26 November 2018




hi gal pal so today we are going to do do the James Charles bubblegum pop look from his new powder on 10 minutes and thank you so he only has 10 minutes to do it so I'm gonna set a timer and as soon as that timer goes off then time's up would you do it wish me luck and I let him pick which one he wanted to do so II think he chose that one all right okay open your phone up so I can see what colors he uses again in the neck this looks like super easy I saw a tutorial of them doing it yesterday well I haven't seen any tutorials now I haven't done Bianca's makeup you have to do your mascara okay well I'm gonna just do it at the end okay he does skip we're sitting up worse than names I don't know where the thing is on your mark get set go okay I've heard James as a tutorials and he says he uses a lot of different brushes he has a lot of different explanations of what what they are but I'm just gonna dip it and go I only have a few I only have this brush that's like an actual brush and this thing and a couple other and that's your the blush

but I like to okay so I'm gonna start with the white okay your hand runny so close right I have no idea what I'm doing what absolutely no idea but I know we got a blend here blending some shading some highlighting what are you doing [Music] are you things Oh why are you quitting light right here oh my gosh babe that's the concealer well I don't know okay I saved it this into the brush I don't know you're doing great babe okay close your eyes I'm gonna leashing my inner artist okay so James it's a love that for you unleash your inter artists I love that for you you do this is so hard whoa baby got a lot again ah she's pigmented once Sigmund did what something it's very pigmented like it's very like you don't need a lot so it's so bright you must use a lot of the whitest it's not blending how I had planned oh gosh Oh on that eye he doesn't go that low I don't think it's for effect no he goes that high yeah you got different eyes okay they got different eyes ones

are gonna blend it okay you can seal it and highlight it and stuff well I don't even know what colors I don't even know what colors I'm using tell me why I decided to do this again if you guys don't know we're doing a giveaway for this palette so I'm gonna link that in our description for you guys to enter and make sure you share it with your friends and that way we get to a thousand subscribers and announce the winner and we are so close to reaching our goal so share share share guys thanks cap out don't do that I need to like take some off so Bianca's going to the mosquito candle because there's a mosquito but now I know why he uses so many brushes when they do some glitter cuz it looks like she's got I don't know if it looks like his but I don't know dang that's not easy this is not easy okay I like it don't have to do this do I have to do like nice and blended no it's not blending okay let me see the picture get back to do your cheeks and stuff too no wait you owe me to do a little blush a little blush I think okay come on let me do it okay well I use that brush whatever color you think oh yes oh yes I

can't see it I was gonna say you're kind of going kind of low this is so hard it's like a bubblegum babe it's a pink pink right bubblegum is pink this look is pink oh yeah oh yeah this is like I look like a clown right now they aren't my best makeup look what do you think about the palette babe it's tons of fun you can do your wife's makeup I did too much on the bottom it looks loose it's actually not that bad though I've been a little low I mean watch right here this isn't right there is it yes it is no no the contouring goes right here see that darker color that's this color mm-hmm Wow your mascara I'll just curl my lashes what do you think guys is this your final look did you put any glitter like you did how did he do the quitter so that's why I gave you that thing I said this yeah so you put a little bit on your hand just a little right here and then you dab it in them like he has it in the middle so just dab a little bit yeah losers well I comment down below what you guys think of this look if he killed it or it blocked I think it looks better on my camera kill deter flops

guys comment down below and I don't know what you guys think and make sure you may know let me know what you look I should do in our next you know this one was hard let me know what look I should do on him because it's my turn I didn't I didn't sign up for that too bad I'm signing you up for that I did not sign anything that I'm citing yell for that but anyways make sure you enter this giveaway for this sweet sweet beautiful palette if you have not entered yet and we're getting super close we are getting so close so we're only like a hundred and fifty people away 140 people away from doing the giveaway yeah so all we need is 140 people and then it's gonna be that's a good oz and then we can some randomly select one what a great Christmas present sweet oh yeah get get as many people to subscribe before Christmas so we can give it away before Christmas again and give it to you guys yes I think well we'll get there soon I'm pretty sure well but let us know how you like this spot for shooting too because we've never filmed outside before no so the kids were kind of awake we had a dog in there and the dishwasher was running so

we didn't want to film inside but I kind of like get out here yeah I'm just hoping that it's not so windy and we have to talk louder and we do have to talk about that's okay because we can't really talk loud inside because the babies are still sleeping yeah so when we talk quiet inside it's because the kids are sleeping it's not because we're boring and like have no energy it's because our kids are whenever we shoot like just me and him the kids are always sleeping so we can't be like our blouse elves because when they're awake and we're loud yeah now we're louder than the kids yes we are so that's where they get it from thanks again so anyways thank you so much for watching make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you think well just give it a thumbs up anyways because you're hungry job Jamie and Charles and I will see you guys on the next video so get ready for vlogmas it's coming it's gonna be here real soon we're gonna have a new intro I know we're gonna do that and we're gonna have some super fun Christmas related videos yes we'll check it out alright guys bye see ya [Music]