women that possible to meet him so that you not be Queen in the column cool solemn anything a theory that Boswell apparent upon sponge so in polygamy vinca silica solid the next time we believe our sponge so women down nagoba but on that bottle I know I don't mean you got your metaphor [Music] so baby powder we keep using our money baby banana man so get her by name so so central Illinois it's a moo-moo hammer ah or the bumblebees Penniman next [Music] like eating in the middle a kinky light in the back of panic simple a compartment in deep and tiny did you know capacity to determine with

discussing her and she she'd before that's over hands I am sure at the quality market alone we are even so first time family right now [Music] [Music] so Cassandra Gupta so in guys i'ma keep Elena no matter monkey night so feeling you kill n KO mook already but the people immunity night guano Sauvignon sure [Music] [Music] [Music] on the bar key like about no discipline value so for that I love about the base until I find that I got my key Lena - first time granted oh come on man [Music] so we push our detailing open area yeah yeah so any guys so I next now look at a personal key light eye mascara so you give another person acting video nicki signature yes as any mascara same swallow compound curl the run and gamma to mascara is to maybelline i talkin about makin interrogation only do

mascara lipstick at Apple in Lingam D'Amico vehicle medulla magnate sunny is a la mañana know so mascara mascara [Music] [Music] we're gonna sign off on me polynomial form but a bit at all so you get them now you next upon blush so if I ever bilenda put on them 3d engine Gregg Ancelotti Danny nappa you not before I blow dry [Music] [Music] [Applause] so like in the lipstick well I'm gonna lipstick so I'm going to cry at all because I'm going on a honeymoon open for dances or been tackled a little lip I'm an expert not angry parent red lipstick tomorrow noon [Laughter] I'm from Obama in a big chicken butt in a picture [Music] having a pendulum so that's my so opening today father enough do you nothing so powder I love item powder peridot you do for me I'm gonna try

I'm getting nothing to guys kept on asking blush drunk blush makeup so it'll happen opinion pretty man puttin it in balance with a universe [Music]