26 November 2018


I think next time I follow a makeup tutorial I will just record myself rather than streaming it. The look took a long time to actually do. Maybe Jeffree Star next?

I say today we are actually finally

gonna do our following someone's makeup tutorial yeah I know that James Charles release his new palette but I already have a morphe 35 B and I haven't really touched it yet so I feel like there's no point in me getting the James child's palate since this palette is very similar to change tiles Canela being that I have the 35 be all ready I may as well try create his look that he did for his makeup palette campaign thingamajiggy I've already done the base makeup I've done the foundation eyebrows nose I haven't done lips yet but we can figure out the list later on so that's what we're gonna do today we're following a James chose makeup tutorial this is the 35b pala advertising there's a lot of colors to play with I'm not too sure if these colors are going to be in you know here's tutorial like I don't know if I can do the exact look but we can't we'll see okay let's go so oh yes I guess this is cut I use code sister for this palette right sister coach James what did I say was I saying okay well I'm color blind so I don't know what that color is like why does it

look purple in the palette but then on his brush it looks like a dark blue by the way guys if you don't know already I'm actually color blind so this might be a little bit of struggle and also my my brushes I'm not clean I should have cleaned them before I did any of this but whatever I think it's a purple I think this one would be the closest one with this one I think this one would the closest one so I'm just let me use this one wait that's a is that a blue I don't know I'm going to pop this right on the outer corner and start to like and like imagine it's gonna be like hello the honoree I normally don't hold on James hold on hold on sister I don't know why I would use a big brush I wouldn't ever use a big brush like that but whatever okay sorry something I forgot and I'm really curious to see how this look turns out is I obviously have Asian eyes and I have different eyes than James Charles so where his eyes work well being lifted my eyes work well if I go down with its cause Asian eyes so I'm really curious to see how his look transfers onto me and how his technique strands onto me next we have another M 4-3-3 brush and dip into the

shade a single which is that lighter purple shade and I'm gonna use this too lightly diffuse out the [Music] okay hold on sister I'm still like trying to finesse this shit like his one looks good and I mind one looks bad we need a fix my wing because my thing is not working okay like I got that defusing thing right like a blending sorta I just I can't get this a wing this is looking bad I don't know how he goes shopping with a big brush like that like James explains also I don't have a lot of eyelid space don't now that I think about it James we can always fix this later like this is a good shit but we gonna fix it later say got a yellow you're kidding me I was gonna pop this right I'm gonna at our corner kind of letting into the nose contour as well I just pulling something right into that crease regen although some reason why I like using big brushes because it's like my eyes just come up with the big brushes Weiss is one just so much more pigmented my yella is not showing I guess I've got I'm just gonna stamp in the color first and then I'll try blend

up because it is yellow it's just sorry pigmented well I don't have a true I'm going to use the same yellow brush actually no I'm not I'm actually gonna use this same bleep brush and like clean off as much as I can wait was that blue purple is part purple [Music] oh why is this one so much better blended like how does he like get it blended so well on the first guy likes just explained so now I'm going to take my favorite brush of this entire collection in my makeup collection and they all have four five six which is babies yeah I'm sorry guys Carl a pink bright neon day okay bright neon pink I'm going to seem it's this color so as you guys can see he has so much space to work with where I'm already touching my second eyebrow that comes into the collection and dip into the shade escape this is the darker purple shade I'm gonna pop this right in okay creating dimension do I have a brush like that no i don't i actually darn I could use this I guess no my not we're gonna use the same pink shade and go into that purple [Music] I don't know if this go well up look at

this going well I don't know whatever we're continuing 506 brush from the brush set I love this tiny brush for blending out the outer do a little bit of the shade spooky I the black atabaque just a tiny bit I'm at two to four brushes in my favorite concealer and just a thick white concealer and I'm just gonna go right in on that inner corner I guess he's gone hey what cutting the crease all I have is this but it's dirty because I'm a cheap bitch I don't own a brush that is clean and like his to cut crease I'm gonna use my broken ass instant age rewind from Maybelline and use like these kind thingamajiggy so that's how we're gonna cut the crease I don't really know how well this is gonna go so I'm just gonna hope for the best keep going pretty okay aspect is saying and then Governor m4 31 this is the little pencil Russell you can't I'm going to grab a tiny bit more about concealer on the paintbrush I just got a little bit off and I'm gonna go in and actually diffuse out because I don't want this to be a crazy crazy I don't have a clean brush so I'm just gonna use like these little thing you see Dada

