18 November 2016


HEY LADIES!! I tried explaining each and every products in this video instead of just using it without explaining. i feel that way you can get mini reviews and ...

hi guys Lama alaikum this is a java door

here and today i'm gonna be doing this makeup look for you guys basically this video was to focus on my current foundation routine that I've been following for the past few weeks and a lot of people have given me a lot of good compliments about my foundation application so I really wanted to just you know share with it with you guys if you have the same skin as me so I just want to give you a few facts about my skin so if you can relate since the weather is changing my skin has been paying the toll I mean most of the people are struggling with that same situation right now so usually okay so a very long time ago like two three years ago I used to have extremely dry skin like a cactus dry skin but then this summer I started developing this extremely oily oily oily skin for no reason like I didn't even change anything or anything like my skin just became so oily no matter what I was using so I have to change my whole skincare routine and everything but now since the weather is changing again it's you know it's getting colder I mean it's hot as heck today but it is getting a little bit colder so my skin is getting

a little bit drier I'm getting these dry patches and my nose is getting very very dry on the sides the area around my mouth is getting very dry I don't know what's happening with my skin my skin is extremely bipolar tri-polar whatever if you want to see how I got this whole look except my brows then keep on watching the whole video and enjoy alright guys so I'm gonna start off with the primer I've already moisturized my face using my favorite moisturizer which is the Clinique dramatically different gel moisturizer and then I'm gonna be using this elf hydrating primer and I recently started using it I've been loving it so much and when I apply it it does feel oily and you know it feels like it's not gonna hold the foundation but when I paired with this foundation the exhale order double wear same place make a foundation oh my god the application is to die for it's amazing this foundation I bought because my skin was extremely oily during the summer times but then as the weather started changing foundations started cracking like every time I was using it with my chart or with my dr. Brandt's primer it was

just cracking it was looking so dry and disgusting and you know dry patches and everything so I was just not liking this anymore I was like I can't return it because it was amazing during the summertime so but when I started pairing it with this elf primer I just fell in love and I'm like you know what this could be my foundation routine that I can actually upload on my channel the eyeshadow primer that I'm gonna be using is this one this is called barrio graphi eye mousse and this is in shade cameo 3580 and this is called canvas I'm mousse and oh my god guys this thing is super duper amazing like it color corrects it comes very close to the Mac Paint Pot but I think this one is a lot better because it feels a lot lighter and it feels a lot powdery like once I apply it it's definitely a mousse i swatched it once on ma the back of my hand and the swatch was there even after 24 hours I was washing the dishes I was eating I was I even took a shower but the swatch was there so this if you want your eyeshadows to stay on all day then this could be an amazing eye shadow primer like no kidding so I just like to look like very little

but I think even this one I applied too much right now apply it very lightly because a little goes a very very long way I mean you can build up the coverage you know if you want a more coverage color correction I honestly just like to use it very lightly all right so now comes the foundation I'm going to be using this on and this is Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place makeup and shade honey bronze which is like 4 w 1 and I put a pump on it this is a Mac pump and I'm gonna be using this new Real Techniques Beauty sponge this is their diamond sponge but I feel guys this is still not as soft as their sculpting sponge I mean this is dirty was heck right now but this is the softest sponge that they have so this one is just okay but I don't know how it would work for the application because my first time using it today I honestly thought that this foundation would not work for me during the winter time but I feel with this whole little trick or routine whatever you want to call it this foundation just works so nice and I can use it all year long all year long all right this sponge is feeling very

weird and just got so dirty I mean why did it have to be white and this foundation is like medium to full coverage so you can definitely build up the coverage to being real full coverage because I really love the coverage of this foundation I love how it matches me because foundations barely ever match me all right so now for my concealer I'm gonna be using my naked skin concealer from urban decay and shade medium light let's see how this one's would just get in there I don't know I think I want to use this little flat side here that way I can actually get into the little cards okay so the powder I like to use is from the company Terry and this is a hyaluronic hydra powder and this is actually I don't know if my camera's actually focusing on it but this powder is actually a hydrating powder I never really knew that they have hydrating powders out there a couple of years ago when I used to have really dry skin I used to hate applying powder to set my foundation and I just usually just wouldn't even apply any powder and that would just end up making my foundation not very long-lasting it would just make my foundation application not stay in

place and everything I wish that I knew about this powder at that time I just like to use this powder just to set my foundation all over my face and you know it just keeps my face hydrated so I'm just gonna take some out of this little cap and oh my god guys the powder is so light that it doesn't even stick to the brush so just imagine how it would just not even speak to the skin it just you know goes on very light you know it just keeps my face looking hydrated and I also like to apply it very lightly like around my eyes and then comes my baking because of course that really helps with decreasing and also it just catches all the eye shadow fall out so the powder that I've been using and loving to bake under my eye area is this one is L'Oreal Hydra perfect powder it says hide your perfect but I don't think that it's a hydrating powder I honestly don't even know I didn't even read anything about it on the website I just saw it at Walmart I picked it up I started using it and I just fell in love because it is in translucent shape but this is not white as this powder this is a nice like a little Daisy color I don't know if you can tell on camera but this is

