05 May 2019

I DID her WORST REVIEWED MAKEUP FOR PROM 🤢😱 not Musical.ly or TIkTok

I am the worst rated and worst reviewed makeup artist in this whole city on Yelp lol and my best friend Julie trusted me with doing her makeup or prom makeup ...

hey guys yesterday's video I applied

makeup on your faces using Photoshop right and I posed as the worst makeup artist the world has ever seen but to my surprise and yours I received some pretty good feedback from you guys you guys had oh that's not you pretty good and I'm choked so I asked you if you'd like me to try this on someone's actual face in real life with real makeup you guys said yes oh here we are the worst reviewed makeup artist that would be me hello is about to apply makeup to one of his best friends basically texted her saying are you free today I need to use your face is a canvas I'm free after 2:30 awesome I'm gonna be putting makeup on these so no makeup and then boom boom is this good yes it is thank you Judy Romero perfect me at home 230 okay well you know being a professional worst reviewed makeup artist being a professional being the worst me I don't have any makeup there asked my client Julie Romero the client is going to bring her makeup I was like can you get your makeup and our client was like okay your house or mine see anything that is inconvenient for my client we will do so my client is about to bring her makeup

is about to come to the worst reviewed makeup artist which would be me rebelled to boutique my brand and with her she's bringing her own makeup and a ring light she's bringing you all the stuff you know the client is bringing the salon to this worst reviewed makeup artist you know what the client is late but here's how it's gonna go I'm gonna stare down I'm gonna do our makeup with her makeup I'm gonna try and take this seriously because I have tried to put makeup on her face before but it always ends up looking terrible I'm gonna actually study now I'm gonna do my best drop a thumbs up and then maybe we can get someone to do my makeup I don't know why I just threw that out there I actually don't want that to happen but hey you know why if you drop a thumbs up and we get this video enough likes then sure we'll make it happen but now let's prepare for Julie Romero our clients arrival our client is here Julie Romero hello welcome - thank you for having me what is this I'm gonna ruin your face but I'm gonna try not to you know how great I am at a makeup flashback to the old video of him trying to do like a scale of 0 stars - 5 stars how many

stars am i thank you okay so we're gonna take this seriously I'm gonna be the worst reviewed makeup artist yes I don't exactly have a great pass with makeup we're gonna try and make it work I studied a bit before today I'm used to be a peeps shall we begin she got her own makeup because I don't have any that's how great we are at makeup guys i said- stars foundation so let me just find the foundation [Music] found the foundation guys try to make it look good we are Julie what is all this you have a problem all right so here we go I found the booty blender this is what we're gonna use to blend the foundation on your face you have to tell your clients what's happening I believe that's good so this goes on this I'm not wearing makeup oh my god it's cold it's okay it's okay shut up quiet that's a great job don't do that you're gonna give me wrinkles in the future then stop smiling Jilly Romero your hairs really getting in the way I blame it oh my god this is the this is supposed to go around the eyes do or well like cause permanent damage all right I think we need to like

blended into your neck because we don't want it to look like alright I think that's a good job all right let's take a look found Duchenne done I mean old 100 times better with foundation on donor like just foundation that would be my skills you're complimenting thank you very much why is like a little birdie to me what's wrong what's wrong with you later tonight did I do that you were born that way until your marrow no I'll forget this is a part of your lip I'll think it's your face do that do that no they do that in videos concealers next I don't know where it goes though okay so I'm assuming this goes on the forehead okay I feel like it was this this goes on the forehead right it does thanks officers been sweating just put it where it goes the forehead oh my god it goes down here Oh get those Gucci bags nobody also don't have bags under your eyes I do oh my god my sister shut up we're gonna booty one now okay so this shouldn't have been concealed here so we're gonna try and erase this feeling what kind of how much what's the dabber on the eye well it's a delicate skin area awesome okay not me

wide so it saw them but how cool that looks guys look Wow we'll start with your eye makeup eye shadow awesome okay no these are so boring look at these colors they're so boring oh I'm really feeling this no this time you have a thousand and one brushes small ones for your eyes like this this works my makeup artist types of my changes does this fit wait close your eye that's too big so I'm gonna start with this color over here guys look we're gonna go with turquoise and we're gonna go into this I'm actually trying as you can tell I think I picked a really wrong brush another one messy but I'm really feeling it Oh make it kind of look like you got beat off but it's okay it's okay that took you by surprise oh my god I can really feel your eyeball oh my god close your eye properly like try and spread your eyelid well as it like stretch it don't like ya don't sprinkle it all up like that how do you volunteer Lee stretch out your eyelid guys please tell me next am I supposed to look or no no gonna be a surprise I'm using this tiny brush now guys we're gonna go with this dark hue

so you were supposed to try artsy guys but y'all think I think she would stop correcting my mistakes client okay what's wrong with it nothing I didn't see it I just delight okay so we're gonna go with darkness interesting galaxy smokey eye that's what I might come imagine I mean it looks so flawed but it's okay we'll fix the flaws yeah don't feel you like touching my eyeball yeah I feel your eyeball real good too yeah yeah I'm lost okay should I go with hot pink that one's beautiful it's perfect this one right here Yas Yas go with the beige okay yeah wear this one ready oh my god I was gonna go for that one anyway this is but this one look I'll swatch it to look oh you're right totally I'm not sure what I just did honestly and I'm not happy about it fix it okay all right eraser save us don't trust never trust the makeup artist oh you liked it okay wait look now yeah that's purple and blue what do you think better oh my god that's a huge compliment for jilly ribeiro it's not color I would wear but