like I'm a fucking resourceful pop cheat queen I really wanted to make a super penguin said white eyeshadow because I feel like I said I'm really hard to find and I also decided to place it in the middle row as well because a lot of you guys love using white when it comes to I'm just gonna use my finger taking the white and dip into the shader acapella which is on metallic blue shade spread I need a blender so okay good enough that's using the morphe prepping set I'm gonna pack this shade right on here like a metallic blue shade then on a dirty I'm four five six I'm going to have the shaded coal up which is our dark blue not shade I'm obsessed with this color that is obviously named dr. Pepsi my favorite soda is pop it right in there to make sure the purple and blue are blended together I think I'm backing and blending does that okay so he did the blue metallic and then I'm talking Matt [Music] and then a dog which blend it all together [Music] and on that same brush next under grab

the shade hello hello what color is that like what is that a pink or like what is that a light blue oh I don't know what color that is I'm I literally cannot tell is that a blue up part pink I can tell a baby blue shimmer well I don't have a light blue shimmer so we're going to we're gonna use a thirsty palette we can use this color sorry I just don't have that hello so just go out just to add some more dimension to the lid I'm gonna use the peaches and cream at glitter base and a few different glitters that I have this one is from in your dreams I don't have glitters I don't have any least glitters but I have Jeffrey's toggle it is a little bit of that chunkier glitter from in your dream just as well I do want to show I click use this color then I don't know some super chunky pieces from the craft store just here and there well I don't have a glitter so I'm just gonna use a Jeffrey stop thinking the pop story how's that I did not that bad that's actually pretty good what actually not that bad that's actually pretty good

then a finish off the upper law Center it's under gravity liquid it blocks liner and just go right over that - oh he didn't even do that much of a liner so I guess it's just like a tiny one let's nexus there what are the access purple shit all that interested one more time into a single I'm gonna use this to play what was that again single that's me [Music] for us to be in to the scene of brother a deeper right solution I love bright blue shade it is a novice leading doctor accessory yeah this is another one of those she say that bright blue shade as in this one I'm assuming and then with the add one five two this is a tiny brush but I love this for buffing out of the lower lash line I'm gonna dip into the bright green shade which is called socialblade it honored all of you guys to my crazy growth throughout this past year I gotta say green always isn't I don't want to pop this right next to that blue and also his green seems lighter so I'm just gonna add some white concealer oh wait he was using the back into the whole time I could to Sylvie's Jeffrey's us drug lord

they thought that to the green chain which is dark green shade the noon that same Browns got a dip into Cola and Kyle is a blue not going to like I don't really know what I'm doing you think it's quite a bit more about peaches just so everything is like flowing nicely together just gonna pop on a quick call of a mascara if you can believe that white girl then I'm s I should have she's drug lord okay I guess he's just leaving it there well I guess we should use drugs often oh by the way my hands are dirty I just put chocolate on my hand and I guess we go in I don't know how it's working I don't know if there's a lot working huh then I just go back into stock green I guess and to redo everything Oh what does not leave it like that like I don't know all right you guys and that is one I of this unleash your inner campaign look all complete I'm gonna go do the other one off-camera quickly to save some time I'll be right back to finish off the rest of this love does this even look good but I thought right I mean on camera it looks okay like on camera guys can't even see my mistakes

can see how bad it is but like in person like it's just a mess maybe the lashes will save ourselves okay he didn't go like he went for long but separated so you can still see it a look I don't have that sir I'm going to use more of a natural type of lash I'm gonna use this like these natural type of lashes I also don't have to put on glasses properly I'm sorry I don't have to put on lashes like eidart nerds but on lashes [Music] what do you I think and just see the girl without lash line because you can see how's that make any difference do you guys even see the lashes like did it even make a difference is that you guys do yeah I don't know if you guys can see we're just gonna leave it like this I can't love ya so time to see the other eye eye let's just keep going oh my thinking I'd be stream for two hours bitch I've been doing what three hours uh whoo I give up on my eyelashes this is just how it's gonna be this is just I don't have a bronze to say if I look like it guys I don't have a broad to her oh my God we're finally

done with the eye shadow look what do you guys think we need to do lips why don't we think oh my God we're finally what do you guys think oh by the way guys I need to do an outro maybe I just need a nacho just to see I can't just look to hook this look take this look took it I suck at this I suck at this this look this look - why kind of like why can I say this look took forever just look - forever and this is my outro you know goodbye love you bye thank you [Music]