20 December 2018

I love my new CT lipstick!!!

hello guys this is Amanda welcome back I

didn't record any video yesterday what was I doing last night I forgot but anyway I was thinking about doing it this morning we're trying to fortunately I failed because of the rain because of like the strong gush this morning that I have to hold the umbrella all the time which left me no time no Angie for any videos the first things first I want to talk about this lipstick I'm so obsessed with that it's the Charlotte Tilbury the color is amazing grace I saw the recommendation of this color on YouTube in which Miranda Kerr she was kind of rain raving about this this lipstick because she says this was the color she was wearing on her wedding day and I was like oh my god I just bought this color several days ago I'm so happy that I'm like kind of buying the right color even if I haven't tried it before I kind of like I'm gonna feel if it's the right color this one because I don't know some part of my brain just thinks the Miranda Kerr and I we have like we have something in common our selection of makeup and it doesn't fail me last night when I finally came I tried it I tried it this morning as Wow and I think this is the perfect color for me every

like a daily color for me because you know sometimes you you like a lot of colors those fall colors and bald red and attractive colors but they're not the color you were wear when you're going to work unfortunately and you need something nude and I'm actually thinking that this color is the closest color I've ever met that it's close to my lip color my original color it's the closest color the which I think it closest color to my lips lip Carter Hall I'm kind of lost there anyways I first first things first on a rave about my affection for this lipstick amazing almost as close I was as close as my feeling is to to the Pat McGrath lipstick those are amazing this Wow so currently I'm going oh yeah I'm gonna talk about my sweater as well this one as you can see its turtleneck one and I just realized that this might be the one and only turtleneck sweater that I've ever owned like currently I dumped a lot of them because at at some period I just kind of hate high neck sweaters I think it's kind of stifling and especially when you're indoors with the AC on you feel like you cannot even breathe but

those turtlenecks are those super tight ones around your neck and super warm that's a good thing though from what I see it it's just not something that's suitable for offices especially with strong AC but this one as you can see it's like it's super loose the knack and which guarantees that you can have nice air out your neck can breathe easily it also has its shortcomings to Schwartz it's for coming it's the fact that it's it support you know I'm kind of kind of nervous about the coldness every time I wear something short I wear something that's crop top my waist kind of hurts and I hate that so I swear to God I would never ever buy anything that's crop top because I've already owned a bunch of them unless unless it's super cute okay unless it's it's the kind of cute that the moment I see it I want to own it desperately that I wanted it's like inside and out from the bottom of my heart that kind of crave will push me into buying it which I haven't encountered one which is a good thing and so yeah that's it that's one of the top like how I'm gonna

now give out in this video tomorrow tomorrow I'm gonna feel a video with my colleagues they're doing those field guide battle thing we're gonna try something that's super stinky and I hope I could handle them well because sometimes I feel like I'm not super interesting things stinky tofu well I was just think he stinking piece bye-bye I want to go I want to change my clothes it's kind of short to shorten makes me feel chilly right now bye-bye