definitely not as white as the laura mercier translucent powder I even bought the Cody airspun powder people were saying that it was the lightest powder around I didn't agree with that because that powder was still a little bit heavier than this one and then I used to love my banana banana powder but then I don't know what the heck happened maybe it expired or something it just started looking too cakey but then this powder just fulfilled all of my wishes I just hate smell of it I'm not gonna lie to you but the smell actually goes away pretty quickly so I just like to dip my sponge in there just pack it on right here and now I'm gonna contour my face using this cat one D shade and light palette and I mostly just use like these two shades to contour and guys I feel that this palette is amazing like the shades are amazing they match me and everything but I feel that it's very hard to blend it so you know how I set my whole foundation with the powder so make sure that you just set your whole foundation with the powder and then apply this then this would blend like a gene otherwise when you apply it directly on top of

your foundation because that's what I used to do I used to just set my contouring areas with a contour powder but these powers would just not blend but with this little technique it just blends very nicely as you can see and then I'm just calling tor my jawline my cheeks a little bit of running my forehead and that's it and then I'm just taking the darker shade just too harsh in this contour up a little bit we've got a look a little skinnier and then I would contour my nose using the same middle shade right here this one and then I take this yellow shade right here in the center and just apply it on the tip and like in the center just like that so my nose can look a little skinnier right this is something that I sometimes do sometimes that don't is to use a bronzer I love love love this Kiko Milano's bronzer in shade 102 and I just take it and then I go like right on top of my contour just like that and just keep blending it it gives a very nice and kissed look I mean who wouldn't want that this is totally an optional step all right so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go off camera and do my brows because I think I need a lot of

concentration and a lot of time to do one our brows so I'll just do that and then I'll come back right down so my eyebrows are filled now now I'm so freakin excited to use this palette from the balm cosmetics it's called la bomba Volume one and I got it in my Ipsy swag bag from the generation Beauty cocktail party and I am dying over this shade I don't even know like I don't even know how to do the focus in part because a lot of times my products don't even get the focus that they deserve and I have been dying to use this shade which is called the manbo and I gotta wash day that I died of it all right so before I actually start doing my eye makeup I just want to go ahead and apply this same L'Oreal Hydra perfect powder very lightly to just you know set my eyes all right so I'm gonna be using this shade flamingo which is this one which is like a matte taupe beige brown shade I'm just gonna use it in my crease okay this is just giving a nice definition food to the eye alright and then what I like to do I just like to take a big fluffy blending brush a clean one and I just like to the land it so it doesn't have any harsh lines alright and

then I'm gonna take a smaller like a pencil brush and I'm gonna go under my eyes just like that like right under my waterline and it just gives the eye a nice open effect and then I'm just gonna pack on this one which is a man bow just gonna take it on my brush and just try to pack it on oh my god it has the amazing glitter in it it has the amazing texture I love how it's so calamus just one eyeshadow and you're done you know and after I pack it on I just want to go on with a smaller brush and just you know blended with that crease shade that I applied so it loads the lended and it doesn't look like you know I'm just packing it on just to back it on and then I'm gonna go in with this shade which is a very nice shimmery shade which is called salsa guys I just fell in love with this palette like you don't even know and then I'm gonna apply it on my brow ball and just like that it will give in nice and it's so pigmented itself like I didn't really expect it to be this statement it but this would just give it a nice lift oh my god I think I would have to do my eyebrows again because I got some on my brows but now I'm just blending it in the crease as

well so it doesn't look like it's just sitting there I'm gonna I'm going back in with my brow pomade from Anasazi Beverly Hills in shade - Brown and I'm just kind of drawing my brow back on alright so I think not my brows are back on all right so now I'm just gonna go in my sleek Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette and I'm gonna take this shade I don't even know what shade is this but I'm gonna take this one I know like it has the names on the back but honestly I don't know which one is which I'm just gonna take this shade right here I'm gonna take it on my finger already and now I'm just gonna take that brush again and dip it into that same L'Oreal how'd your perfect powder and then I'm just gonna brush it off all right so now I'm just gonna use this blush which is the Wet n Wild color icon blush in shade mellow wine and it's a very nice blush shade who's on my team it's darkening my highlight on the inner corners and now I'm gonna take this shade right here kind of we're gonna just a little bit this is like a creamy shade not a powder just I'm not applying it very lightly so when I apply the

powder highlight it just sticks better all right so now I'm just gonna go in with both the powder highlights that are in here and I am just gonna go hand with it you love it all right I had I just looking to Patty I'm gonna apply some in the center of my nose or some right on the tip on my Cupid's bow a little bit here a little bit here a little bit here a lot of it's here good I'm just gonna spray my face so you know my foundation and highlight even my blush and everything can just settle down so I just like to use this I don't really like the pomp of it but I really like how it just hydrates my skin which one which is switches my what is wrong with me which is the elf makeup mist instead spray this is not the illuminating one it's like the matte one I think I'm just gonna go and just spray it all over my face now I'm gonna use this mascara from Tarte which is called DEET artiste mascara and then I'm gonna go flying this Marc Jacobs black eyeliner pencil and I'm applying it on my upper lash line like tightlining I have to apply the lashes now and I'm gonna be using my new favorites the

backstage lashes in style so hope so just gonna apply those and then the lips say that I'm gonna be Wang is this your way feel so fancy using this lipstick that I got it in my swag bag from the if siege and beauty and though I'm gonna be using this shuwei lipstick in shade noise set noise that oh no alright guys so this is the whole look and I'm just gonna take off this band and put on my scarf this is how it look so that's all I hope that you guys like it alright so following on snapchat by my page on Facebook subscribe over here and share this video if you want and take care bye bye