09 March 2018



not only this is gonna be bad I'm gonna

jack it up so much more by not using any of the right makeup yeah sup guys sup guys today we're going to do the YouTube trend so I followed a makeup tutorial and I'm gonna follow Trixie Mattel is drag queen makeup tutorial because the funniest ones and the best ones that I think I've seen are the drag queen ones so I am a minimalist and I don't have a lot of stuff a cup is definitely not something I have a lot of so I'm going to use what makeup I had in the house which is you know just make up this is gonna be interesting let's see how this goes look at that my hair is finally long enough for a ponytail good enough this is supposed to only take 20 minutes I don't know I'm afraid of ripping them out my eyebrows are so pretty oh this is a feeling I've never felt before mmm if you've never glued your eyebrows before seriously you're not new sensation people also I don't have a mirror so that feels weird you know I see why we put it in circles now I see it is quite difficult I haven't either brush out the glue I did get a brush and I guess we'll do white there you go oh yeah but are we doing I'm kind of 60s

surfer doll kind of look today you know you gotta do the neck because then it otherwise it doesn't look natural I don't like it so I like to use this lighter color I don't have anything lighter the biggest why make a visit if you're not a good makeup artist just do what I did just make it your thing okay oh good that is change the lines on the face but don't be scared but that's like weird look this room's kind of cool your tricks i'ma tell you just set the bar so low that I could show up to work and as long as I have a lot of makeup on doesn't matter how well I apply it they're like she came to work today we were getting right in here honey lines line whoa crazy is how hard I'm trying and it's still just why already at like 20 minutes and I only have this done bitch but this point doesn't matter so much respect to drag queens this is so hard well that's kind of cool this off without those lines what I think I think it looks good sharp one side of my face longer than the other it's kind of [Music] so much harder this was a look like a

worm this looks kind of cool I don't have any powder blue halo that gorgeous it is it's really gorgeous really gorgeous now we're going to set it I'm gonna set this variable okay straight edge straight edge straight edge straight it we're not even halfway through the tutorial and I've already spent like 40 minutes on this oh god I just weird I'm so good at makeup it's stupid it's stupid how good at makeup I am oh my god I have never seen a look like this can't have you I didn't think so hey look it's non-toxic okay yeah bad Oh gets worse non-toxic my ass hey how's it going oh yeah oh yeah it looked like I'm in Cirque de Soleil another item I don't have a teeny tiny little brush as well and I have to do [Music] we ever called me my iconic makeup look witches influenced a generation I mean if we're going to call it so you've painted your top line and you know where the corner of your eye is so you're just going and closing it off another fun fact when I look out of just this eye there's like a scar on my eye and I can't see very well the shape I

made looks nothing like the shape she made before I was like but Trixie haven't you always wanted to just do like natural makeup ever want to try it do you think Garth Brooks has everyone to try rap not good but the same shape this was way harder than I thought it would get everywhere like it was gonna look good anyways right I don't have that much forehead help but I can't even do that making another color oh my god this looks nothing at all right for my first time doing this I am doing oh I wonder if anyone can see me outside my window and they're just like I hope so because I would love if I looked out and the other apartment and saw somebody doing weird stuff I mean that look whole point of looking into people's windows is to see some mom bitch yes they look good no but it looks pretty cool and I wear six pairs of 301 lashes on top and then a small pair on the bottom so if you're counting along at home that's 14 strips of eyelashes on my face what I bought one oh well I only have one pair so just puppy your chubby no bunny you've had enough to eat oh my god that is a look and a half [Music]

flipz well this I love this oh yes you're not Trixie if you're just following your lip line that's not going to look cool yeah okay [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] alright guys I hope you liked this video on I tried following a drag queen makeup tutorial and if you did give this video a thumbs up this is disgusting and just like the most beautiful thing yes wait are you kidding me I don't think so oh yeah that matches better I didn't even need the wig I look like a queen I'm Jarrod [Music] ah this looks terrible I know and this terrible took me over an hour to make but I'm so proud of it [Music] [Applause] boys that hurt so bad Oh