it's not oh my god way no I got clothes I want to use this I don't know what do not use that you will rip on my eyelashes okay so this is where all the liners are oh my god I was supposed to do that hold on I'm gonna do I'm gonna go come on we can do it we can work as a team close your eyes are you serious yes let it fit it's broke this is your eyeliner oh my god is it okay I'm nervous oh this is the thing they make wings out of oh it's gonna be dramatic here we go hmmm that's probably the finest wing look look the other side how great is that wing oh yeah I know dear I was just gonna get smudged up here I really screwed this one out yeah I really screwed that I up oh my god no what have I done is it fixable oh my god reddit this come from yeah open look where I don't see anything oh my god why are they so it's like this way this will like this you're impressed whatever happened what happened really I mean I thought I was gonna be way was

good alright oh this looks like a contour brush but I don't know why it's green they had someone green with your contour brush don't do that makeup artists 101 I'm helping you pick onto her I don't know where it's lit a little bit of light on your nose yes no a lot of lighting around here under the eyes are you okay those are just like dust in my eye a lot of red here and then a lot of darkness here it's doing the work okay look look I don't see it yeah oh yeah okay now let's see how people put here don't think oh no you don't look right Oh guys you realize I don't look great okay you look way too colorful hold on we got to blend it all together yes yes this is literally what I did on Photoshop you know we finished everything in the new blended everything all together I know I'm doing a good job here what yes yes makeup actually where yes you'll like nice and calm tore down oh my God look at you okay you're looking good oh that's weird you're not took this from Emma no we just need to finish the look up

with some blush maybe and dear lipstick right more blush you didn't put any blush you did but I'm less contouring that was it's not the same thing okay let's pick out a nice lipstick color shall we oh you have a lot we romero with the new alright I don't know how this works but I'm just assuming I have to like go over all your lips and then you go away grain well grace it the look yeah maybe it will let's go ahead and try gray we're gonna go block from the inside of the making like slow gradient into the outside of grey and now you kind of looks like a corpse oh my god this is Amba makeup Oh what it works I think it looks great proportion alright I think that's the whole look wait wait don't give attention yet nothin no don't don't get tell anyone what happened here narcissistic montage yeah oh my god oh yeah looks terrible today what do you think Yas it looking great this is a come on you're me to criticize okay how much would you pay for this get out is this one my chin is supposed to be like what what show me it doesn't show oh the columns are fine that's that's the that's the first mistake

guys this is my skin tone over here blame your foundation what do you go like otherwise your shortages video your accommodation is that how you say so and you put makeup you go like you just neglected my eyebrows completely oh my god okay we're not done yet all right so show me your eyebrows what is it okay to use eyeshadow on your eyebrows oh no I'm just about I'm about to remove them you're so gonna use this technique so guys the quantity Baldy use a fluffy applicator I'm supposed to go out after then it's perfect so you'll be able to go out and show people this wonderful look no I think I dug your eyebrows me a lot I shouldn't have done them you kind of look intense right now yeah like we're just not even gonna talk about all right all right all right everybody come in here what do you think I'm like two stars Ashley how many stars would each of you give me for this look yeah half half a star yeah forever have a star well collectively that makes one and a half stars I mean if it wasn't for that eyeliner you know how lips go little when you draw them their life this was not the

solution to that what else do you love your eyebrows East area this is crazy to me right here I mean it's not me really this is scary it's like I have two chins [Music] wait I'll fix it fire him God some people they just love to complain these customers good luck finding it it's not who wants to be in my place looks editorial me what is it well Reba begged me to say this but yes because I made a small comment that because the makeup look is so intense I said that he made a good choice in choosing the I honestly look at it it looks s it balances it looks good I mean it looks good on a scale of one guys did ask out what said how much would you rate this look let me know down in the comments below like 10 being the best how much would you rate it it makes sense to put cool colors you know complementary sort of what do you think Judi out of time oh my god thank you I'm gonna do your makeup though guys let me know down the comments below if you enjoyed this video and also would you like makeup to be applied on through my face I don't trust you you have about taste and makeup if you gave this look

you gave this look at 3 because I'm nice to you you're my friend this is at least a 7 so yeah let me know down the comments below your thoughts on my look would you get your makeup done at my wonderful makeup artists revolt the booty don't do it don't do it guys do you see this my ears what color my face is a different color well you don't expect people to actually make up your face yours yes they do do that look at this it's like I'm wearing a mask alright let me know down in the comments below would you be able to do a better job than me I know you're I know the answers are no but you know you don't have to like I mean you're really digging your look I'm just like looking at myself in general no no you're really liking how you look I've noticed it's the narcissism guys you guys you're really thinking you look like she looks good I love you that's different oh my cute it's the ring life no it's not guys what about me do I look good [Music] [Applause] [Music]