23 September 2018

Husband does my makeup for my 26th Bday !

Husband does my makeup for my 26th Bday ! I decided to use my bday to my advantage and convinced my husband to do my makeup lol . Sorry for the fuzzy ...

I'm really sorry I forgot to shoot my

intro so I'm gonna do it again but hi guys Cassandra Olivia thank you so much for tuning into my channel if you hadn't already like comment and subscribe I have my lovely husband Marc here he's going to do my makeup today for my 26th birthday which is actually today September 23rd so without further ado come on Marc I'll try to take advantage of this woman guy this is my hubby Marc got squat down hi husband and he's gonna get started I got everything why no I got the fence he I got the kuda Beauty palette of Macaulay my face powder and my brow my highlighting my leg so let's get into it and I got a head on cuz all my hair it's not good don't judge I'm not going look until you're done either they're not beating your face - cool dude you low-key like anything while you're not picking up the top well they're quivering like I told you only need like to lend it to my forehead you can't even hear my for again you got it evenly distributed firmly grasp it in your hand come through makeup artist comes from beat look on your face of it all you look terrible

how much worse enough even for me though photographer a tiny spritz right here those pretty spirits I mean you couldn't appreciate me when I started doing my makeup you can understand why it takes me so long this is really a process like takes forever I feel like a bad bitch already me Picasso stop making me that hey we're trying to be serious but Lee said no funky old and cripples you can help me out why don't y'all watch or not be able to eye primer for my eyelids for one second [Laughter] I wish it was my birthday every day though you might wear this out today if you really like how am I still doing this you're a day I don't look so bad you got hurry up cuz I don't know them your tutorial in ISA toriel go better ok glitter particles everywhere those about ya wit are there make sure you know harness it's not half bad - the fact that you got glitter all over your face so you can't really tell what I did ok I'm gonna go with this shimmery red it's not shimmering it's bad then you got the order to edgy and then you could

put more foundation if you got a blendy what makes me love once that's me that little mirrors I can look through my first reaction he's got a fixed thing go back and do a step away that speed is not going to look any prettier development it up all the way I feel a little deep at the top all right let me see Oh actually doesn't look terrible Oh sigh okay I'll fit my brows look a little sus but that's okay this actually does not a little bit a little snack oh wait hold on this is not look bad at home be funny highlight is popping me okay took me back to the nineties this lip look it is all about look you missed the whole bottom eyelid the whole top you got a race lunge right here the little get sassy - cuz it could have been worse and that's why you got this pencil this is lip liner go ahead you're doing all right this concludes my husband became I face on my birthday thank you guys so much for watching like Hobbit subscribe if you want to see more videos like this alright bye