27 January 2019

Husband Does Wife's Makeup | Makeup Tutorial

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hi beauty concerning to my wife

[Music] welcome back to Tony love story okay so today however is going to do my makeup Oh so let's see how much he pays attention to me while I'm doing my makeup so I'm not gonna tell them what anything is he's just gonna have to do it himself are you scared or do you pay attention to me I've seen so many makeup videos that's all she watches all day long I got this in the bag again you said that last time and guess who won Oh check out the last video if you haven't watched it I have no makeup on this is starting with the clean canvas so let's see how this goes alright first off these are all my secrets my tips and tricks will make a pictorial right so y'all learn from the best okay first I'm gonna start off with some setting spray just to freshen area and this from morphe I got the what is this last paradise mascara and stuff I told you I'm doing them I only this is the way okay I said I was the same thing but look why are you doing my eyelashes first you're gonna put foundation and you're gonna put foundation all over the

eyelashes let me do me okay after you put a little bit of mascara you put some foundation so just put this on born this way to face the way he chose look at me so you just take this thing and you just go nitrogen I mean you just thought that thought thought thought thought thought thought I should get it on my eyelids a little bit you're gonna put some I'm gonna put some eyeshadow yes so will be I let me see look at me look up make sure you get the neck because y'all hos be too tall now I'm going to take this Maybelline age rewind I don't know what this is he knows where to put it though [Music] you take this one and think you just tap it out dad Pro concealer look at me oh you know it is goes that moment just put a little bit of that there oh wait I'm gonna see those like [Music] can I use this or device I don't want you to miss okay so is this one okay now you just got to work it in that yeah got a blend you're always going on the plane okay Lucy doesn't say this is all about that see this you just flick of

the wrist no that's the technique yeah you call this technique that's called a no guitar in yo face guitar in your face don't break my nose and anchored now he is actually being gentle okay do that then you know what I might hand it back with some of this right here yeah you do remember that part okay what look are you going for today one for a greyhound dog Oh what greyhound dog like what that's what the look is called where am I going I don't know where you want we're going to movies this is the movies look yep for the eyebrows I'm gonna use uh what is this brow is Anastacio Beverly Hills that's how you got a grabber let's hold her now but they won't be able to see what you're doing another one then you take this sign right here right here yeah just rip all the hairs off just soften it up make it go with the hairs movies usually us girls take one like three hours so how long you gonna take about about 15 minutes it's already been 15 minutes okay Wow about 25 minutes this is a get in and go because y'all be taking too long

you be taking more Cooper mm-hmm go to the morphe brush color wait oh wait oh and this how you do it see this but I want to show you the take the blue this is the technique boom [Music] okay this part right here oh my god is oh he knew things I always do this I'm late good okay here's a you babe mom you can't be afraid of highlight your true art is something you are a true artist now movie so far so good don't that now I'm gonna spar I'm up with some eye shadow I don't know the price do you see those little bunch all right got one yeah they're like this Betty I think this Elizabeth for what we're right here [Music] for a what though - oh okay I shouldn't have said nothing I'm sorry I'm kind of saying stuff I got another morphe brush and I'm using this Too Faced peach sweet peach and I'm gonna go summer yo okay my eyeshadow palette look at that can I use different ones I don't want to mess your makeup up yeah I prefer you'd use different

brushes I'm gonna do this you just like that [Music] [Music] what your needs and handed peach shown the palette that you're using them [Music] now I'm gonna use the color nectar he's doing good y'all like this nice what is that [Music] eyeliner okay listen this is my technique I do the tips first are you doing a little wheel on me or you're cut a bitch oh it's just a low little shank mm-hmm well baby shank wait you can grab me like this there's nothing [Music] don't do that pressing the remake up hey stop [Music] come on I gotta get this line I know but you don't you either like it [Music] one always is so much harder to do than the other take a little candy candy peach and you go under your little bit [Music] okay you know if I do thank uh let me set this ready

[Music] said it cuz next I'm gonna do eyelashes look at your options eyelashes did you do any of these ladies stop making lashes complicated okay so you do it stop make us go stop making lashes complicated and take the glue right then you take the lash right you can't even see it but it's there you go like this so you see that you got to the Facebook what I do is I stick it from the middle first oh hey maybe you do pay attention to me I swear you guys I think he did an amazing job on me that's hello in it take the other same process the glue were using is kiss strip lash this is what I know you do for shirt you grab the mascara again and blend them in [Music] [Music] powder blush Milani yeah use this more fee yeah mom my Beach moving my business lipstick turns you I got my very important one I have to tell him this because he should have known this this is my signature I'm not even telling him

I just want to see just look at me and what do I always do and it's my favorite part to do [Music] yes that part but I don't use that brushed lipstick time get Mondi [Music] nothing [Music] all puts on this highlighting your teared up put some powder little space powder he forgot to put it underneath my eyes we did this I put that crack on our face kick [Music] meaning it up I'm going to take this offices BH Cosmetics and I'm gonna take this off my back to Europe hey Bailey so this are you done yeah we're doing finalized ok I'm doing ok this is the final look let's see alright judging okay you did an amazing job baby how to blended this out a little bit more the highlight is good right there lipstick is good the eyelashes he did a really good job baby the eyeliner this one is not my favorite I like this one but I would actually go out with this look at this you guys he

did an amazing job [Music] [Music] alright you guys tell me how I did on our makeup I'm sure it's gonna be all positive things anyway cuz I got bars hmm right down below comment down below how he did with this look I think you did an amazing job you're awesome you do pay attention well I got a perfect canvas is easy mm baby tell us what other videos you want to see love you guys thank you for supporting us and we'll be back with more videos alright guys bye [Music] you [Music]