09 April 2019


Heya! I tried these brushes from Silly Sollys!! Join me on social media! Instagram - Lisalee_dsm Snapchat - lisahochart.


I'm welcome back to my channel it's been a while since I've been on here to be honest I really don't want to be uploading content that's like just tutorials and stuff to me it's quite boring and to do the content I want it's gonna cost a lot of money and me I don't have a lot of money so I'm just just doing what I can really so I come across this makeup set it's like holy holographic a diamond and it is got 11 piece of makeup brushes so that's what they look like and they're actually very very very soft I got them from $5 for silly Sally's I thought that was pretty cool and I thought well I will test them and see if anyone else is interested so if you're interested in that keep on watching first brush I'm really confused on what brushes of what because they look so different so I'm just going with the flow so if I'm wrong for what each brush is please let me know because I've been researching researching for an hour what brush does what because these are all confusing so I'm just going to assume that this is a foundation brush I don't know about we'll find out so I'm just going in with the Revlon nearly

naked in 110 ivory see hopefully so I'm just gonna stiffen it on see if that does anything this is way too soft to be a foundation brush but I'm just making you sort of that didn't work I tried and tried and tried but I ended up going with the wet Beauty spin blender and I'm fixing it so I'm just gonna do the rest of my makeup and until we get to powder then I'll test that out so I'll see you that so I'm gonna be going with the big powder brush and I'm gonna go in with our super stay 24-hour powder in shade 10 ivory look what my son has done he loves every time I do my makeup he loves coming in here and just like taking it everything and he even takes the brushes and he sees these he's like putting it on it's so adorable so far this is really soft really good it's putting the powder on 10 out of 10 love it yeah let's go in - come - ah yeah yeah going in the arm essence contour palette and I'm just gonna dip that in this brush is really soft it's putting the contour on very nicely nice light contour that doesn't look like they don't come up what it really is pretty sure I use my foundation brush

as our boss well I'll just use this big fluffy one for blush I'm xx to do um number three dusty rose this has like a bit of highlighter in it which I do like but don't like at the same time and again this is really really soft so I prepared three but I don't want to make my videos way too long as I tend to do that I forgot about this angled brush apparently we can contour with it from reading [Music] [Music] what that man definitely wouldn't use this file I not tell you what and way too big awful okay so for tutorial for the eyes is gonna be quick and easy I did this yesterday and it was so fast so it comes with two blending brushes one short one small a flat brush and a pencil brush so two blending brushes I'm gonna grab the LA girl to a tree this is a really good brush really really good for blending out I shudder so hmm I'm going to use a small one for so I'm using style London I'm not sure we can get this pallet but it's got given to me as a gift this palette is actually pretty

good when you're starting off a shadow because all you really need to do is use that as your transition shade put that on the outer corner of your eye and use any of these folders and put it here and then just blend it out it's really really simple so if anyone is starting eyeshadow somehow find this palette I don't know but it's really really good and yeah and the pigments were really really good so I'm just going to use that as a transition shade wow this actually performs better than my brushes which I got these ones are pretty sure these are eBay cuz the seller I bought it off she said they were from eBay these are actually way better for five dollars Wow these brushes are like really really good and I really like them okay so he's gonna blend that all over the eye and then we are going to grab because there's no dark brown in here I'm going to grab the beer is Berry's palette this is actually a really good palette I like it and I'm going to grab shaded right there and do the same thing I'm bellowing away I am blown away by these brushes these are the best brushes I have used so far besides this this

Sigma okay but I bought really really cheap um ebay brushes when I first started getting into makeup and they are like really hard like for example this is like coming out this is really hard on my face so is this it's so hard like like it's just very hard and it's very uncomfortable it's like very soft kneels touching your face but these are really soft and I got them for like ten dollars I think for five dollars from cilice always I'm really really impressed and like this is not even sponsored or anything sponsor me no thanks kidding um yeah these are really really good I'm really impressed if you hear the banging noise there's like a tree in the corner up here and it would be mean cut it down but you haven't done it and it keeps rubbing along the roof so it's my hair I'm like yeah yeah anyways so now I'm going to grab the flat brush and I'm going to go into this little bronzy shade and we are just going to put that along here and it gives it like a nice like Goldie look like a Goldie natural look oh yeah I did it for shopping SA and I was like wow this actually looks really good I think I'm gonna use this more often because I usually just go

with just Browns cuz that's natural going back in with la blending brush then I try to add a link to it and I was like oh my god that's disgusting sorry if you want to put a link to it because I believe every makeup look should have a link to it not this one well it didn't suit me in my case so you can do your I don't care so that gives it like a nice glittery Brioni shade it sort of reminds me of like wedding makeup I don't know why I think it's just the glow in the Bream's but yeah I didn't even do my eyebrows yet whatever honestly whatever this is gonna get all washed away because I've got to go pick up my son from the daycare um perhaps I've had so much Red Bull honestly I don't like half again I'm just like finding right okay so going back into the same one with the pencil brush and we're going to go in with this highlighter shade and just put it in the inner corner of my eye just like a lot just like a lot 101 good too heavy it's actually a pretty good pencil brush now I'm gonna grab this lust lost brush gift and last brush and it is the

highlighting one and you're just gonna dip that in and boom where's the whole lot off I go spray it first but this must fix one I haven't actually used this yet but I feel it's good now that's true wet sorry but I can't see it it's not picking very much sports girl this is one sports girl the highlight of this is way better I think maybe because it's so close together and this is like too far apart see that's the difference so this is the only one that I do not like actually there we go that's way better now mmm-hmm look I have way too much blush on that's not very aggressive so if you put way too much on it go back in with your powder usually I do this to soften a contour and stuff if it's like too harsh or whatever but for the brushes sauce overall they are really really good can I see yep that's all the brushes would I 100% recommend bloody eyes go and get it five dollars from that silly silliness comes with it a little case it comes in like a plastic container I'll show you but I throw it in the bin but yeah um yes go grab it and I hope to see

you in the next video have a great weekend everybody